Updated/Condensed Makeup Collection

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You’d be surprised by how many requests I get to film a makeup collection. I already have 4 up from previous years with additional videos on storage etc so I’m not sure if people genuinely want a new video every six months or they’re just not looking. Anywho, I’ve recently ‘condensed’ my makeup into some Muji drawers in my bedroom and a little shelf of every day products. I previously had a whole room dedicated to housing my beauty stuffs but it was starting to feel a little unnecessary as I rarely had chance to sit and do my makeup at my vanity once Milo was into everything. So although my vanity and drawer of goodies still resides there I’ve opened it up to the ironing board and other practical uses. The idea behind my current system is that I will move things in and out as I want to use them, as it was there was so much stuff I couldn’t see everything and there were things I’d forgotten I had. I will never be able to truly condense my collection but this feels more manageable to me while retaining the stuff I don’t need.. just in case I need it (lol).

Miss BB

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  1. this is just what I needed. I’m moving house next week and need some inspiration on how to stash my make-up! Thank you

    Melanie xx


  2. anna smith

    hey, where did you get the draw from? can you link me ? xx

  3. I love how all the Essie nailpolishes look together! I also really like the storageboxes!



  4. Wow, you have so much lovely makeup! xxx


  5. Fab post Khila. After accidentally deleteting my YT channel :( I decided to start a blog. Post number 2 is about my makeup & Muji storage drawers. Would love for you to check it out.

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