December Glossybox

I was getting UBER impatient for my December Glossybox to arrive so when it did today I literally jumped for joy (you can see that in my Vlogmas Day 11 when it’s up here). I’m sure this is not the first review post you’re reading so I didn’t want to overload you with packaging pictures [...]
15 December, 2011 8

Salon Style Hair…At Home?

Now I’ll admit when I first saw these promo shots of Louise Redknapp for the new Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style I wasn’t sure. I’ve known and loved her as a boho blonde for so many years this was a radical change but we all like to switch up our hair as seasons pass and Winter [...]
15 December, 2011 3

Christmas Giveaway

With Christmas just around the corner I realised I was running out of time to run a blog giveaway.. So here it is! My favourite new (to me) brand of 2011 has to be Soap and Glory so it seemed fitting to make it the prize. As luck would have it there’s soon to be [...]
14 December, 2011 110

Something Glossy For the Guys

I was SO excited when I saw this advertised in last months Glossybox. My other half is very much a modern man, somewhat of a “metro-sexual” you might say so I knew I had to subscribe to the new Glossybox for Men In this post I’ll show you what he got in his first months box [...]
14 December, 2011 3

Philip Kingsley – Elastic Fantastic?

I was so excited to receive the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my November Glossybox. There was a lot of buzz about this wonder treatment at the time and judging by the reviews it seemed to be a firm blogger favourite. My hair is damaged and dry and very much in need of a cut.. let [...]
13 December, 2011 7

Paradoxal Dupe from 2True

I know these have been compared in the past but I had to share this for those of you that have missed it especially as right now you can buy 3 2True products for £4.99 from Superdrug here (£1.99 each) I haven’t splashed out on Chanel Paradoxal myself as 1. I don’t love it enough to [...]
13 December, 2011 4

Come Shop With Me..

I’m sure most of you will agree that jeans are absolutely the hardest thing to shop for. I tried on a few pairs and have had to accept that super skinnies really don’t flatter my shape. Unfortunately there’s not a lot else out there on the high street as they’re so popular. Luckily I did [...]
12 December, 2011 13

Christmas Shopping… For ME?

Every year Lee struggles with presents for me… he never knows what to buy and yet every year he buys things I love. This year he’s really pushing the issue and would really like me to pick some things for myself (as well as the obligatory “surprises”). I’m torn. I like the idea of a [...]
10 December, 2011 2

Christmas Red Lips

10 December, 2011 5

Hair Envy

I don’t know if it’s the blonde or the waves or just the fabulous condition but I can’t get enough of this girls hair! LOVE! Hair is definitely my next priority.. This weekend I will be shopping for super nourishing products and attempting these soft, polished waves in my own lacklustre hair. Pictures taken from [...]
9 December, 2011 5

Wedding Worthy Footwear *2*

More potential wedding shoe options…. 1. barrats nude patent round toe court shoe £26 2. topshop gallería patent mary janes £46 3. dune glitter platform £99 4. aldo LEWI fuscia suede heels £75 5. KG Beth £195.00 Miss BB
9 December, 2011 0

Beauty Blending

I was sent this recently to review.. I say recently it was about 3 months ago and it’s still sitting on my vanity clean and dry. I just can’t get enthusiastic about it. I know bloggers and YouTubers alike went crazy for the beauty blender when it was released but applying makeup with a sponge [...]
9 December, 2011 9

Something Special from Sleek

This is my FIRST sleek palette… can you believe it? Despite the hype surrounding them and the glowing reviews EVERYWHERE I was always put off by the cheap looking packaging. Ok, I know they are cheap but they don’t have to look it, right? When it’s closed it looks okay but once you open it up [...]
7 December, 2011 13

500th Post – Vlogmas!

Wowzer! 500 posts? I hit 500 videos some time ago but back in the day they were quickly filmed, unprepared and bad quality so it’s not quite the same achievement. I love blogging and appreciate all of you that read my blog! Without you I’d be talking to myself after all. I’ve recently set myself [...]
7 December, 2011 2

What’s Your Body Shape?

We’re all different shapes and sizes so it’s no surprise really that not all clothes look great on everyone. The key to flattering you body and dressing for your shape is balancing out your proportions so, for example, if you’re a pear shape don’t wear white jean.. it just accentuates your “problem area”! But I’ll [...]
6 December, 2011 13

Cetaphil – Why The Hype?

I bought this a while ago to review as everyone seems to rave about it.. I had to give it a go, right?  Recently it’s been popping up on my blog feed again because it would appear Boots are now stocking this “wonder cleanser”. I’d like to point out I bought this months ago in [...]
6 December, 2011 12

Dear Santa…

Tis the season to be jolly… and lustful!  Christmas is a great excuse to that yourself to some of the items you have lusted after all year long. For those items a little out of my price range right now.. consider this an open letter to Santa. Moroccan Oil £30.45 here NARS Love Thrill Gift [...]
5 December, 2011 5

Condensing Your Closet

Having just reorganised my own closet space I’m hoping I can help some of you do the same.  It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to new beginnings, why not start the new year with a little space to store whatever 2012 may bring? Here’s my simple step-by-step guide to condensing your closet… Firstly [...]
4 December, 2011 3

New Closet Organisation

This is a follow up to my “cleaning out my closet” post so for before pictures check that out first here. I was pretty shocked at the amount of jeans I own.. this is AFTER I cleared out everything old and ill-fitting and it’s still a pretty large section of my wardrobe dedicate to denim. [...]
4 December, 2011 4