#30in30 YSL Glossy Stain Shade 12

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 I haven’t spoke a lot about these Glossy Stains since I compared them to the L’Oreal stains last summer but since then I’ve tried more of each and decided that the YSL’s are 100% more consistent, they may bleed a … Continued

Superdrugs 50th Birthday Experience

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Last week myself and Caz from BNTBlogger were lucky enough to be invited down to London to the second celebration of Superdugs 50th birthday. I was very uncool photographing every minor celebrity I saw from whatever angle I could but … Continued

#30in30 Revlon Colorburst Peach

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 Yet another forgotten lipstick in my collection, I have all of my lip butters out while this collects dust in the drawer (side bar – can something collect dust in a drawer? #musings) I don’t know why I haven’t bought … Continued

Labels & Love

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Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Eau Gourmande / Breitling Galactic / YSL Glossy Stain shade 17 / Lulu Guinness Perspex Lips Clutch / Charlotte Olympia Birthday/Aquarius Heels As I’ve mentioned before we’re planning a Vegas trip next year with our friends … Continued

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