My Dads Shirt

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*What I’m Wearing* Tshirt – My Dads, officially vintage! / Jeans – H&M / Trainers – Converse / Hat – H&M I love this shirt, it’s one of my most worn items and my only genuine vintage’s older than … Continued

5 Ways To Monetise Your Blog

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I’m kind of starting backwards with blogger month and I’m starting late, apologies! I meant to have these ‘tips and tricks’ posts much earlier but the ‘how to’ videos took longer than I thought so they’re going to go up … Continued

The Changing Room

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Since we usually shop as a family (Meadowhall is a regular day out for us) it’s very rare that I actually get to take the time to try anything on. I can’t very well have the whole clan sitting outside … Continued

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