Hand Spa

‘What is a Hand Spa?’ you might ask.. well, you’ve heard of a foot spa? It’s nothing like that. A Hand Spa is a little R&R for your neglected nails, some pampering for your palms. If you’re anything like me your hands get the least attention, every time I paint my nails I sigh at [...]
2 January, 2012 5

Bright New Year

  I wanted to get this up before I went out so no time to list everything I’m afraid.. sorry!  I will come back to it tomorrow but here’s everything I used to create the look above. The video tutorial is in the process of uploading but I’m staying out tonight so I wont get [...]
31 December, 2011 6

I Resolve…

This year I have 3 main resolutions (that would concern you on this blog that is) they are as follows… 1. Look after my hair 2. Look after my skin3. From the 1st January until the 1st March – NO SPENDING!  So technically the third isn’t a resolution for the whole year but I will [...]
30 December, 2011 9

Candlelit Romance

Although we’re not having a big do as such I still like the idea of Wedding Candles! As you know I’ve done this before but I don’t intend on doing it again and I really want to soak up every little bit of wedding I can. It’s something I’ve only very recently been introduced to [...]
30 December, 2011 1

Boudoir Photography

Now I’m not a total stranger to a little boudoir photography but the growing trend for brides to have this type of erotic portraiture done prior to their big day is one I’m not so sure about. The concept is a good one, a gift for your future husband and something to look back on [...]
27 December, 2011 1

My Last Bridal Magazine

Look what I picked up today! With the wedding potentially just weeks away I thought it could well be my last chance. There are some things you can only do in that (normally) short period of engagement and buying bridal magazines is one of them. Once you have been a bride you are a wife.. [...]
27 December, 2011 1

My 2012 Wish List

My wish list for the coming year is not long but it’s compiled of items I am desperate to get my hands on. The Moroccan oil is a last minute amendment as I recently purchased the 25ml and will certainly be needing the larger size. The 25ml was on my wish list you see but [...]
27 December, 2011 8

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2011!  Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous day and Santa brings you everything you asked for! Miss BB & The Gang
25 December, 2011 5

Mad Friday – OOTN

*What I’m Wearing* Dress – Babyphat Shoes – Primark Fur Coat – Vintage Earrings – Topshop Possibly the worst night to go out EVER.. we met some characters I can tell you! I’ll blog about the evening itself later (expect lots more photos) but it’s Christmas Eve and I have things to do! I will [...]
24 December, 2011 3

Blushing Brushes

Look what arrived in the post this week!!! Sigma 12 Brush Make Me Blush Kit Believe it or not I’ve has these beautiful brushes in my possession for more than 2 days UN-USED just so I could get these pretty pictures blogged for you all while they’re still all clean and pretty. As soon as [...]
22 December, 2011 12

Remember When It Was Warm?

I am very fortunate to love by a beautiful man-made lake (walking distance) and I thought I’d share these pictures I found from the summertime. Much as I love winter because it brings Christmas, when it’s cold outside it’s nice to remember.. it’s not always shiver-temperature in England! Oh and although these are from two [...]
22 December, 2011 4


I’m leaning towards loose vintage-y pin curls to go with the ladylike cut of the dress.. thoughts? Miss BB
20 December, 2011 2


*What I’m Wearing* Vest – Primark Cardigan – Primark Leggings – Topshop Boots – Faith Bag – Biba Silver Ring – Pandora Nail polish – Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle As part of the fashion challenge tag I had to find a lucky item of clothing or accessory. I don’t really have a lucky outfit or [...]
20 December, 2011 9

Gloss & Glitter

\ I’ve really rediscovered my love for red lips this Christmas so it seemed only right that I wear them in my Holiday tutorial this year. For my eyes I used a similar technique as I do everyday.. I define just above my crease in an attempt to widen my eyes, classic winged liner and a [...]
19 December, 2011 11


Apologies for the poor quality iPhone picture but I couldn’t wait to post it! The dress arrived (available on ASOS here) and I am in love! It’s perfect, fits so well and is just the right length. I will absolutely be wearing it with my hot pink KG heels (pictured). I can’t believe I’ve finally [...]
19 December, 2011 3