Itching For Change

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I don’t know if it’s the season or what but I am just desperate to move my house around. Unfortunately there are only so many places things can go so my mind is now wandering to BIG change territory.. like … Continued

Sensationail – First Impression

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 Last week I received a very exciting package in the mail – The Sensationail Starter Kit! I’ve been seriously eying this up recently after they started selling the polishes in Tesco and was on the verge of purchase when they … Continued

Blogger Month Recap

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I am so pleased with the success of blogger month.. I had so many guest bloggers get involved as well as sharing some tips of my own on getting started and improving along the way. I hope you enjoyed it … Continued

MUA Radiant Under Eye Concealer

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 Okay let’s address the huge elephant in the room right away, shall we? This under-eye concealer has glitter in it. GLITTER! Pardon my french but WTF, MUA? Really? I understand the idea of reflecting light away from imperfections and products … Continued

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Tint

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 First of all I was a little too excited about how well my nail polish matched this bottle.. couldn’t even start this without mentioning it.  You may have heard a lot about this foundation already as it launched in the … Continued

September Favourites

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Beauty Favourites: Stella McCartney ‘Stella’ Perfume / Moa Green Balm (I use this as a cleanser) / St Grape Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub / Sensationail Gel Nails System / Rimmel Single Shadow (unsure of the shade but it’s similar to … Continued

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