Topshop – Green Room

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 There aren’t many colours I feel like I’m missing from my nail polish collection but a really good, bright (almost neon) teal remained elusive. I saw an Essie colour on the nails of many YouTubers last year that I now … Continued

LUSH Hair Doctor

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 This is the most unusual hair mask I’ve ever tried. I’ve used deep conditioners, rich creamy formulas, pre-shampoo treats, melting balms.. this is nothing like any of those. It’s drier, more like clay.. more like a face mask really. I … Continued

Valentines Beauty Discounts

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There have been a whole host of Valentines gift guides floating around and I did consider putting in my own but I thought you’d appreciate my pick of the current love day discounts instead.. so here they are.. Look Fantastic … Continued

NYC Photo Diary – Day 2

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Can you believe this was our 3rd trip to New York and the 1st time we braved the subway? If I took only one thing away from this visit that I would pass along to someone else it would be … Continued

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