Wedding Countdown – The Rings

SIX DAYS TO GO In the interest of symmetry with my YouTube channel I’m posting this here even though it’s kind of duplicated on my wedding blog. You can see that post here for full info/where to buy and close up photos. Lee’s ring (left) is white gold with diamonds.. yes it is a touch [...]
22 January, 2012 5

Wedding Countdown – The Dress

  ONE WEEK TO GO The dress is still available (I believe in cream only… it’s a little confusing) from ASOS online here for just £29! It’s a petite exclusive so I’m afraid you taller girls may not like the fit but I’m around 5’4” and it hits just above my knee. Very flattering. I [...]
22 January, 2012 5

The Leopard & The Hen

Last night was my Hen Party (great fun by the way but I’ll post about that over on my wedding blog) and here’s what I wore… Dress – Topshop Jacket – Next  Scarf – Primark Shoes – Topshop Bag – Forever 21 Earrings – Accessorize “Love” Ring – Primark Nail Polish – Models Own Pink [...]
21 January, 2012 12

Wedding Nails? #3

Apologies for the shoddy paint job but this polish will be whipped off later to make way for a fresh manicure as tonight it my hen party (woop) I just wanted to show another wedding option before the weekend. Utopia was a popular choice with most from the first post so what I have on [...]
20 January, 2012 11

Social Q&A

Would you believe I didn’t have a twitter and was totally unaware of the whole beauty community when I started blogging. I wanted to dye my fringe pink and googled “pink hair” I found a video from Zoeebella which led me to Lanaindiana and so on and so forth. I think I literally set up [...]
19 January, 2012 0

Hitting The Right Note

I don’t know about you but I don’t often come across a perfume I really like. I generally like sweet scents but I don’t actually know what about a perfume really draws me in. I thought I’d take a closer look at the noted found in my favourite fragrances and share my findings with you.. [...]
19 January, 2012 6

Quirky Bridal Jewellery

I picked this ring up from Primark yesterday thinking it would be PERFECT fro the wedding (and the hen do while I’m at it) As you know I’m not uber-traditional so this fits me to a tee! The below necklace is from Accessorize from Lee at Christmas and had i not been wear a round [...]
18 January, 2012 0

Wedding Nails? #2

This is my favourite so far. It’s wintry but sparkly and wedding-special at the same time. Miners White Pearl with MAC Unconditionally Fabulous over the top. Love it! Look out for my collective post on my wedding blog next week to vote for your favourite! Here it is with my rings.. aah! Miss BB
18 January, 2012 23

Wedding Nails? #1

Over the next week I will be posting as many nail looks as I can to put to the vote. Which should I wear for the wedding? Quirky or traditional or somewhere in between? My Dress is short and my heels are pink so I think I need more than french tips. *What Did I [...]
17 January, 2012 22

The Rings…

I’ve never shown the wedding rings before and since I just got my engagement ring back from the jewellers I thought it was the perfect time to take some photos. My new DSLR gets so much detail it’s incredible.. any photos I’ve taken in the past were just a blur so I’m really pleased with [...]
16 January, 2012 5

Long Jumper Short

*What I’m Wearing* Jumper – H&M (here) Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (here) Lace up Shoe Boot Nails – OPI Chapel Of Love, Models Own Utopia, Sinful Colours I Miss You and OPI Coronation I love the colour of this jumper but it falls around my knees which is way longer than I expected from looking [...]
15 January, 2012 3

If You Were Born In The 80s

*What I’m Wearing* Jumper – H&M (here) Jeans – Primark Pumps – H&M (here) Bag – Oasis Scarf – Asda Watch – Michael Kors (here) Ring – Tiffany (here) This has not been a good day.. well that’s not true, the day was fine but the evening made me want to scream into a pillow! [...]
15 January, 2012 9

Perfect Perfumes

I recently bought Vera Wangs Lovestruck after lusting after it for months and intending to wear it for the wedding, seemed appropriate…. BUT… look what i found today!! I know I don’t strictly need it but.. ugh! It’s just so perfect. We’re going to Meadowhall to pick up my engagement ring from the jewellers (it [...]
14 January, 2012 2


MAC MSF in Refined & Highlight in Special Reserve both lightly used but never made it in to regular circulation so over 90% left easily £10 each BOTH SOLD MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation used twice £15 SOLD MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer also used twice £7.50 both NC20 MAC Freckletone (left) lipstick £6 SOLD MAC Ravishing [...]
13 January, 2012 31

Bargain Hunters

I actually bought these in November and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post about them.. I will admit I’m yet to wear them (shameful I know) but I’ve wanted some for ages and when i saw the price I couldn’t resist. The reason they were just £32 instead of a whopping £75 [...]
13 January, 2012 8

Liquid Liner Lowdown

I filmed a blog review and comparison of these liquid liners and wanted to do something for my blog as well but really didn’t know how to review each product without repeating myself constantly. They are all very similar but some are better than others so I’ve got a kind of score chart and I [...]
13 January, 2012 11


 Michael Kors watches are uber trendy right now and because of that I’m sure not everyone likes them but I certainly do! I’ve wanted one for more than a year but they were about double what I was prepared to pay. Originally I wanted a rose gold version but was worried the plating might wear [...]
12 January, 2012 11

Meet Mia

  I think the day she arrived might have been one of the most special of my life (don’t tell the kids) I have wanted a Clarisonic since.. well probably since I heard of the Clarisonic. the reviews were unanimous, I’d never seen an appliance – or anything for that matter – so consistently raved [...]
11 January, 2012 5