Next Best Thing

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*How horribly unflattering is this? I don’t quite know how it happened but occasionally I’ll take photos such as this and between one week and the next and outfit can make me look like I’ve lost/gained a stone.. I’m thinking … Continued

NYC City Blackout

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This was the best picture of a bad bunch so apologies for that but I wanted to share what was my rebellious Valentines manicure. I dyed my hair purple BEFORE taking these pictures – #bbloggerfail – and there seems to … Continued

Spring Watch

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It’s wishlist time again, I failed the no buy February miserably but I did pretty well to avoid the shops. Unfortunately online shopping is too much of a temptation.. here’s what’s tempting me for the coming month. Since I saw … Continued

Sponsorship Q&A

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I sat down to respond to the huge amount of comments generates from yesterdays post and decided a follow up may be better. Here were the recurring topics I found, if you have any further Q’s leave another comment and … Continued

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