eBay Wishlist #2

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Todays wishlist comes in the form of coat hunting. I have some nice coats but every year I search for the ultimate classic wool coat that will look smart but fit with my casual wardrobe.. an impossible task thus far … Continued

The Prettiest Bag

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I have a penchant for designer handbags.. I love a good budget beauty product but bags are a bit of an obsession for me and much as this isn’t CHEAP it’s definitely more affordable than my average and is just … Continued

Shirt? Check!

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A checked, flannel shirt and jeans is the epitome of Autumn for me. Trench coats and floppy hats are all well and good but they’re not practical for my day to day life. I’m just a casual gal at heart … Continued

Not Going To Uni?

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I’ll be 29 in a few short months and yet I still receive emails about University alternatives I must have signed up to more than 10 years ago. I thought I would share my non-university experience for those who are … Continued

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