How Do They Do It?

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So I said I was going to shoot more of my outfits and this is what I managed after work on Friday.. I honestly do not know how fashion bloggers do it. How do they know how to stand and … Continued

Essie Fashion Playground

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I LOVE this colour, it’s like a hybrid between Mint Candy Apple and Absolutely Shore – some of my absolute favourites – but it has an added glitter running through it to give it that extra something. Unfortunately as with … Continued

The Hottest Day

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Yesterday was supposedly the hottest day of the year. I was in the office most of the day but managed to snap these pics with Lee after work and it was seriously sunny.  I’m fairly certain is was also the … Continued

THE Sofa & The Side Tables

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Okay so I know I’m on a no-buy but surely a sofa is a basic human essential? we NEED something to sit on while we blog/watch trash tv.. RIGHT?? All this avoiding buying stuff for ME has sent me into … Continued

Revolution Brow/Shadow Palette

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 After the last Revolution palette I shared I thought I’d restore your faith that the brand really does have good to offer with this gem! There are several variations of the Brow/Shadow palettes, this one is ‘Disappear Til Tomorrow’ – … Continued

The Indecisive Mani

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Once in a while I stare at my drawer of nail polish and simply CANNOT choose just one shade.. recently I decided I shouldn’t have to.. so I chose TWO. Now ordinarily this would mean alternate fingers or a hand … Continued

Sweet Thank Yous

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Any of you out there who have struggled with end of year Teacher gifts can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to Cadbury’s most recent offering. I for one do not want to force ANOTHER ‘Greatest Teacher’ teddy on them, … Continued

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