Magnitone Bare Faced


IMG_6867It’s been a while since I tried a facial cleansing brush so I was excited to try this revamped version from Magnitone but even MORE excited to see how pretty it was when I opened the box. This new, limited edition design by Laura Callaghan jazzes up an otherwise boring looking personal care item enough to motivate me to use it more often but more than that it looks super cute on my bath side. This model also comes with an illustrated bag which is totally waterproof. It’s obviously designed to carry the brush and would be excellent for travel as you can never get 100% of the water out of these things once they’ve been submerged but it’s such a thick, quality travel bag it would be ideal for any product you want to avoid spilling in your luggage/handbag.

IMG_6867My previous Magnitone brush had a dock that charged it which I do kind of miss with this one but everything about the Bare Faced is more compact and travel friendly so a huge dock would take a way from that. The charger is magnetic and can be attached to any USB slot whether that be your computer (again I’m thinking home away from home) or a wall plug. Very handy and it means I don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on ANOTHER charger! I have lost count of the number of old plugs I have that I’m certain I no longer need but daren’t throw away because.. you just never know.

IMG_6874IMG_6870Another update for this model is the sonic technology that in theory gives your face a workout while you cleanse. It gently pulsates as you work it over your skin and it supposed to help maintain tone.. anything to help prevent sagging/dropping is a win for me. I tend to flit between chemical and manual exfoliation depending on how my skin is behaving so bear in mind that these facial brushes aren’t necessarily for everyone but if you aren’t particularly sensitive and you want something to add a bit of oomph to your deep clean I’d give it a go, I always notice a huge improvement after using one for a few weeks. All but for a post brow wax breakout my skin feels clearer and smoother having used this for the past fortnight alone – and that’s not even daily.. I’m just too lazy for that!

IMG_6865There are tons of offers on Magnitone products across the web right now but you can buy this exact, illustrated model online here for £65 down from £85. Top of my wish list is now a shower hammock.. for those of you who remember, my shower has SO little storage it’s hilarious so a handy little holder for this brush would be very useful indeed… and again remind me to use it!!

Miss BB

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Snow Globe Nails


IMG_7285I do like a bit of sparkle whatever the season but obviously at Christmas we all tend to reach for it at some stage and this new Nails Inc Snowglobe top coat kind of revolutionises the whole process. Now I can go all out sequined when the mood strikes so big chunky glitter polish appeals to me but it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some of you might want something a little more subtle and Snowglobe is a totally innovative product that lets you dial up (or down) the drama as you see fit.

IMG_7282IMG_7291Unlike every other glitter top coat I’ve used this isn’t sparkle suspended in a thick gloopy polish, rather it’s tiny flecks that sink to the bottom when unused meaning you have to shake the bottle to ‘activate’ the glitter. The more you shake the more you sparkle, leave it to settle for a moment and you can have a very understated scattering of glitter as seen above. It’s such a cool concept but I honestly can’t believe it hasn’t been done before, it’s so simple! It makes your weekly mani a little more fun and it really does offer a variety of effects in one little bottle.

Right now QVC have this included in an awesome 7 piece set on offer for Christmas, TODAY ONLY so you can find that online here.. whether it be for you or a gift I guarantee it will be a hit!

Miss BB

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Five Fast Festive Fixes



It’s at this time of year that we all seem to lose time, we had enough of it last week but suddenly the day is half as long as you’re not getting nearly as many things checked off your list. For some of us soon the kids will be home from school and that day will get even shorter.. these are 5 products I rely on when I have next to no time.

1. Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes

For all of the obvious reasons, quick makeup removal/skin cleanse whether you’re home or away. I know it’s not the ideal way to cleanse and I could preach to you about oils and balms and how you MUST use a hot flannel twice a day but most of us, let’s be honest.. can’t be bothered. Most of the time I’m good but I’d say 2 days a week (more so right now) I rely on a speedy routine in bed before I pass out. These wipes are the most gentle not only on my eyes (which have become quite sensitive of late) but also on my skin.. not at all dehydrating in the way many others tend to be and they leave my skin feeling super clean.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear

I freaking love this stuff! For a long time I assumed it would be super heavy and look cakey on the skin but I’m a total convert. I only apply a little and blend it out for my daily base but it can double as a concealer if you layer it up and over winter I don’t even find that I need to powder. The finish is so natural, not dewy, not too matte but also pretty good for oil control so if you’re oily like me I think you’ll love it. Pricey but totally worth it in my opinion and since I apply with my fingers it’s a 30 second job.

3. Essence Make Me Brow

I assume this is their dupe for Benefit’s Gimme Brow and if you’re expecting that you might be disappointed but for a pretty opaque brow gel it’s very nice. I recently had my brows waxed and tinted and am trying to go au natural for a while to see how long I can get it to last and this is the perfect product for that. If you don’t need much filling in but want to look a little more polished or have thick brows that need to be tamed a quick swipe of this and you’re done.

4. Essie Metallic Polishes

These were from the metallics collection of 2012 and are still going strong. I think I have 4 colours and they’re my go to when I want to paint my nails but have zero time to let them dry. Too often I’ve attempted a last minute paint job just to smudge and smear my nails to ugliness, these foils dry almost instantly and are opaque in one stroke. I actually used this one on my daughter this morning before her school party, she agreed.. fastest mani ever.

5. Cutex Ultra Cleansing

And finally a slight segway in to nail polish REMOVING via this new bottle I just picked up from Cutex. I didn’t really think it mattered which brand I used, I assumed they all did the same thing but this Ultra Cleansing version does exactly what it says on the tin. I use a very thick top coat and removing my polish can take AGES but this makes super fast work of even glitter removal.. two thumbs up from me, especially over Christmas when I want a new, glitzy polish every day!

So they are my five fast festive fixes.. I couldn’t resist all the f’s, sorry. Anything that saves time is a winner for me so feel free to share your own favourites below and hopefully you will try some of mine!

Miss BB

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