Joan Collins Divine Lips


I’m a matte girl but there have been so many creamy/sheer launches running up to Summer I’m actually starting to enjoy them. These Divine Lips from Joan Collins Beauty looked to be quite autumnal when I first opened them up but swatched you can see they’re very much on-season but nothing too ‘trendy’. Wearable colours for any age I guess is the idea.

IMG_1318IMG_1316L-R : Lara (A soft, shimmery coral. This shade is beautiful against sun kissed, bronzed skin, perfect for summer!), Suzy Starr (A modern summery coral shade to bring a splash of warmth to your day and a pop of colour to your lips. This lipstick looks fantastic with or without a tan.), Lady Joan (A flirtatious fuchsia with a hit of pearlescence. This luscious, raspberry pink gives lips a look that is oh-so desirable), Marilyn (A very wearable neutral with warm rose terracotta tones and a faint shimmer. An easy to wear shade that suits most skin tones)

IMG_1322Marilyn has my heart (worn below) but Lady Joan follow closely behind her. They’re ‘skincare cosmetics’ which you can feel in the texture, they’re very comfortable and hydrating but the colour is still bold. I mentioned the packaging of these when reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick last week.. I think the classic tubes suit this brand.. and the product inside is considerably better!

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Prime Of Your Life


I really wanted to call this ‘Prime Of Lime’ but less and less people are ‘getting’ my friends references these days. I was never in to primers, didn’t really even moisturise before applying makeup because my skin was already so oily but as I age my skin is changing and I’m finding it more and more difficult to get a good finish from my foundation. And so begins the great primer experiment.

Setting Sprays

These were where I started when I was initially happy with my base but trying to get it to last longer/control oil. I use setting sprays more in the summer months when I feel like the wear time really suffers, plus, they’re refreshing. Both the Avon Makeup Setting Spray and the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix do a good job of helping my makeup last but because they leave a dewy finish (almost a film) on the skin I can’t recommend any sprays for shine control. If you want to control oil I’d suggest using it as a primer spray underneath foundation.

Gel Primers

For a long time I hated primers because I’d only ever tried silicone based formulas. I don’t like the texture and I felt like they just moved around on my skin whereas these gel primers are a totally different animal. Both the Freedom Oil Control Base and the new Porefessional Matte Rescue from benefit are great at helping to keep skin matte underneath foundation. Gun to my head the Benefit is a little nicer but if you’re looking to save some cash the Freedom version is still very good. I think what gives Matte Rescue the edge for me is that it’s not a primer at all, it’s supposed to be more of an alternative to moisturiser and so it feel a little lighter/more refreshing on the skin. Finally the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, the glow getting version of the original and the first primer I ever really saw a difference with. As with the others this sets on your skin so you don’t worry about it shifting under your foundation, I can’t say I saw a tremendous amount of difference ‘radiance’ wise under a heavy base however mixed with a sheer BB cream it gives a subtle sheen and helps it last longer than it would without.

IMG_1268I’m still not using a primer every time I do my makeup but I’m definitely noticing a difference when I do. I’m even trying to use the pore blurring silicone primers I hate from time to time to see if I can get used to them (easier when I use a beauty blender but I’m too lazy most of the time) so I may do another of these posts when I’ve tested more but in the meantime let me know your favourites! Anything to make my skin feel like MY skin underneath makeup again!

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Simple Smoky Eye


I am the LEAST skilled when it comes to eyeshadow, I rarely wear it and when I do I tend to go drag, fast. Playing it safe I like to stick to one colour on the lid but more often than not it’s just liquid liner and mascara. When my hair was super blonde a smoky eye looked a bit ‘much’ but since I went darker I’ve been experimenting and I think I’ve cracked the simplest daytime version.

IMG_1265IMG_1272Two products, no brushes, minutes to apply, just add mascara and you’re done. The base is H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle.. this is the star here, completely amazing beautiful texture! Very light and ridiculously blendable but crease free. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more of these, it’s been the stand out from everything I’ve tried from H&M Beauty so far! Then Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner in Brown. Does exactly what it says on the tin, stays put but if you move quickly you can smudge it out with the rubber on the other end. The H&M shadow can be worn heavier than shown but for those of you heavy handed among us (me) you can build it up to avoid a more intense look than intended. Lastly my favourite mascara, Maybelline Lash Sensational concentrated on the outer corners. If you have any quick tips/products recommendations of your own let me know. I’m getting really in to this quick smudgy eye!

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