200cal Flapjacks

I made these flapjacks months ago and they went down a storm with my Mum (who recently lost 2 stone as is very health conscious right now) – hopefully you will enjoy them too and if you have any variations or other low cal recipes of your own to share leave us a comment and [...]
8 February, 2014 5

My Travel Makeup Bag

It’s safe to say that as I write this I am pretty darn excited about my upcoming trip but by the time you read it I’ll have been back for more than a week.. the craziness that is scheduled posts, eh? To ensure that I would have some breathing space over my holiday and just [...]
7 February, 2014 25
Freshcig pastel range copy

Stop Smoking In Style

You may remember after Christmas I posted about my brothers experience with electronic cigarettes, I personally have never smoked (pause for applause) so I’m not about to lecture those of you who do to stop (we all have our vices, mine is Diet Coke – which is also apparently going to kill me) however for [...]
6 February, 2014 11

New York Photo Diary – Day 1

Our first day in New York was spent traveling for the most part and by the time we arrived we were wiped so we had a little mosey around Times Square as it was so close to our hotel and then crashed at my FAVOURITE chain restaurant in the entire world, Bubba Gump Shrimp. I [...]
6 February, 2014 8
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.53.53

No Buy February

Okay so technically I have already been shopping this month but it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday, so that can’t count, right? After our serious spree in New York last week I felt like a little spending break might be necessary but given the jubilations I didn’t want to start from the 1st of the month [...]
5 February, 2014 27

The Body Shop – Shimmer Cubes, Hair Chalks & Smurf Baby

 I have to say, of all the brands I thought would jump in the hair chalk band wagon in 2014 The Body Shop wasn’t one of them. I know they like to keep it fresh but I still considered them to be a little traditional.. lets say classic rather than modern and I just didn’t [...]
5 February, 2014 9

Love Me Beauty – January

To whom it may concern, Dear Readers – get that reference and win a prize! – it’s my BIRTHDAY today but this post is completely unrelated to that.  Rest assured I have been very much in the birthday spirit of late and spending like someone will take all of my money away if I leave [...]
4 February, 2014 9

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Take Two

I had this a year or so ago and I forget whether this is my second or third bottle but I can’t lie.. I didn’t buy it for it’s supposed skin care benefits, I bought it for it’s smell. I know that some use it as a toner at night but for me it’s a [...]
3 February, 2014 7

Ray-Ban Coloured Aviators

 I was so excited when I bought these that I had to bombard you with hundreds of pictures of me wearing them, haha. I’ve wanted these shades since last summer and when I posted about them a month or so ago saying how I loved them but they were so expensive I was over the [...]
2 February, 2014 2

Neon & On & On

I have worn this outfit SO much lately but I gotta say.. not as flattering in photos as it looks in the mirror, going to assume it’s the camera not the mirror that’s lying to me, haha. The top was a total impulse purchase form Asda a couple of weeks ago, a steal at £10 [...]
1 February, 2014 13

Philosophy Purity Cleanser

I wanted to LOVE this.. but I couldn’t. I remember a while ago on YouTube it was the IT cleanser that everyone was talking about, the perfect partner to the Clarisonic and just generally the THING to have . I don’t get it. Since then several bloggers have come forward with not so rave reviews [...]
30 January, 2014 18

Revlon Colorstay Concealer – Fair

I had this in my drafts so long I was convinced I’d already posted my review but I couldn’t find it so here goes.. if you’ve seen me talk about this before apologies for the duplication. I bought this in the summertime when I was looking to complete my full face of Revlon for a [...]
29 January, 2014 15

Avon Planet Spa – Bali Botanica Body Butter

 I feel like I must try a new body butter every month. I have a growing collection in my bodycare drawer (it’s getting out of hand) and some of them never get a mention here on my blog so given that we’re still in the cold weather months (aren’t we?!) I thought I’d review some [...]
28 January, 2014 4

#Selfeye With Max Factor Excess Volume

 I was excited to try this newly launched double ended mascara from Max Factor because I do on occasion layer mascaras to get a fuller effect so the idea of it being within one tube definitely appeals. The idea with this 2 step product is that you start with a volumising formula and brush to [...]
27 January, 2014 7

My Purple Toothbrush

 An electric toothbrush is one of those not so exciting beauty gadgets that totally changes your hygiene routine. It’s not something you’d usually be telling all your friends about but it’s an instant WOW and really other than whitening dental products don’t get enough blog press, do they? If I find a toothpaste I’m particularly [...]
26 January, 2014 6

New York, New York!

 If this post goes up as scheduled (and the flight does too) I will be up in the air on my way to New York City as you read this.. and did I mention I couldn’t be more excited? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve not been able to think/talk about much else [...]
25 January, 2014 10

Return Of The Filofax

You heard me.. Filofax! I don’t know how I’ve survived so long without one! In my late teens/early twenties I had a knock off version that never left my side, I kept my whole life in that thing and somewhere in my house it’s hiding with my National Insurance card safely tucked in it’s inside [...]
24 January, 2014 22

Kent Paddle Brush

 Since I bleached the ends of my hair it’s been breaking off left right and centre, the overall condition seems to be great but something was obviously awry and it was breaking off much higher than the bleach started.. curious! I started to look to other things I was using which might have been the [...]
23 January, 2014 11
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 16.39.32

FREE Manuka Doctor Starter Kit!!!

Boy have I got a deal for you today.. not a discount, not a sale but an actual freebie! Of this starter kit I have tried the rejuvenating face mask (review to come) and was very impressed so I’d be really interested in trying more from the Bee Venom line. It has a little tingle [...]
22 January, 2014 16

Naked Basics

 I can’t believe it took me SO long to buy this but as with all of my purchases recently it was my holiday that pushed me to do it. Laura (from LauraLovesBeauty) bought me an individual Smog eyeshadow (also Urban Decay) for Christmas which in the past I have said could be my only travel [...]
22 January, 2014 12