#30in30 MAC Honeylove

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One of my newer MAC purchases and one that I’m not 100% sure about just yet. It was an impulse (online) purchase after a spot of makeup chatter with a fellow blogger who told me that if I loved Faux … Continued

WIN A Righteous Butter!

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I have a video going up tomorrow where I chat about my favourite Soap & Glory products (subscribe to my YouTube channel here if you’re interested) but the lovely folks at Soap & Glory have given me 20 Righteous Butters … Continued

#30in30 P.S. Love Nude Lip

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I have a lipstick from MAC called ‘taupe’ that couldn’t be less like taupe (to me) if it tried, THIS is taupe.. to me. Colour is very much in the eye of the beholder however, a quick google of fuchsia … Continued

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