Kneipp Bath Oil

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I got this is my British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box a few months ago and it’s definitely not something I’d have picked up otherwise. The packaging doesn’t appeal and the scent.. lemon? The bottle is glass which was a surprise.. … Continued

Perfect Pampering

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I love a good pamper on a Sunday and these products recently gifted to me by a friend have been staples for the past few weeks. I posted about them briefly when I first got them as there was a … Continued

Revlon Gel Envy

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This is one of the most exciting releases in a while (for a nail junkie like me) and shocker.. it’s from Revlon. I don’t know what it is, their products never seem to be super new or revolutionary but something … Continued

1 Palette / 5 Looks – Day 4

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Today I went a little heavy on everything.. I’ve been testing out various products for review and since I was already photographing my makeup I thought I’d kill 3 or 4 other birds at the same time.. this led to … Continued

MAC Kelly O Lipsticks

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I picked these lipsticks up from the recent MAC Osbourne collection and bar the lavender which I KNEW I could never pull off they were really all I wanted so I was pretty pleased I managed to snag them before … Continued

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