Candy Cane Lane

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I have been looking for a sweet mint scented candle for the longest time. I’ve bought a couple claiming to be peppermint/candy cane in the past which smelled yummy in the jar but had zero throw so were entirely pointless.. … Continued

5 Things You NEED From Topshop

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Cold Shoulder Embellished Jumper / Faux Fur Trimmed Cardigan / Billy Buckle Boots / Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans / Mesh Chain And Tube Necklace This post was inspired 100% by the fact that this cold shoulder embellished jumper is finally … Continued

Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

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It’s technically a blush and contour palette but some of these colours are so bold they could double as eyeshadows. There are 6 palettes available ranging in colour families and textures, there are mattes, creams, shimmers.. you name it and … Continued

Avon Radiant Rose Stardust

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I am not the biggest fan of textured nails but the new stardust glitters from Avon give the BEST sparkle. Pretty much Christmas in a bottle, no? Because they’re textured (think OPI Liquid Sand) they dry quickly so application time … Continued

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