More Soccer Mom Than Sports Luxe

 These pictures were taken BEFORE I amped up the colour in my hair.. just FYI for those who may wonder. They were however taken AFTER I resorted to talcum powder in place if my missing can of dry shampoo.. old school. *What I’m Wearing* Top – Next / Jeans – Jamie from Topshop / Shoes [...]
23 February, 2014 4

GRWM – Birthday Edition

Flashback post today from earlier this month when my hair was still a regular colour and I went out for my birthday with Emma – link – and Laura – link – and our respective partners. Hilarity ensued. But really though, this was my hurried makeup job before rushing off to collect Emma and her [...]
22 February, 2014 2

NYC Photo Diary – Day 4

Day 4 was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to amp it up a little, breakfast at the 30 Rock, Lunch at The Plaza and cocktails with dinner. I even found somewhere that sold individual cakes that yes were still way too big but affordable enough that I could justify one for just the two [...]
22 February, 2014 6

Every Day Is Valentines Day

Maxfactor Lasting Lip Tint / Nails Inc Sloane Street / Weleda Shaving Cream & Aftershave Balm / Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor / Red Lips Handbag If like me you cannot celebrate Valentines Day on February 14th you might agree with me that the date doesn’t really matter. My parents anniversary is on Valentines so [...]
21 February, 2014 7
brich box 4

Birchbox – Blogger vs Bought

 I don’t always write a post about my monthly beauty boxes but I do make short review videos on YouTube which you can see here if you’re interested. This month I thought it was worth an extra edit since it’s an unusual unboxing.. I already subscribe to Birchbox HOWEVER I was contacted by their PR [...]
20 February, 2014 12

Sleek Blush – Flushed

 I only recently discovered the world of Sleek outside of their eyeshadows thanks to their Faceform – I loved it and couldn’t wait to try more of the blushes. I already had Rose Gold as it came in the palette and that’s beautiful but I wanted to try something matte so I picked this up [...]
19 February, 2014 34

NYC Photo Diary – Day 3

The 3rd Day was the most comfortable walking around weather so of course we did the most walking around. We found Carries stoop (finally, after 3 visits), I had a shopping appointment at Bauble Bar (which I’ll talk about in another post) and we went to Serendipity to sample their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s [...]
18 February, 2014 6
loreal dancing rose 4

Holly Sharpe For M&S

 How beautiful is this limited edition collection from M&S? Given that I don’t tend to shop there for clothes (food, yes but the makeup section isn’t exactly by the milk) I’d never really looked at their beauty section but it is hella pretty and not at all expensive.. very budget beauty friendly! The packaging is [...]
18 February, 2014 18

I Have Purple Hair!

I’ve posted a lot on instagram and twitter in the past week about my new hair colour so I thought I’d give it a little outing on my blog. It was a totally spur of the moment decision, Milo was actually napping for the first time in forever and I wasn’t in the mood to [...]
17 February, 2014 30

The Last Word In Relaxation

You guys know how much I love the bath oils from Aromatherapy Associates, I literally never stopped talking about the Relax oil over Christmas when I was sick and struggling to sleep.. it’s AH-MAZING! So when I had the chance to try the massage version.. uhh.. yes please! Obviously I put my husband to work [...]
17 February, 2014 5

Leather vs Classic Uggs

 After Christmas there were some MEGA bargains to be had in the sales (as I’m positive you all took advantage of) but these boots were by far the best deal I snagged. I had wanted a new pair of Uggs for our trip to New York but had been putting it off because they’re just [...]
16 February, 2014 4

Did You Know..

Last Summer I did a few posts and videos for Avon, at the time I did mention it but since then I’ve done a couple more months with them and thought you may be interested – link I’ve posted tutorial videos, reviews, ‘what’s in my makeup bag’, skin care.. all kinds of things and I [...]
15 February, 2014 12

*Face mask Friday* – LUSH BB Seaweed

 I haven’t tried anything but bath bombs (I made that exception at Christmas) in more than a year and suddenly we have 2 review in a week.. craziness! I’d tried their fresh face masks in the past and wasn’t incredibly impressed and much as I like this.. it’s not all that either. I like the [...]
14 February, 2014 10

Topshop – Green Room

 There aren’t many colours I feel like I’m missing from my nail polish collection but a really good, bright (almost neon) teal remained elusive. I saw an Essie colour on the nails of many YouTubers last year that I now forget the name of but when I finally got my hands on it it just [...]
13 February, 2014 22

LUSH Hair Doctor

 This is the most unusual hair mask I’ve ever tried. I’ve used deep conditioners, rich creamy formulas, pre-shampoo treats, melting balms.. this is nothing like any of those. It’s drier, more like clay.. more like a face mask really. I concentrate it on my roots and then work a little through the rest of my [...]
12 February, 2014 6
valentines offers

Valentines Beauty Discounts

There have been a whole host of Valentines gift guides floating around and I did consider putting in my own but I thought you’d appreciate my pick of the current love day discounts instead.. so here they are.. Look Fantastic 14% off £50 spend with code 14LOVE – link to site Feel Unique £3 off [...]
12 February, 2014 1
asos fluro boucle

DEAL ALERT @ASOS Fluro Boucle Jacket – Half Price

You may remember this from last summer, it was very much a blogger favourite and it was in and out of my basket frequently but I never too the plunge and bought it.. until today. I saw Laura from buynowbloglater post an instagram ootd wearing it and just had to have it, I know.. I [...]
11 February, 2014 9

NYC Photo Diary – Day 2

Can you believe this was our 3rd trip to New York and the 1st time we braved the subway? If I took only one thing away from this visit that I would pass along to someone else it would be to make use of this very inexpensive transport system. It’s nowhere near as complicated as [...]
11 February, 2014 9

What’s In My Travel Toiletries Bag

Following on from the travel makeup bag post the other day here is basically EVERYTHING ELSE beauty related that is coming along with me (or came along as you will be reading this after we return). Lee packed our toothbrushes/toothpaste etc with his stuff so that’s all I’m missing here but everything else was kind [...]
10 February, 2014 12

Flamingo Candle – Love Potion

Hmm.. not sure what to say about this one. I really wanted to love it but I just don’t however I have a feeling that it’s a scent preference rather than an out and out awful candle. To me as soon as I sniffed it I smelled baby wipes and nappy bags.. now if you’re [...]
9 February, 2014 11