Simple Smoky Eye


I am the LEAST skilled when it comes to eyeshadow, I rarely wear it and when I do I tend to go drag, fast. Playing it safe I like to stick to one colour on the lid but more often than not it’s just liquid liner and mascara. When my hair was super blonde a smoky eye looked a bit ‘much’ but since I went darker I’ve been experimenting and I think I’ve cracked the simplest daytime version.

IMG_1265IMG_1272Two products, no brushes, minutes to apply, just add mascara and you’re done. The base is H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle.. this is the star here, completely amazing beautiful texture! Very light and ridiculously blendable but crease free. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more of these, it’s been the stand out from everything I’ve tried from H&M Beauty so far! Then Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner in Brown. Does exactly what it says on the tin, stays put but if you move quickly you can smudge it out with the rubber on the other end. The H&M shadow can be worn heavier than shown but for those of you heavy handed among us (me) you can build it up to avoid a more intense look than intended. Lastly my favourite mascara, Maybelline Lash Sensational concentrated on the outer corners. If you have any quick tips/products recommendations of your own let me know. I’m getting really in to this quick smudgy eye!

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Glo & Ray


Before I was contacted about this brand I’d never heard of Glo & Ray, so when I got the products to test out for myself I had no preconceptions whatsoever but the sleek packaging gave me reason to be hopeful. Because of the bold mix of colours I didn’t initially feel like I could show it all off at once without feeling like 80s Electro-Barbie but once I got into them the payoff was surprisingly poor. The two real duds for me were the shadows, the Mariposa Quartet in Aegean Blue had so little pigmentation even the swatches were tough to capture in photos and the Mirage Mousse in Tawny Dust was just a sheer sparkly tint.. more like an eye gloss than a mousse.

IMG_1185They were the first things I swatched so I rapidly lost faith that the remainder would redeem the range but the Sky Breaker liner in Summer Sky totally made up for the previous products. So bold and seriously long lasting, this will be amazing in the summer months and it immediately went in to my every day makeup drawer. The La Amo-Matte lipstick in Passion came in close behind, just as bold and impressive and incredibly creamy  yet relatively long wearing, and the colour?.. perfect! Exactly what I’d have picked if I’d had every colour in the world to choose from. <I’m paraphrasing but name that movie> Not matte though, not even close.

IMG_1296IMG_1290The Wonderland gloss in Crystal Lava was okay, sticky and a reminder that I don’t like gloss but ok. The Lumincent Light powder (which is SURELY supposed to be Luminiscent) Light powder wasn’t all that.. it’s said to leave a shimmering glow but even in sunlight (below) I couldn’t really see it. Lastly The Nuage Solo Blush in Star Dust (also worn below) ..nice but it’s not easy to blend and honestly, I just don’t have time for anything that takes longer than it should to do what it’s made to do. This is probably why I don’t do eyeshadow <she lies, she just can’t> I have no patience for blending!

IMG_1188IMG_1216Overall it’s hit and miss, price point is high end drugstore with a few exceptions.. the liners start at £5.50 but the lipstick is £12, £23 for foundation, £5.90 for a solo shadow.. seems a little off balance. I would imagine retailers would struggle to find a place for it because it doesn’t really fit anywhere. There were some impressive products among this selection and some disappointing ones but that wouldn’t dissuade me from trying others in the future and if you have any Glo Ray recommendations I’d love to hear them!

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Powered By Collagen


Okay so first thing’s first, I’m pretty sure my entire camera lens was fogged up or had a giant smudge across it when I shot these photos because I’m certain I wasn’t going for the 80s soft focus vaseline smeared look.. I swear. You know I’ve been in to my natural nails and treatments lately so this new launch from Nails Inc was very well received last week and I couldn’t wait to try it out but I wanted to give it a little test run before just posting my swatches. The line is ‘Powered By Collagen’ and the general idea is that we mustn’t neglect our nails, we should want them to look just as youthful as our faces and hey, who am I to argue?

IMG_1173The 4 above are the treatment, the base coat, the nail colour and the top coat. I used them all just short of a week ago and am typing this with hideously chipped nails but an interest in a couple of the products shown. I blame the lack of my beloved Seche Vite for the chipping, very few polishes would last me more than a day without it so that’s not really a negative but I’m definitely not a fan of their ‘best selling’ Caviar top coat. There aren’t any top coats that in my experience do much other than add shine but this doesn’t even do that for me. The base coat was nice and something I may break out if my nails are a little flakey but base coats aren’t what I consider to be an essential. It was a very thin matte coating which created a lovely canvas for the polish and if you use base coats regularly to aid application you may like this one but as I mentioned earlier it definitely didn’t prolong the wear.

IMG_1176The Overnight Detox Mask was interesting, it’s supposed to hydrate and strengthen your nails overnight. I can’t say that there was an immediate difference but this is something I’m definitely going to be revisiting. It has a doe foot applicator unlike almost ever other bottle treatment EVER and it makes SO much more sense when you come to apply it it will make you question why everyone isn’t doing it. The texture is more gel than oil which made me think there was a chance of it staying on my nails overnight.. if I stayed perfectly still.. that and in the morning my nails did still have a little residue. I will update you if this becomes something I would repurchase but it’s definitely the stand out of the bunch innovation wise. The other product I will be using again is the Conceal & Reveal nail colour, a sheer tint to conceal imperfections which can be layered to an almost opaque colour (worn in the first photo) it’s right up my street at the moment. There are tiny light reflecting particles which I would like to blame for the soft focus effect of the pictures.. yes, that was definitely it.

Along with the ‘natural’ nails there are new nail colours ‘Powered By Collagen’ which I will post on seperately but *spoiler alert* they’re pretty epic.. one coat opaque! QVC have 2 sets of 6 (the overnight mask, base coat, top coat, reveal/conceal and either 2 bright or 2 nude nail colours) for £31.50 right now. Excellent value considering a full sized bottle of anything from Nails Inc will run you at least £14! 

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