Firefighter Face Mask / MONTH IN MASKS

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How is it already the 8th of June? I know we all feel like this but seriously..the older I get the faster time moves, I’m certain! I had planned to do a bi-weekly series this month trialling various new masks and showcasing some old favourites under the heading ‘Month In Masks’ and I feel like the 8th is not the best kicking off point but hey.. here we are!

I picked up this mask at Ricky’s in New York months ago along with a few other quirky looking Korean sheet masks but the ‘soothing’ element of this didn’t really jump out at me until this week. How nice has the weather been?? I’ve spent a good amount of time in the garden getting my yearly dose of colour before the rain hits again (tomorrow if the Dark Skies app is to be believed.. which is ALWAYS is) and as a result my skin is pretty arid. I’ve been using lots of oils and overnight treats but when I was rummaging through my masks deciding which to use for the first post this seemed absolutely perfect. I assume it’s really intended for irritated skin but too much sun might fall unde that umbrella, might it not?

IMG_8671I love sheet masks for their mess free slap ’em on, throw ’em away nature but unlike others I can’t leave them on indefinitely. I have seen adverse affects if I leave them to dry too long so I’d suggest 20mins maximum unless the packaging states otherwise. You want your skin to absorb all the good stuff, not the paper to absorb all YOUR good stuff! My first impression was that my skin felt fresh (but I would get that from wet tissue paper) but oddly tight after I’d removed the sheet. Not quite what you’d expect from a soothing mask however after a little while I rinsed off the residue and I could definitely feel an improvement. I’m not sure it did much to hydrate but it did feel a little less dry and looked less red.

I’m not sure how readily available these are in specialist stores here in the UK however if you can have them shipped from any of the US sites I found they are super inexpensive and there’s a huge range to choose from with funky packaging and humorous names – there’s another soothing mask called ‘Hammer Time’.If you know of any stockists leave a comment and let us know but if you’re ever in NYC and needed a reason to visit Ricky’s it’s pretty out of this world!


Collection Define & Perfect

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Prior to spotting this online and adding it to my Superdrug order I hadn’t seen anything like it before. A brow powder in liquid liner form was interesting and since I’m darker these days I didn’t need to worry quite so much about colour so I went for it. I honestly can’t forsee a time where I will crave blonde roots again after how easy it’s been to do my brows recenty, I spent WAY more time and money than I care to admit searching for the perfect ash blonde brow in the past so to be able to pick up an inexpensive, innovative product like this without fear of it being too orange is refreshing!

IMG_1502It’s effectively a loose powder in the tube with a traditional liner applicator so it can get a bit messy (I wouldn’t advise you do this while wearing a light coloured outfit) but that wasn’t a major issue for me just something to note as I did see fallout on my desk from time to time. The powder is pigmented enough to make fast work of filling in your brows but not really one of those ‘a little goes a long way products’ – I think mine look much more natural here than I anticipated. I love the effect/finish of using powder to define but anything where I need a seperate brush is reserved for special occasions for me so I usually don’t do it but this is ideal. An all in one product for those among you who are just as lazy and CBA as I am! It lasts as long as any powder product would, not a bulletproof brow by any means but a softer no fuss brow. Thumbs up from me 👍


My Strange Addiction

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So recently I’ve become rather taken with cleaning/organising YouTubers. I watch them (listen, really) while I clean my house, I suppose you could call it my guilty pleasure. It’s not THAT mad when you consider that LOTS of people watch other people do their makeup on YouTube while they do their own.. it just seems crazy (to my husband) to watch other people clean their houses.. but I love it! One thing I kept hearing from the DIY types (and I suppose from most who wanted to offer more original tips than ‘get out the bleach’) was to use essential oils in your own cleaners. I haven’t quite got to adding anything else to the mix yet but I finally ordered some oils last week and I have been OBSESSED with using them in every way possible since.

I can’t believe I’d never thought of it before but all of your favourite scents (I’m thinking candles here) have one or 2 notes in them that are really appealing to you and you can pick them out and use them EVERYWHERE in your home. Something I find really tough to get my hands on are mint fragrances, I had one at Christmas one year and loved it but never found anything else that really hit the spot. When I was ordering my oils I chose peppermint on a whim for a fresh scent in the kitchen.. it’s maybe the best purchase I’ve ever made. It smells exactly like pink rock from the seaside and I’ve been adding it to hot soapy water when I clean down my counters, to my dryer sheets so my clothes will smell of it and even in my BATH! I plan to experiment with lotions and shampoos this week so I’ll keep you posted but I’m a total convert!

I also picked up Bergamot (super energising), Sandalwood (lovely and warm for the living room) and Tea Tree (which I thought I liked more than I do) but you can get so many more, they weren’t expensive from Amazon and came well wrapped. I’ll be buying more for sure.. even if it’s just 4 more bottles of the Peppermint.

Do you use essential oils? I’ll be honest, I used to chalk them up to hippy nonsense and aromatherapy but there are a million ways you can use them other than in massage and oil burners.. I’m just late to the beautiful smelling party on this one!

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