Gender Neutral Gaming

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This might seem like a totally random post from me but I have a secret, I’m a simmer. I’ve been obsessed with the game since my best friend introduced me to it 20 years ago, every year I think I might grow out of it but no, I just heart The Sims. I don’t talk much about the game online (outside of the forums of course where my anonymity is protected by a very original username) because I have the feeling people would think it’s not something a 30-year-old woman should be doing in her spare time but a recent update has me in a chatty mood.

Way back when the Sims was in its first original (best-selling PC game of all time) form it was revolutionary, simulated life on a very basic level, conforming to all the traditional familial conventions. To explain it seems hilariously dull as you are literally controlling pretend people’s lives but over the years it evolved. By the second Sims game there were adjustments made to give the player more freedom and gender roles became very fluid, as did sexuality. Every Sim started from a neutral point and developed sexual preferences dependant on their interactions, at the time this seemed like an excellent addition to the game but in hindsight if you wanted to nit pick it might not be sending the right message. As a gamer it didn’t bother me and it allowed more freedom if you wanted to switch things up later on.. and again, it is JUST A GAME.

Fast forward to 2016 and Sims 4 has just rolled out a free update of their game enabling any sim to have any body type and wear any item of clothing, regardless of gender. It seems so simple but the more I play it and the more I see across forums the more I realise how important it is for this to have been added to this type of game. My best friend when I was 11, the one who introduced me to The Sims, was gay. I didn’t know this at the time, I’m pretty sure HE didn’t know but looking back, that original game he played showed him there was only one kind of family and only about 4 ways each gender could express themselves through what they wore. There were also a very limited number of heads to choose from but that’s another issue. Twenty years later and The Sims have all the freedoms we do and more.

I saw a post from a woman on the forum saying she couldn’t wait to play the new game pack but she’d have to wait because her son was in hospital and she had to meet his WIFE there. it’s a game people of all ages and all walks of life play, from kids to their grandparents, it’s important that they all see the possibilities beyond their own experiences and EA may be doing something bigger in making this change than they realise.

Primark Pro Lipsticks

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A few weeks ago I posted this video on my YouTube channel about the new beauty range at Primark, PS Pro. It occurred to me today that I hadn’t even MENTIONED this new launch here on my blog so I’ve picked out some of my favourite products and will be posting a little about them over the coming week. First up HAD to be the lipsticks, didn’t it? It’s definitely my favourite category and I think something that can make or break a very low cost brand such as this. Every item comes in at less that £5 and the lipsticks are £3, there’s actually a fifth one somewhere in my house that I can’t place, a vampy burgundy shade which you can see me swatching/wearing in the video if you’re so inclined but the four I have here should give you an indication of formula.


Boudoir Pink is a firm favourite, love a mid-tone pink and the texture is lovely, I’d wear it over a liner for a totally opaque, longer lasting finish but the colour is really lovely and a vast improvement on the drier formula’s I’ve tried from the original PS line. The only colour I’d say hasn’t got quite the same pigmentation is Iconic Nude but I always think if you have only 1 nude in a range it’s safer to make it a little translucent, although it still wont be one size fits all it will work for more people than if it had been very opaque.. not sure whether that was a conscious decision but let’s assume it was deliberate!

IMG_8762The packaging initially really impressed me, very sleek and I love those pop out/pop in lipstick tubes, you don’t see it often in more affordable lines.. BUT they’re not very good. The pink one here actually wont stay closed so there’s no way I’d take it anywhere for it to smear all over the inside of my handbag and how often to you apply a lipstick and not take it with you.. ESPECIALLY a super bright pink!? That’s a major down side unfortunately and although I love the products and the price the snazzy packaging has let them down. Chances are you will buy one and it will be great but if the mechanism fails it could get messy and leave the lipstick practically unusable. Disappointing.. it wouldn’t necessarily put me off buying one since they are so cheap but if you’re on a very tight budget or don’t want to be repurchasing multiples because of a bad design it’s something to consider.


True Kolor / Kylie Jenner For Sinful Colours

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I picked up a couple of colours from the Kylie Jenner Sinful Colours line (apparently she’s done this before) a few weeks ago and this was the first one in my basket. A beautiful bright cobalt blue, I thought it would be a nice alternative to the neons I tend to lean on in the Summer months. I do like the colour but the formula isn’t great, it’s not opaque..I’m not sure if that’s intentional but I’m not so in to the translucent bolder colours so it’s not really doing it for me. It also chipped within 24 hours. I have been experimenting with different polishes, top coats and application methods recently in a bid to find the longest lasting manicure combination and this was one of the worst. I applied two thin coats and a good glossy top coat with plenty of drying time between everything and it still wore super fast. It’s a miss for me but I’m interested to see if the other raspberry colour (Kween) I bought is any better. I’ve never had much luck with Sinful Colours they’re an affordable option (£3) with lots of choice but I wish they’d put more money in to product improvement than celebrity endorsements!


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