Hourglass Mood Exposure

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders were HUGE this time last year but some how I managed to avoid the splurge. They are pretty pricey and despite the glowing reviews (pun intended) I couldn’t part with my cash. The only reason I … Continued

5 Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is something every beauty bargain hunter needs in her arsenal. It has so many cosmetic uses  aside from the fact you can obviously cook with it, here are five of my favourites.. Cleanser This one may be obvious, … Continued

Face Of The Week #1

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As promised here’s the first in a mini series I’m rather originally calling ‘Face Of The Week’ – I know, I know, my creative genius TRULY knows no bounds. For those who weren’t expecting this post I’ll catch you up. … Continued

No Buy-Athalon

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January is a time most of us have to tighten our purse strings. After an extravagant December of gift giving and food shopping it seems like a long stretch til payday, doesn’t it? My only resolution this year is to … Continued

2014 In Review

posted in: LIFE | 22

As I approach my 5 year blogging anniversary I have to say I am truly proud of what I have achieved and if I’m totally honest that’s mainly thanks to the last part of 2014. Previously I was happy enough … Continued

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