#30in30 Illamasqua Minx

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I’ve had this lipstick for SO long.. maybe more than a year and I haven’t used it yet.. this falls  under the #bloggerproblems category. I can’t possible use a lipstick until I’ve taken a photo of it, can I??? I’m … Continued

#30in30 Freedom Adorn

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As suggested in THIS post I have taken the first step to toning down my uber blonde hair and painted in a longer, darker root. I actually did a slightly darker blonde all over but it was a little cool … Continued

#30in30 Makeup Gallery Gloss

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You’ll have to forgive any grammatical errors in todays post, I’m half asleep having slept in Milo’s bed last night and as soon as this is published it’s off to bedfordshire for me.. in fact Lee is already dozing on … Continued

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