tarte brow mousse taupe

Tarte Brow Mousse in Taupe

 Another hair throwback in this post.. does anyone else stockpile review photos? I will have a day of photographing and creating draft posts and then throughout the month I pick and choose what I want to talk about based on excitement or whether I feel I’ve used the product for long enough. This is why [...]
4 March, 2014 12

Nails Inc Porchester Square

I don’t know what it is recently but I cannot take good nail pictures to save my life. Luckily you can see enough to get the general idea and it’s a pretty popular colour so I’m fairly certain you will have all seen this somewhere before. I had heard the likes of VivianaDoesMakeup rave on [...]
4 March, 2014 12
wet n wild 1

Lipsticks From Wet’n'Wild

Todays beauty post features a throwback to my brightly coloured hair. I really wish it went with more because I loved it until it faded, so bold and with these lipsticks.. pow! I picked these up while we were in New York in January, I hear so much from my US YouTubers about Wet n [...]
3 March, 2014 16
photo 1(4)

Benefit Gimme Brow

I’ve seen promotion for this brow gel for what seems like years and several of you have asked me whether I was planning on reviewing in when it launched, my answer was always no. I had read that it was a fibre mascara for your brows and knowing how messy some fibre mascaras can be [...]
3 March, 2014 34

It’s All About The Slouch

*What I’ m Wearing* Tshirt – Topshop / Trousers – Forever 21 – similar / Shoes – Converse / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban / Necklace – Tiffany / Bag – Mulberry Effie Hobo / Bracelets – Primark & Topshop / Watch – Michael Kors I’ve been trying to find a way to wear these trousers since [...]
2 March, 2014 12

New In

I’ve seen this sweatshirt (and the tshirt version) a hundred times and I loved it but had no idea how affordable it was.. I don’t know if there was some crazy expensive designer version of this that was then ripped off by various eBay sellers but here’s where I bought mine – link- it’s also [...]
1 March, 2014 19
Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 09.14.39

Car Shopping *sp

*picture is the product of our last car hunt – okay the kid in me giggled at that.. car hunt* You may remember yesterday I mentioned that I was considering buying a car of my own. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while but once the worst of winter is out of [...]
28 February, 2014 29
Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 20.35.06

Sephora Now Ships To The UK!!!!

I have had the day from hell at work today and have not long been home but I had to post this for those of you who haven’t already hear d the most awesome news of the week.. possibly the year. SEPHORA IS SHIPPING THE UK!!! They’re guaranteeing no customs charges which is also epic [...]
28 February, 2014 18

Next Best Thing

*How horribly unflattering is this? I don’t quite know how it happened but occasionally I’ll take photos such as this and between one week and the next and outfit can make me look like I’ve lost/gained a stone.. I’m thinking of a  separate post on this subject* You may remember my posting about this Fluro [...]
28 February, 2014 20
NYC City Blackout2

NYC City Blackout

This was the best picture of a bad bunch so apologies for that but I wanted to share what was my rebellious Valentines manicure. I dyed my hair purple BEFORE taking these pictures – #bbloggerfail – and there seems to be some kind of mystery fluff on my index finger but if we could ignore [...]
27 February, 2014 3
spring wish list

Spring Watch

It’s wishlist time again, I failed the no buy February miserably but I did pretty well to avoid the shops. Unfortunately online shopping is too much of a temptation.. here’s what’s tempting me for the coming month. Since I saw the tshirt version of this sweatshirt on galmeetsglam I wanted it so when I saw [...]
27 February, 2014 14

Sponsorship Q&A

I sat down to respond to the huge amount of comments generates from yesterdays post and decided a follow up may be better. Here were the recurring topics I found, if you have any further Q’s leave another comment and I’ll try and get back to you individually 1. Lots of bloggers are posting about [...]
26 February, 2014 21

LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser

I have almost finished this tub so I thought it was about time I write my review. Anytime I’ve mentioned cleansing balms I’ve had several people tell me I MUST try LUSH Ultrabland so I was expecting bug things when I finally picked it up. As the name suggests it’s suitable for all skintypes and [...]
26 February, 2014 14

Absolutely NOT A Sponsored Post

This is going to be a rant – you’ve been warned. On several occasions since I educated myself on sponsorship law last year I’ve had issues with PR companies trying to get around disclosures and in many cases pulling out of working with me because I insist on including them. A handful of times they [...]
25 February, 2014 56

NYC Photo Diary – Day 5

Above is a snapshot of our last day in the city, there are so many things we decided not to do because it was so cold we knew we’d just be miserable. Last time we were there it was the same time of year but we were not as central so we had no choice [...]
25 February, 2014 6

The Best Beauty Gift?

The best beauty gift may seem obvious to you but your dream product may be your best friends nightmare. Perfume is especially difficult to buy for someone else, a very tricky area indeed as tastes vary massively with fragrance. My friends Laura and Carolyn bought me this Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for my recent birthday and [...]
24 February, 2014 10

How Being In A Relationship Can SAVE You Money

We all know how much a relationship can COST you.. in the beginning there may be elaborate dates, hotel rooms and gifts but once the dust has settled did you know that being 1 of 2 can actually SAVE you money? I’m sure my husband would disagree but the below shows that discounts you could [...]
24 February, 2014 5

More Soccer Mom Than Sports Luxe

 These pictures were taken BEFORE I amped up the colour in my hair.. just FYI for those who may wonder. They were however taken AFTER I resorted to talcum powder in place if my missing can of dry shampoo.. old school. *What I’m Wearing* Top – Next / Jeans – Jamie from Topshop / Shoes [...]
23 February, 2014 4

GRWM – Birthday Edition

Flashback post today from earlier this month when my hair was still a regular colour and I went out for my birthday with Emma – link – and Laura – link – and our respective partners. Hilarity ensued. But really though, this was my hurried makeup job before rushing off to collect Emma and her [...]
22 February, 2014 2

NYC Photo Diary – Day 4

Day 4 was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to amp it up a little, breakfast at the 30 Rock, Lunch at The Plaza and cocktails with dinner. I even found somewhere that sold individual cakes that yes were still way too big but affordable enough that I could justify one for just the two [...]
22 February, 2014 6