Luxe Lips From Miners

The current trend for liquid lipstick has finally reached one of my favourite budget brands, Miners and I have all 5 shades to share with you today. I swatched them of my arm (as you do) and was going to leave it at that but once I actually applied one I knew I had to [...]
30 June, 2013 3

You’re Invited! #SEVENTEENonthespot

Today I have a bit of an unusual post for you, I am excited to announce that I, along with fellow blogged Fee from MakeupSavvy and makeup artist Vanesa Guallar will be hosting a twitter party this coming Wednesday! You may remember my post about Seventeen’s On The Spot foundation, or perhaps you saw my [...]
29 June, 2013 4
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 16.20.47

June Favourites

It’s that time again! Time to run through my favourite everything from the month and this month.. there’s a lot of favourites! Beauty H&M Body Butter with Argain Oil / Sanctury 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask / Dove Nourishing Oil Spray / Palmolive Bergamot & Verbena Shower Gel / Fast Shampoo & Conditioner / Seventeen [...]
28 June, 2013 7
gucci watches

Status Symbols

Designer labels.. let’s be honest, why do we buy them? Being a low cost lover (wait.. that makes me sound like a cheap call girl) myself I don’t believe that you’re paying all that much more for the quality. It’s all about status, right? Don’t get me wrong I understand that a £500 jacket will [...]
27 June, 2013 4

Neutrogena T/Gel

First of all did you know that Neutrogena made T/Gel? I didn’t! I was aware of the product, my husband has bought it in the past but I had no idea it who made it.. random. Secondly did you know that they now make a dry hair variety? no? Well you do now! When I [...]
27 June, 2013 8

Organic Surge Summer Sale!

I speak enough about Organic Surge that several of you tweeted me when this sale went live and I couldn’t be more pleased you did because my all time favourite facial moisturiser has been massively reduced from £8.49 to £2.12 so I will be stocking up. I also have my eye on their Brown Sugar [...]
26 June, 2013 3

Ciate – Headliner

Bizarrely I now have three polishes from this brand and didn’t buy one. A red that came in a glossybox, a pink that came in a magazine and this new addition was in the goodie bag from the Style Haul event I attended last weekend (get me, don’t get to say that often, huh?) I [...]
26 June, 2013 5

Skincare Update

The video for this will go up tomorrow but I decided to post this today since it seemed a little fated that Organic Surge launched a huge sale today and half of my current products are from them. If you know me you’ll know I’m more than happy to use whatever chemicals necessary to make [...]
25 June, 2013 21
primark dupe sequin jacket

Steal Millie Mack’s Style.. from Primark Online!?

Late last year this style was huge and although it’s such a trendy piece it’s kind of a classic. The sequin contrast to a basic military jacket is amazing but if like me you weren’t going to wear it enough to justify £50+ on one you might be interested to learn that Primark now have [...]
24 June, 2013 5

IMATS/London Haul

If you were in London this weekend and are reading this now you were probably there for the same reason I was.. IMATS. In my 3 and a half years of blogging I have never been (can you believe it?) so this year was a bit special and the fact that they scheduled it for [...]
24 June, 2013 12

Tresemme Platinum Strength

I’ve wanted to try this stuff since all the big bloggers got samples and my instagram lit up with pictures of the various mysterious products. I have to say it’s not quite as impressive as I’d hoped but having tried these two I’d definitely like to try more from the range. The Deep Conditioning Treatment [...]
23 June, 2013 6

Seek Makeup – Gloss Me/Matte Me

These are the newest offerings in the lip department from the ever popular Sleek Makeup. I must admit that I initially thought they were all the same until I actually swatched one and it was matte.. shock. I’m not sure if Sleek were just giving two options in each colour family or if the gloss [...]
22 June, 2013 5

What I’m Taking To IMATS

This has been a long awaited blog post (for me) so I’m extra excited to finally be writing it.. but taking pictures was the fun part. I took the afternoon off work on Friday (yesterday, or now as I write this) to film a couple of videos for you guys and one of them was [...]
22 June, 2013 3

Lost Without Love

*What I’m Wearing* Tshirt – Topshop – here – Actually much longer than this, it’s tied at the back. I’m still playing with the idea of cropped tops but not sure I actually want to buy one yet.. not sure I’m entirely ready for the ‘commitment’. Maxi Skirt – Next – here – They do [...]
21 June, 2013 8
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 18.11.56

H&M/Boots Haul

Here on my blog you guys usually get the inside scoop on purchase before they’re mentioned or even hauled over on my YouTube channel so some of these things you will have already seen reviews for but I had a big H&M order arrive today so I thought I’d film it before the stuff got [...]
21 June, 2013 1

You, Me & Yu-Be

I’ve had this for a couple of months now and have used it on everything from my lips to my feet so I think it’s about time I wrote it up for you guys. I had heard a little about Yu-Be from other blogs but it seemed a little gimmicky and given the blogs featuring [...]
20 June, 2013 1

Bangles By Nali

Neon Studded Bangle – £8.00 / Blue Studded Bangle – £12.00 / Multi Stack With Crystal Detail – £11.00 / Yellow Colourblock Cuff – £12.00 / Coral Studded Bangle – £12.00 / Gold & Mint Vintage Look Bangle – £18.00 I’m sure I’m not the only one who spends hours trawling the ASOS clearance section [...]
20 June, 2013 3
beauty cupboard

What’s in My Beauty Cupboard? (updated)

About a year ago I took you guys on a little tour of my ‘beauty cupboard’ and transported you into a borrower-esque world of giant shampoo and moisturiser. An update has been highly requested but this time I was a little less shaky cam and hopefully a little more organised. Body products are a vice [...]
19 June, 2013 4
beauty sales

Beauty Hall Bargains

Lancome In Love Blush – £17.00 from £34.00 / Lancome Ombre In Love Eyeshadow – £9.50 from £19.00 / Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 50ml – £25.00 from £50.00 / Clarins Eye Quartet – £15.00 from £30.00 / Nip+Fab Summer Essentials Kit – £19.95 from £45.75 / Nails Inc Backstage Collection – £12.50 from £25.00  [...]
18 June, 2013 4

#FOTD – Pink Berry

I so rarely remember to do these kinds of posts, last week I decided to leave my camera in the bedroom (now, now!) in the hope I’d take a picture of something (beauty related.. really you guys!) worth blogging and I did.. I think. I had some new products to try out and a rather [...]
18 June, 2013 6