Minty Fresh

This is quite possibly the least flattering item of clothing I have, I actually have a jumper just like this from Topshop which I feel the same way about but continue to wear cause I just love it. They’re so boxy, a little cropped.. they do nothing for my top heavy frame, I know but [...]
3 July, 2013 7

Clicloc Giveaway

Quite some time ago I won a little competition held by Clicloc and Buyapowa. They invited several bloggers to design a watch strap and put them up to the vote, you guys voted for me and I won a gift which I of course spent on watches to give back to you. I’ve had them [...]
2 July, 2013 2

Seventeen Mirror Shine Review + Twitter Party Reminder

First off I want to remind you all that tomorrow night 7-8pm @MakeupSavvy & I will be hosting a twitter party for SEVENTEEN, we will be giving away 6 beauty boxes and answering any of your makeup questions as well as talking about their new foundation targeted at clearing your skin within 4 weeks. You [...]
2 July, 2013 1

NYC Foil Explosion – Magic Earth

Remember I was going to swatch all of these for you? I decided against it. I knew I couldn’t wear them all and thought a few of them would do.. but what to do with the rest? GIVEAWAY! Today marks day one of giveaway week over on my YouTube channel so if you’re interested you [...]
1 July, 2013 3

Statement Jewellery

I’ve never been particularly good with ‘fashion’ or putting together outfits.. I do what I do but I’m never going to be perfectly polished. I prefer to wear basics which is why statement jewellery works so well for me. It tied everything together and makes the whole thing look more thought out and I guess.. [...]
1 July, 2013 3

Summer Sales

Wildfox I’d Rather Be Shopping Tee / Contrast Skater Dress / Backless Cami / Knitted Tee / Cami Swing Dress / Studded Skull Jumper I have been going absolutely crazy for the sales lately, I promised myself I wasn’t going to spend another penny after IMATS but who was I kidding? The weather has been [...]
30 June, 2013 7

Luxe Lips From Miners

The current trend for liquid lipstick has finally reached one of my favourite budget brands, Miners and I have all 5 shades to share with you today. I swatched them of my arm (as you do) and was going to leave it at that but once I actually applied one I knew I had to [...]
30 June, 2013 3

You’re Invited! #SEVENTEENonthespot

Today I have a bit of an unusual post for you, I am excited to announce that I, along with fellow blogged Fee from MakeupSavvy and makeup artist Vanesa Guallar will be hosting a twitter party this coming Wednesday! You may remember my post about Seventeen’s On The Spot foundation, or perhaps you saw my [...]
29 June, 2013 4
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 16.20.47

June Favourites

It’s that time again! Time to run through my favourite everything from the month and this month.. there’s a lot of favourites! Beauty H&M Body Butter with Argain Oil / Sanctury 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask / Dove Nourishing Oil Spray / Palmolive Bergamot & Verbena Shower Gel / Fast Shampoo & Conditioner / Seventeen [...]
28 June, 2013 7
gucci watches

Status Symbols

Designer labels.. let’s be honest, why do we buy them? Being a low cost lover (wait.. that makes me sound like a cheap call girl) myself I don’t believe that you’re paying all that much more for the quality. It’s all about status, right? Don’t get me wrong I understand that a £500 jacket will [...]
27 June, 2013 4

Neutrogena T/Gel

First of all did you know that Neutrogena made T/Gel? I didn’t! I was aware of the product, my husband has bought it in the past but I had no idea it who made it.. random. Secondly did you know that they now make a dry hair variety? no? Well you do now! When I [...]
27 June, 2013 8

Organic Surge Summer Sale!

I speak enough about Organic Surge that several of you tweeted me when this sale went live and I couldn’t be more pleased you did because my all time favourite facial moisturiser has been massively reduced from £8.49 to £2.12 so I will be stocking up. I also have my eye on their Brown Sugar [...]
26 June, 2013 3

Ciate – Headliner

Bizarrely I now have three polishes from this brand and didn’t buy one. A red that came in a glossybox, a pink that came in a magazine and this new addition was in the goodie bag from the Style Haul event I attended last weekend (get me, don’t get to say that often, huh?) I [...]
26 June, 2013 5

Skincare Update

The video for this will go up tomorrow but I decided to post this today since it seemed a little fated that Organic Surge launched a huge sale today and half of my current products are from them. If you know me you’ll know I’m more than happy to use whatever chemicals necessary to make [...]
25 June, 2013 21
primark dupe sequin jacket

Steal Millie Mack’s Style.. from Primark Online!?

Late last year this style was huge and although it’s such a trendy piece it’s kind of a classic. The sequin contrast to a basic military jacket is amazing but if like me you weren’t going to wear it enough to justify £50+ on one you might be interested to learn that Primark now have [...]
24 June, 2013 5

IMATS/London Haul

If you were in London this weekend and are reading this now you were probably there for the same reason I was.. IMATS. In my 3 and a half years of blogging I have never been (can you believe it?) so this year was a bit special and the fact that they scheduled it for [...]
24 June, 2013 12

Tresemme Platinum Strength

I’ve wanted to try this stuff since all the big bloggers got samples and my instagram lit up with pictures of the various mysterious products. I have to say it’s not quite as impressive as I’d hoped but having tried these two I’d definitely like to try more from the range. The Deep Conditioning Treatment [...]
23 June, 2013 6

Seek Makeup – Gloss Me/Matte Me

These are the newest offerings in the lip department from the ever popular Sleek Makeup. I must admit that I initially thought they were all the same until I actually swatched one and it was matte.. shock. I’m not sure if Sleek were just giving two options in each colour family or if the gloss [...]
22 June, 2013 5

What I’m Taking To IMATS

This has been a long awaited blog post (for me) so I’m extra excited to finally be writing it.. but taking pictures was the fun part. I took the afternoon off work on Friday (yesterday, or now as I write this) to film a couple of videos for you guys and one of them was [...]
22 June, 2013 3

Lost Without Love

*What I’m Wearing* Tshirt – Topshop – here – Actually much longer than this, it’s tied at the back. I’m still playing with the idea of cropped tops but not sure I actually want to buy one yet.. not sure I’m entirely ready for the ‘commitment’. Maxi Skirt – Next – here – They do [...]
21 June, 2013 8