NYC Photo Diary – Day 2

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Can you believe this was our 3rd trip to New York and the 1st time we braved the subway? If I took only one thing away from this visit that I would pass along to someone else it would be … Continued

What’s In My Travel Toiletries Bag

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Following on from the travel makeup bag post the other day here is basically EVERYTHING ELSE beauty related that is coming along with me (or came along as you will be reading this after we return). Lee packed our toothbrushes/toothpaste … Continued

200cal Flapjacks

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I made these flapjacks months ago and they went down a storm with my Mum (who recently lost 2 stone as is very health conscious right now) – hopefully you will enjoy them too and if you have any variations … Continued

My Travel Makeup Bag

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It’s safe to say that as I write this I am pretty darn excited about my upcoming trip but by the time you read it I’ll have been back for more than a week.. the craziness that is scheduled posts, … Continued

Stop Smoking In Style

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You may remember after Christmas I posted about my brothers experience with electronic cigarettes, I personally have never smoked (pause for applause) so I’m not about to lecture those of you who do to stop (we all have our vices, … Continued

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