Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette

 I’m almost at the end of my US exclusives, I promise.. also almost done with the pink/purple hair pics.. gotta say every time I see it I get a hankering to do it again but it was far too costly both to my wallet and the condition of my hair to quite dare to.. anyway.. [...]
22 March, 2014 24
style at any size

New Series #StyleAtAnySize

This has been in the works for a little while now but this week everything came together for Emma and I to finally get our little series started so I thought it was about time I told you all about it. Given that we are 2 very different shapes and sizes we thought it would [...]
21 March, 2014 7
loreal dancing rose 2

L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in Dancing Rose

 Another lip post today, too much? Well there’s just the one swatch today instead of 7, don’t worry. This is another product I picked up in New York however the range is now readily available in the UK and I wanted to wait until everyone could get their hands on it to let you know [...]
20 March, 2014 15
IMG_8739 copy

Revlon Matte Balms – The Review

 I am OBSESSED with Revlons new Matte Balms so rather than give you random colour posts I decided to give a full run down of all the shades I have.. which I believe is all bar 3 – which didn’t appeal to me. There’s a great range from neutrals to poppy brights and they’re almost [...]
19 March, 2014 53

Hearts & Heels

*What I’m Wearing* Dress – In Love With Fashion* / Watch – Michael Kors Lexington / Bracelet – Baublebar / Shoes – Next – similar This is another dress that makes me glad I work in a fairly relaxes work place. I wore this the other day with a cardigan, tights and boots and it [...]
18 March, 2014 10

China Glaze – Too Yacht To Handle

I am completely OBSESSED with this nail polish, I’ve already repainted my nails with it twice and 2 others arrived with it I’ve paid no attention to at all as yet so that’s a big deal. I’ve been looking for a super bright aqua colour like this for what feels like forever and I don’t [...]
17 March, 2014 12
1 dress 2 ways tkmaxx

One Dress / Two Ways

You may have noticed my blog has seen more style posts lately. At the start of the year I looked at my vast collection of makeup and then at my wardrobe and realised there was a balanced that needed to be redressed. Being a beauty blogger I run out and buy a lot of cosmetics [...]
16 March, 2014 12
covergirl 3 in 1 foundation

Covergirl Outlast Foundation

 I dabble with drugstore foundations but I was satisfied some time ago that I’d found the one for me. Revlon Colorstay feels light but can give a decent coverage that lasts all day with moderate oil control. Revlon also do a great selection of colours so most people will be able to find a good [...]
15 March, 2014 11

*Face Mask Friday* – Glam Glow Super Mud

I was SO excited to try this mask, YouTubers and bloggers alike have RAVED about it so it HAD to be amazing, right? Well I’m not sure if it was the small amount in the sample sachet I received or what but it really did nothing for me at all – disappointing! I would potentially [...]
14 March, 2014 17

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

This was one of my birthday presents from Lee and I’ve been waiting to talk about it because I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m usually a fan of sweet scents but although this is fruity it’s definitely more mature. It’s crisp and fresh rather than the sickly varieties I own. My [...]
13 March, 2014 9

Miners Fresh Faced Concealer

I haven’t posted about any of Miners launches in a while because honestly I’ve not been all that impressed by them. The foundation from this Fresh Faced range did absolutely NOTHING at all, the coverage disappeared completely while I was blending the product in to my skin but I still felt like I was wearing [...]
12 March, 2014 4

The Non-Social Media

From the outside blogging might look like that most social hobby (and by extension job for some) but in reality the act of blogging is a solitary one. You sit home photographing, testing, writing.. rarely with company, it’s really only the parties and events that add that element and if you don’t participate then it [...]
12 March, 2014 9
kim raver hair

Hair Crush – Kim Raver *sp

Did anyone else watch Lipstick Jungle? My friend Caz and I LOVED it but it was one of the many shows I enjoyed that fell foul of the writers strike a few years ago. They cut a lot of stuff before it finished so there was no real ending.. Cashmere Mafia was another. Both were [...]
11 March, 2014 3

Maybelline Colour Tattoo – Too Cool

 Another US exclusive (for now) today I’m afraid but had to be mentioned because I’ve been using it so much. I am a huge fan of Maybelline Colour Tattoos and I picked up some paler shades while I was in New York that I don’t believe we have here, Too Cool was bought as a [...]
10 March, 2014 9

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bush – Exposed

 Ahhh this is as good as they say and better! I couldn’t be happier to hear that Tarte is coming to the UK having tried this blush.. I’m going to need them all! I bought it to use as an alternate contour and it does the job and some.. it’s a double duty product when [...]
9 March, 2014 14

‘Suit’ Up!

Earlier this week we went to look at some cars, as you know I’d been contemplating getting a little runaround for me in addition to our ‘family’ car which Lee takes to work every day. During the winter it can be a pretty painful walk to work and I don’t even consider leaving the house [...]
8 March, 2014 9

Always A Bride? *sp

I only got married 2 years ago but we had a very small ceremony soon after Milo was born and we knew we wanted to do something else in the future. We had originally wanted to get married in Vegas but you know how it is, families have their way, don’t they? When our friends [...]
7 March, 2014 9

Fix Me!

I haven’t visited a hairdresser since I last made steps to go blonde from very dark brown back in March 2012.. madness! I had a hairdressing a contact, friend of a friend type who used to come over and do my highlights for me for a while but it was the same every time and [...]
6 March, 2014 11

Neon Babylips – Pink Shock

 This is one of my favourite things I brought back from the states earlier this year because I’m just not convinced it will ever come to the UK. It might of course, it took long enough for them to give us regular baby lips so they’re bound to take their sweet time with any subsequent [...]
6 March, 2014 10

Maybelline Age Rewind – Under Eye Brightener

I loved the concealer from this Age Rewind line so when I saw a ‘brightener’ I HAD to try it. It’s supposed to be a treatment for dark circles as well as a cosmetic but I take those claims with a pinch of salt.. if it serves its basic purpose I’m happy.. and it does. [...]
5 March, 2014 12