Obsession Du Jour

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I have loved the Michael Kors Selma bags for as long as I can remember but I’ve never REALLY wanted one until now. The main factor putting me off was the structure, it’s not really my style, I’m more of … Continued

Nails Inc Pop Art

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I’m not usually a fan of these double ended nail products, it’s unusual that I will like both shades let alone the combination together but this is an exception. The creamy duck egg blue is beautiful, not a colour I … Continued

Shadow Links

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I am a huge fan of any kind of custom palettes so when I saw these connectable single shadow links a few months ago I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.. until the reviews started pouring in. I’m … Continued


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If you follow my vlogs/instagram you will likely be aware that last weekend I attended the Kia Ready To Roll event at the Westfield London. The event is on until Sunday and there are a whole host of prizes to … Continued

MAC Harmony

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I forget where I saw this, I think it was a YouTube video but the way they described it – a multi-purpose blush/contour – had me sold. It was an instant favourite, I feel like I’ve spent days of my … Continued

Nails Inc Latex Effect

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As I said last time I’m not a huge fan of the Nails Inc ‘effects’ but this texture is pretty cool. It’s not gritty, still smooth and it’s matte which is nothing new but it does have a rubbery look … Continued

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