#30in30 Rimmel Kate Nude 45

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So it would seem little old Kate has yet another collaboration with Rimmel! I can’t help but wonder how much input she has in to these products aside from lending them her name but as a rule I generally enjoy … Continued

#30in30 Illamasqua Minx

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I’ve had this lipstick for SO long.. maybe more than a year and I haven’t used it yet.. this falls  under the #bloggerproblems category. I can’t possible use a lipstick until I’ve taken a photo of it, can I??? I’m … Continued

#30in30 Freedom Adorn

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As suggested in THIS post I have taken the first step to toning down my uber blonde hair and painted in a longer, darker root. I actually did a slightly darker blonde all over but it was a little cool … Continued

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