Ready, Set, Glow!

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I feel like I say this constantly but skincare is very individual and what works for me wont necessarily work for you, especially when it comes to active ingredients such as glycol. Some people love it, others hate it but … Continued

Skipping Halloween

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[Photo Credit: Emma Millard, taken my moi, totally candid, I’ve been waiting for a reason to use it] Every year as long as I can recall my parents have had a Halloween party. Way before it was the norm in … Continued

That’s A Wrap!

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I am totally converted! Is is a cardigan? Is it a scarf? Is it a BLANKET? It’s whatever you want it to be! The ultimate multi-purpose clothing item to see you through Autumn. We’re almost into coat weather (I have … Continued

Seasonal Soigne

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Bright colours and glitter are generally what pops out at me on the stand but I was pleasantly surprised to receive these 3 muted shades from Soigne recently and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me about … Continued

Simple Is As Simple Does

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I mean it doesn’t get much simpler than cleansing wipes, does it? But those among us (so I’m guessing all of us) who’ve used them know that they are NOT all created equal. Nothing beats a thorough cleanse but I … Continued

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