OCC Black Dahlia

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This is the first of MANY lip products I will be sharing with you from the amazing Sephora gift set – link – Laura brought me back from Vegas. I’ll do a dull review once I’ve tested them all and … Continued

The Christmas Tag

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I saw this tag on MilkBubbleTea last weekend and since today marks the official start of Christmas (Milo’s birthday was yesterday so I’m not allowed to get too excited until after that) I thought I’d kick it off with a … Continued

Home Office Dreams

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I already have a version of a home office (maybe I’ll do a post when I’m done) however because of the nature of my ‘work’ it’s forever clogged up with beauty products and cardboard boxes. I’m happy with the overall … Continued

Rebecca Minkoff SALE!

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I’ve spoken about Black Book Of Style before, I’ve bought multiple items from, Melissa (who owns the store) and will always recommend her as the best value seller of Rebecca Minkoff bags in the UK. It’s tough to find them … Continued

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