Face Of The Week #4

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So this is a bit of a cheat but I’d be thinking of restarting my ‘Face Of The Week’ to get my blogging mojo back on and give me a vague weekly structure and when I did this GRWM (Get … Continued

La Montaña / Alfredo’s Cafe

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This is not a brand I’d heard of but the vintage poster inspired artwork and unusual fragrance selection was enough to draw me in to browse a little. The candle I chose happens to be their newest offering, Alfredo’s Cafe. … Continued

This Colour’s Making Waves

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This picture makes me super sad that I’m not on holiday anymore.. and not only am I not on holiday but it’s cold and rainy here in the north as I write this *sob*. I thought we’d come back to … Continued

Jouer Le Must Haves

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Okay, I know.. I’ve been slacking but I’m getting back in to it now, I promise! We were away (as you know) and the kids have been off so my routine is all outa whack but tomorrow will be business … Continued

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