Sensationail – First Impression

 Last week I received a very exciting package in the mail – The Sensationail Starter Kit! I’ve been seriously eying this up recently after they started selling the polishes in Tesco and was on the verge of purchase when they contacted me and asked if I’d like to review the system. Yes I am bragging, [...]
2 October, 2013 6

Love Me Beauty Box (Formerly Beauteco)

I am so late in posting about this, I had photos and a whole unboxing video that just completely disappeared so not only am I now technically a month behind because this is Septembers box but I’ve also lost one of the products that was in it (oops) – A Murad facial mist which was [...]
1 October, 2013 6

Blogger Month Recap

I am so pleased with the success of blogger month.. I had so many guest bloggers get involved as well as sharing some tips of my own on getting started and improving along the way. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did but it’s back to regular scheduled programming from today with [...]
1 October, 2013 5

MUA Radiant Under Eye Concealer

 Okay let’s address the huge elephant in the room right away, shall we? This under-eye concealer has glitter in it. GLITTER! Pardon my french but WTF, MUA? Really? I understand the idea of reflecting light away from imperfections and products having a shimmering or sheeny quality to them, they’re not my favourite but I get [...]
1 October, 2013 8

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Tint

 First of all I was a little too excited about how well my nail polish matched this bottle.. couldn’t even start this without mentioning it.  You may have heard a lot about this foundation already as it launched in the US a couple of months ago but it’s only just hit the UK and I [...]
30 September, 2013 12
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 14.18.57

September Favourites

Beauty Favourites: Stella McCartney ‘Stella’ Perfume / Moa Green Balm (I use this as a cleanser) / St Grape Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub / Sensationail Gel Nails System / Rimmel Single Shadow (unsure of the shade but it’s similar to Urban Decay Toasted and may be called smokey quartz) / MAC Sumptuous Olive / Revlon [...]
30 September, 2013 3

Blackpool/Liverpool Weekend – Photo Diary

Last month we did a bit of a northern weekend for Ella’s birthday visiting both Blackpool & Liverpool and spending a day in each. I vlogged a little which you can watch here but I took LOTS of pictures which I planned to post when we got back but never got around to it.. so [...]
29 September, 2013 6

Boots Dry Eye Mist

I’ve always suffered from dry eyes, working in air conditioned office, staring at computer screens all day is the absolute worst but I coudn’t bare the thought of eye drops. On dire occasions I’ve attempted them and got the liquid all over my face – basically unless I have someone willing to hold me down [...]
29 September, 2013 8
Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.14.15

Guest Post: An Oily Skin Survival Guide

Oily skin can be the absolute bane of one’s life: forever conscious of it, touching up, looking in reflective surfaces for hints of shine.  In the long run, your oily skin will serve you brilliantly – it will resist signs of ageing in a much more resilient and effective way than a drier or normal [...]
29 September, 2013 10

MUA Blush Perfection – Scrummy

 This is one of my favourite purchases of MANY recently and it only cost £2! I had another cream blush from MUA in I want to say Dolly? But maybe Polly? I get confused because of the nursery rhyme I think. Anyway I loved that and wanted to try a more season appropriate (read: not [...]
28 September, 2013 30

*Face Mask Friday* – Little Muddies From Raw Skincare

This is a bit of a different face mask on a Friday, it’s a POWDER! You mix in a tablespoon of water which creates a more mask-like paste which you apply to your face, leave for ten minutes and wash away to reveal thoroughly cleansed skin.. in theory.  I liked the whole mixing thing, made [...]
27 September, 2013 3
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 14.49.13

Bathtime Routine

Hey!! Today I am going to give you a little run down of my bath-time routine and get this.. I filmed it in the bath. Yeah, that was weird and I’m not sure I’ll be doing that again anytime soon but none the less you get the idea and it isn’t indecent so I think [...]
27 September, 2013 1

Sure Compressed Challenge *sp

So this month I have spent a lot of time putting together bits and pieces for bloggers (and potential bloggers) wanting to learn more about cameras, editing and setting things up. Next month I’m going to be improving my own photography skills because Sure are very kindly sending me to a local stately home for [...]
27 September, 2013 6

Perfectly Polished

*What I’m Wearing* Shirt – Dorothy Perkins / Skirt – New Look / Tights – Pretty Polly / Boots – H&M / Necklace – Tiffany You remember I told you I bought those crazy geo trousers from Topshop for my trip to London? Well my original outfit was this blouse and jeans, I bought this [...]
27 September, 2013 4
DIY rope title image

Guest Post: DIY Rope Necklace

Todays post comes from guest blogger Janine from whatreneemade. I am so impressed with this little DIY that I just might have to have a go myself and if any of you do be sure to tweet Janine and let he know, it’s so simple but so cool.. looks like something Topshop would sell for [...]
27 September, 2013 3

MUA Haul

Last week I did a little shopping.. okay last week I did A LOT of shopping but this is a little of it. I bought some bits from Revlon and MAC as well and filmed a haul which will be at the bottom of this post if you’re in a watching mood. It’s been so [...]
26 September, 2013 10
sept lust haves

September Lust Haves

13 Classic Satchel in Red from The Cambridge Satchel Company – The is top of my list right now, I’ve been looking for a light weight bag to take with me to New York in January and this ticks all the boxes. What I currently have either doesn’t close (dangerous in a busy city) or [...]
26 September, 2013 22

Dotty For Mint

*What I’m Wearing* Cami – Topshop / Trousers – Primark / Shoes – ASOS This is the second cami I bought from Topshop, I love these and all of the blogger hype they’ve received is totally warranted, they’re so comfy but flattering and versatile.. I’m going to need one in every colour. I’ve paired it [...]
25 September, 2013 4
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#BloggingTips – How To Set Up A Blog (From Scratch)

Heyy! I’m back with another installment of my blogger tips and this has been a popular one. The video went live on my vlog channel last week and I’ve received such a great response, I’m really hoping those of you seeing it now for the first time find it useful too. I initially planned to [...]
25 September, 2013 12

Guest Post: Midweek Pamper

Pampering is traditionally reserved for the weekends, but actually studies have shown that we look our tiredest mid week, specifically 3:30pm. How they figured that one out is beyond me! That said, Iʼm a firm believer that a little ʻme timeʼ mid week can do wonders for recharging your battery and really helps give you [...]
25 September, 2013 6