What I Ate Week #1

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With just over 6 weeks til our holiday I have returned to Slimming World (in spirit, I don’t actually go to groups) and attempted to up my fitness in a bid to be ‘bikini ready’. I thought that since my … Continued

My Smear Experience

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I know for some this will be majorly TMI but I trust that those people wouldn’t have clicked on the post or at very least as they’re reading that yes, this is in fact going to be about cervical smears … Continued

Love is in The Air

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I’ve been burning this Valentine’s themed candle from Arran Aromatics for a week now and it’s proved quite the crowd pleaser in my house. Personally there’s a sickly sweet note I’m not too keen on but I’m more for headier, … Continued

PS. I Love You!

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I’m going to go on record here and say this is the BEST lipstick I own for under £2. That might not sound like a bold statement but I’ve tried a multitude of super budget brands and these days that … Continued

Vegas Bucket List

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With our trip now only a couple of months away I feel like I can finally get a little excited and start planning. We have been a couple of times before as have Emma and Chris who we’re traveling with … Continued

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