First Of Fall

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Another outfit post? I warned you I get the bug for these once September hits but I promise I’ll be back with something makeup related tomorrow. I ordered this jumper from the Next sale more than a month ago and … Continued

Back To School Resolutions

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned before my intense love for the month of September.. what’s that? Oh I have? What? I talk about it all the time? Well I’m sure you’re happy to hear it again. I am a huge … Continued

Purple Haze

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This outfit was entirely inspired by by new hair colour. It’s nothing major so don’t freak out (I’ve already have my lectures on instagram don’t worry!) but it’s now a very subtle lavender/blonde. I basically achieved the colour by leaving … Continued

A New Love

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Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? I scheduled all of my posts for the week before we went away on the 25th so although I’ve only been a day without posting I have actually been … Continued

Revlon Skinlights

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Does anyone remember the original skin lights? It was SOME time ago now.. probably 15 years but I remember so badly wanting them.. I was just a kid really but there was something about the candy colours that really appealed. … Continued

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