N.E.R.D *sp

A conversation with a friend at the weekend led to the subject of lying at our eye tests as kids because we each desperately wanted glasses. I confess that even as an adult I’ve been willing the optician to find more then a 00000.1 wrong with my eyes to that I could wear a pair [...]
8 April, 2014 9
Leather Jackets

OBSESSED: Leather Jackets

Grey 2nd Day Godiva Leather Biker Jacket / Wrangler Brown Leather Jacket / ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail / Mango Quilt Detail Leather Jacket / Mango Leather Biker Jacket / Selected Buff Leather Biker Jacket in Grey I am completely obsessed with leather jackets at the moment, I think it started with the [...]
7 April, 2014 14

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

 I’ve had the concealer for a few months now, usually something cosmetic I feel I can review straight away as I’m not waiting for a promised result, it should just do what it does instantly.. with this it was a little tougher. I initially used it in a Get Ready With Me video and remarked [...]
7 April, 2014 6
live on youtube

LIVE Chat @ 5pm

I’ve never done this before but at 5pm I will be doing a live chat via the Google Hangout system on my YouTube channel – hopefully this will be the link but keep an eye on my twitter just in case if you want to get involved!! In the meantime if you have any questions [...]
5 April, 2014 6

Happy Days

I am still recovering from our Disney trip last week but I took some outfit pictures while I was there and thought it was about time I posted them, this was my favourite of the bunch for sure. I bought the skirt from Primark just before I went and knew I wanted to do something [...]
5 April, 2014 10


Well wouldn’t you just know it.. another lip balm – they’re my weakness because I actually NEED them and when I don’t have one with me I can absolutely justify buying a new one. Luckily this was nothing to justify at all as it came in my Boots Advent Calender last Christmas and it was [...]
4 April, 2014 13
kate spade wishlist

New From Kate Spade

I spoke a lot about this brand before my trip to New York in January  and honestly I was hoping that the UK website that I’d been told was on it’s was would be here by now. Alas I have to browse the US store for now and save my pennies for my next trip [...]
4 April, 2014 7

Imperial Leather Foamburst *sp

For todays post I enlisted some ‘guest hands’ – have you any idea how difficult this would have been with just one pair? My camera is HEAVY, man! Anyway.. the owner of said guest hands (my daughter) said this stuff smells absolutely delicious so for those cynical ones among you who don’t trust me to [...]
3 April, 2014 6
beauty sales

Big Beauty Sales

There are SO many sales on right now, my debit card has taken a serious hammering.. and then I discovered the BEAUTY sales!! I don’y shop at The Body Shop often but this time they drew me in, I picked up the Honey Bronzer people are always raving about and a few other lotions and [...]
2 April, 2014 7
style at any size

#StyleAtAnySize – Boyfriend Blazer

 For the first in this mini series we wanted to keep it simple and have just one item each that we would style in our own ways. Would you believe that Emma and I did not consult each other prior to taking our photos? We usually have totally different styles and we’re expecting to see [...]
2 April, 2014 16

China Glaze -That’s Shore Bright

I’m back with ANOTHER of the Sunsational shades today.. LOVE THEM!!! I have a few more in my basket right now that I will be buying just as soon as this post is written. I have so much nail polish but would happily give it all up for this collection alone, it’s SO GOOD! As [...]
1 April, 2014 11
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.30.36

eBay Collections

You may have seen similar posts from other bloggers in recent weeks, eBay brought a huge number of people in for this it would seem and I love the variety of collections that have been published because of that. I created 12 themed collections which in essence are items grouped together in similar categories for [...]
31 March, 2014 2

RayBan 62mm

Yes, another pair! I’m borderline obsessed with Ray Bans at this point but these extra large frames had been haunting my retail dreams ever since Laura from Buy Now Blog Later posted about them. When I first tried them on I though they were way too big, it’s definitely an adjustment as I originally thought [...]
31 March, 2014 5

Girls Gone Wild.. for a few hours in London

I recently spent the afternoon with my friend Caz in our very favourite place, Covent Garden. We were in London for an event in the evening but had a spare couple of hours to window shop and get some lunch at the same bar we go to EVERY time we’re there, Maxwells – creatures of [...]
31 March, 2014 3

MAC – High Tea & Lovelorn

I’ve never been a big lustre fan but I was watching an old Essie Button video recently where she reeled off her top 10 favourites from the MAC lipstick line and they were almost all that finish.. I decided I needed to try some more. I took a couple of her suggestions and I have [...]
30 March, 2014 24

Condense Your Makeup Bag In One Step *sp

I got back from a little trip yesterday (Disneyland, yes there WILL be holiday posts!) and after packing what turned out to be far too many beauty products when we went away in January I decided to condense even further this time around. I took my base, a choice of blushes, liner, mascara and one [...]
29 March, 2014 15