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My second attempt at a Halloween makeup challenge.. why must they all involve such heavy contouring? I think you’ll agree this is far improved from my last though.. I need a lesson but I’m happy with how it ended up. … Continued

Girl In The Tartan Scarf

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Credit to the ACTUAL Girl In The Tartan Scarf for the title, I just couldn’t think of a more apt one. Check her blog out here – she’s awesome, you’ll love her. She’s also on YouTube – Just Sayin’ *What … Continued

Barry M Toffee Lip Gloss

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This will be a quick one, how much can I tell you about a lip gloss? Unless it does something new or special a lip gloss is a lip gloss for me, there’s not much variation with formula/finish other than … Continued

The Balm Nude’Tude

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I’m currently writing this on a train which is quite a novelty for me.. when I travel to London I rarely take my macbook as it’s SO heavy but I’m going to be to and from just one location today … Continued

Bumble & Bumble Surf

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I’ve always wanted to try this range, I love the other Bumble & Bumble products I’ve tried but these always looked so fresh and beachy. When they arrived last week I couldn’t wash my hair fast enough but even as … Continued

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