Avon Liquid Sequin / Dazzle

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Okay, I’m totally feeling the festive spirit now, I know it’s not even Hallowe’en yet but seriously.. it feels like Christmas.. I’m watching a film called ‘My Santa’ on Channel 5 right now too.. so they oviously agree! Anyway.. Christmas … Continued

Trim Your Wick!

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Todays product review falls in to the ‘You won’t believe you lived without this thing you never knew you needed’ category. I’ve heard of people using ‘wick trimmers’ before and I think I’d even seen one or two but I … Continued

Maybelline Creamy Mattes

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L-R / NUDE EMBRACE / ROSE RUSH / MAGNETIC MAGENTA / CRAVING CORAL / SIREN IN SCARLET / DIVINE WINE These lipsticks have been out for quite a while in the states and I’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival so … Continued

Accidental Hiatus

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So.. it’s been a while. I think this has actually been the longest I’ve gone without posting SOMETHING here and it wasn’t even an intentional break.. it just kind of happened. It’s been so long that even typing this feels … Continued

My Personal Planner / 15% Off

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I’ve had QUITE the obsession with planning lately, I bought a personal planner – link – abour a year ago and when it came time to buy a new one last month I didn’t think twice about repurchasing from the … Continued

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