Bourjois City Radiance


Over the past few months I’ve been working my way through different brands, road testing a selection of their base products. By far the most requested has been Bourjois so when I saw their new City Radiance line I had to pick up the foundation and concealer to include in my next ‘Wear + Compare’. I bought this as well as the CC cream thinking this would win out as my preferred daily base and the CC would be better for those minimal makeup days. For a product labelled ‘radiance’ I was surprised that this had no real dimension to it, it’s bizarrely thicker in texture than the CC cream and the coverage is only marginally heavier. My initial reaction was negative, it clung to dry areas of my face and didn’t give the nicest finish however having used it 3 or 4 times since then I’ve discovered that it can actually look really lovely if my skin is appropriately prepped and exfoliated before hand. I’m still reaching for the CC cream more often (in fact I’ve used that more than my beloved Double Wear recently) but if I’m willing to put in some prep time and want something that lasts a little longer while still looking and feeling more like a summer foundation I think this would be it.

IMG_1492The concealer I’m still on the fence about, I don’t like too full a coverage so I like that it’s not too heavy and feels light and fresh but it settles in to the lines around my eyes. It’s very creamy and elsewhere on my face I like it, I don’t find that it accentuates pores/dryness at all it’s just the under eye area I’m struggling with but if I can make it work you’ll be the first to know.

IMG_1516I don’t know why I don’t try more from Bourjois, their base products are some of the best for the money and I’m always pleasantly surprised at the expensive feel of their foundations. I’m picking up one other to compare in the upcoming video.. I’m between the Healthy Mix Serum and the new Air Mat.. any recommendations either way would be great, or of course you can choose the one you’d most like me to review!

City Radiance foundation and Radiance Reveal concealer available online here

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Four Forgotten Favourites


Those of you who follow my vlogs will have seen my recent manic declutter in the form of my ‘Spring Cleaning Series’ over on YouTube. I’ve been crazy busy over the past few weeks and when something like that needs to be done the best motivation is to film it.. I feel like I’m being twice as productive and can justify taking the time away from ‘work’ to fix up the house when I can actually post my journey online. In the midst of all the mess I discovered some forgotten favourites.. if ever there was a reason to clean out your beauty stash, this is it!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

This is my all time favourite bronzer. It’s the light version and it’s just right for my skin tone, beautifully blendable and smells (AND TASTES) amazing! The problem is I know that I’m a budget beauty blogger, so hard as it is when I find a high ticket item like this I have to force myself to push it to the back of my collection while I search for a lower cost alternative. I’ve tried MANY others and nothing comes close, it’s expensive but it’s not CRAZY money compared to some of the seriously high end brands we have now and it lasts me for ages. If you want a treat I’d definitely recommend it.

Got2B Oil-licious

This was my best friend when I had short blonde hair last year. It kept it looking shiny but never greasy and counteracted the dull finish of my daily dry shampooing. If you have fine hair (which I do) but feel like you need a bit of something this does everything you’d want an oil/serum to do without ever feeling too heavy. You can use it as a shine spray or to smooth the ends, it just works wonders!

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

I never really understood cuticle removers or how they could work.. do they melt away your skin? I have no idea.. even now but this does it.. whatever it is. I put a little around each nail, wait a couple of minutes and literally rub away my unwanted cuticles. No cutting or scary tools involved, just a pretty, neater looking home manicure.

Clinique Drastically Different Moisturising Lotion

This is not technically something I dug up in the declutter but something I was reintroduced to via Jane’s  BritishBeautyBlogger Clinique edit last month. I loved it years ago and would buy huge bottles at a time but once I started blogging I just kind of forgot about it. I’ve been wearing it underneath my makeup on days when my skin feels dry and it absorbs super fast. If you have oily skin you’ll understand not wanting to add anything between your skin and your foundation but this is so light and if you wanted to take it even further they have an oil free gel version I think I’ll be trying when this sample runs out!

I haven’t really SERIOUSLY tackled my makeup stash yet but I have a feeling that once I do I’ll be back with another of these, so easy to push things aside for the latest and greatest but sometimes the real gems don’t need improvement.

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Hairspiration 2.0

IMG_1213 copy

So back in January I had what can only be described as a life changing hair appointment at Russell Eaton Salon in Leeds. Many will scoff and I am joking to a POINT but if you’ve ever been at that ‘omg my hair is falling out in clumps’ stage you will totally understand the power you hair can have on your self esteem. I have always experimented with mine and so when it all goes wrong I can never feel too bad about it because I know the risks and ultimately hair grows. It’s not the end of the world.. it just feels like it. I have had Great Lengths Keratin Bonded extensions in my hair for 4 months now and if money were no object I would have them for the rest of my life, they are ridiculously low maintenance and ideal for someone like me who craves change constantly.. and instantly. Unfortunately I have to be realistic and I can’t justify the outlay all the time so with tomorrow’s appointment in mind I have been scouring in the internet for hairspiration once they’re removed and my real hair needs a good cut.

Given that bleach was the bad guy that ruined my hair in the first place and I can see healthy growth at my roots for the first time in YEARS I want to try and stay closer to my natural mousey brown colour. The problem is that short and mousey often spells BLAH so darker tones may be on the cards to keep it more interesting. I love Olivia Wilde’s super dark roots with softer sections but since the salon can’t fit me in for a colour tomorrow I may resort to a semi permanent all over colour while I wait for that appointment.. hoping to pick up something super temporary, any suggestions welcome

I have no idea what I’ll be left with when the extensions come out so I have some styles in mind depending on what we have to work with. The longer the better preferably but job one is something low maintenance that blends the shorter broken sections. We shall see but in the meantime I thought I’d share my inspiration(s)

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