Cheats Chicken Noodle Soup

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I’ve been making this for a few weeks now and having shown it in vlogs and had a few requests for the recipe.. here we are! It’s delicious and super filling plus it feels homemade without any of the annoying … Continued

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava

posted in: BEAUTY | 24

When these new lip products landed on my doorstep last week they were a complete surprise, I hadn’t heard anything about them but they bore quite the resemblance to the Too Faced Melted lip colours I already loved. I have … Continued

The One With The Hat

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I have tried on SO many felt/wool hats over the past 2 or 3 years (since they became a ‘thing’ again) and I’ve never managed to commit until I found this in H&M. It’s probably no different than any other, … Continued

5 Things To Watch On Netflix

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If you watch me on YouTube you will know I’m a HUGE advocate of Netflix. I joined around 3 years ago and am nearing the stage where I could very almost do without a regular TV package.. and save myself … Continued

Teal Tinsel

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Full disclosure this isn’t just one polish.. I’m wearing one coat of a matching cream colour underneath (I think it was called teal)  as I suspected it would be tough to get this opaque but that’s by the by. Both … Continued

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