Asian Beauty Haul

My Dad recently visited China on business and I set him the task of picking me up some interesting Asian beauty products. I was no idea what he would find (if anything) but now he’s back I thought I’d share the little haul with you. I haven’t tried any of it yet so if any [...]
20 December, 2013 3

Nspa Orient EDT

As a youngster I was a big fan of vanilla.. everything and anything vanilla I had to have and had to spritz all over me in large quantities much to my mothers despair. As an adult I have grown out of the sickly sweet phase of my youth however I’ve found that the sugary scent [...]
20 December, 2013 3
Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.45.37

Hollywood Siren #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

Todays video is definitely a ‘I tried’ situation.. it was a challenge. I interpreted Tali’s look as a faux bob and the last time I created something like that I pinned up the bottom layer of my hair and curled the top.. of course it didn’t occur to me that I no longer have short [...]
19 December, 2013 3

Fudge Hair Chalks

You know I like to experiment with my hair and I do love a funky colour from time to time but I have been put off by recent dalliances as they’ve taken a little longer to fade than I’d like. Enter hair chalks. I’d heard of them of course and considered buying regular chalks as [...]
19 December, 2013 10

LUSH Butterball

 I saved the best for last.. not particularly festive but definitely my favourite and even after trying so many over the past month I’m fairly certain this will be only one I ever buy. No it doesn’t smell fabulous or turn the bath a glimmering shade of pink but it does make my skin feel [...]
19 December, 2013 1
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 20.08.34

Awkward Christmas, Vote For Me!

Remember a little while ago I posted the below picture? Well it was my entry to the Tesco (Florence & Fred to be specific) Awkward Christmas competition. Yesterday the voting page went live and I’m told it will only be open for a couple of days so if you could take a moment to vote [...]
18 December, 2013 3

Recent Skincare Loves

I try a lot of products (as you’d imagine) so it’s tricky to stick to a routine with ANYTHING but skincare is particularly tricky. I rarely try anything for long enough to love it but some products give me such an instant boost that I know I have to keep them in my rotation.. these [...]
18 December, 2013 1

The Naked 3 Review/Comparison/VIDEO/Tutorial

 Can we just take a moment to stare in aww? Ahhh!! I love this palette! I’m so happy it arrived earlier than expected and obviously I couldn’t wait to get a review and tutorial up with it.. skip to the end if you’d rather watch the videos. I will do a little comparison in a [...]
18 December, 2013 8

Maybelline Brocades – Knitted Gold

One of my absolute favourite nail polishes and definitely my favourite recent purchase. I have a fair few in my collection but so few really wow me these days, I obviously took a shine to this when I saw it on the stand but it wasn’t until I painted my nails with it that I [...]
18 December, 2013 17

Rockabilly Glam #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

This was another of my preferred styles and yet I’d have never thought to try it. Lots of volume up top but minimal product, no backcombing and a few curls in the lower layer. Much quicker to do than you might think. I sprayed some Backcomb In A Bottle at my roots, worked it in [...]
17 December, 2013 9

L’Oreal Gift Box Offer

A couple of weeks ago I swung by Boots to pick up the L’Oreal brow pencil I’d fallen in love with in brunette in a lighter shade and discovered that they were running a gift promotion whereby you got the above package if you spent over £15. I bought the brow pencil I went in [...]
17 December, 2013 7

Bee Venom – The Royal Secret?

This might sound mad but crazier still is that I’ve been sent products by THREE different brands recently containing venom of some kind! Long time readers will know I love a bit of tingle in my skincare so these were obviously appealing to me. Upon researching some I discovered that both celebrities and ROYALTY are [...]
17 December, 2013 4

Models Own – Hayley’s Comet

 I picked this up at the Clothes Show last week, the deal was I think buy 3 and get a goodie bag which was actually pretty good and you’ll see in a video soon but that’s by the by.. I bough this one as part of the 3. I liked the look of it in [...]
17 December, 2013 7

What’s In My Bag / Cambridge Satchel / Review

 Ever since I bought this bag I’ve had requests to review it. I do intend to make a video review soon but those who are potentially wanting it for Christmas I thought I’d put this up in the interim, let you know my thoughts after having it for a couple of months and most importantly [...]
16 December, 2013 10

Ultimate Deep Plunge

I’m not usually a deep plunge kinda gal but when Wonderbra contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out their new Ultimate Deep Plunge bra I was interested. I received a few of their bra’s last year and was really happy with them so I thought, why not? It’s party season after all. [...]
16 December, 2013 9

Urban Decay Smog – My Holy Grail Eyeshadow

 This little beauty is one of many Christmas gifts Laura from LauraLovesBeauty spoiled me with before she went on honeymoon last week. We exchanged gifts early because she wont be back until the 24th but I’m an early gift giver anyway.. I can’t resist. She also got me a beautiful Bare Minerals travel brush set [...]
16 December, 2013 11

Runway Ready #7Days7Ways With @umbertogiannini

 Now I have to say this isn’t my favourite look of the bunch.. I don’t think it suits me all that well and I wont be recreating it anytime soon but it’s fun to experiment and try new things.. sometimes you love them, sometimes not so much. What I did take away from this look [...]
15 December, 2013 3
dressing room ideas

DIY Project – Dressing Room – Inspiration

Yesterday I showed you my dressing room project plan and today I’m sharing the online inspiration I’ve found as well as the furniture I’m planning on buying. My first port of call was a desk, they can be pricey but Ikea offer some very reasonable leg/top combinations and I happened to have some spare legs [...]
15 December, 2013 6

DIY Project – Dressing Room – The Plan

So.. I was contacted by Halifax who were offering the opportunity for me to give someone an additional gift this Christmas. There wasn’t a specific item that sprung to mind however I did have an idea and this will be the first of 3 posts which will hopefully show that idea come to life. My [...]
14 December, 2013 11

Aromatherapy Associates Festive Collection

 I almost don’t want to write this post because those of you who watch my videos have already had enough of my raving about these oils but for those of you who haven’t.. I HAVE to share. I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of AA gifts this year and the first included [...]
14 December, 2013 1