April Planner Stickers / FREE PRINTABLE!


Now I know this is not my usual content and it wont appeal to everyone but decorative planning is something I’ve become a smidge addicted to of late. After spending a small fortune on Estsy I started making my own stickers which I’ve shared in videos and have received a lot of questions about. I did make THIS VIDEO to serve as a how-to but for those of you who though interested don’t necessarily have the time/means to create your own I am sharing a free download of some printables I’ve created for April. I tested the waters on facebook and YouTube and there was some interest and if enough of you like these I may make it a monthly share.


I hand cut the stickers so between that and the DIY element they may never be as perfect as bought ones but I love the custom element. Above is an example of a spread created using almost entirely DIY stickers. Creating your own means you can use copyright images like emoji’s/logo’s too (eg. Starbucks cup) which you wont find anywhere else! Unfortunately I can’t share those for the same reason they can’t be sold but if you have the capacity to print my sheet you can definitely print your own images from google etc. and use those as stickers!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 15.48.55DOWNLOAD HERE –> MissBB April Sticker Sheet

The sheet is A4 and scaled to fit the Erin Condren Life Planner as well as vaguely colour matched to the April ECLP spread. If you’d be interested in some more neutral/different sized options let me know, if it’s popular I may make these posts more regular. This is just a little tester for now, hope you enjoy!


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Pops Of Clinique


It’s unbelievable how little I’ve tried from Clinique in the past few years. In my youth it was quite a big brand for me, the first higher end cosmetics I tried were Clinique and some of them I still owned until moving house required a brutal clear out last year. I remember enjoying their skincare for a spell but even with the many blogger reviews and major launches they’ve had lately.. I just haven’t been drawn to a counter. There are certain brands that just don’t appeal to me and I think most of it comes down to the counters/packaging looking dated. Sometimes you need to be pushed to try things before you really consider a range. Estee Lauder is a perfect example of that for me, I had no interest until I HAD to try Double Wear to finally see what all the fuss was about.. and then their Pure Colour Envy lipsticks made their way through the net.. it’s a slippery slope, perhaps you’ll see more Clinique from me in the future.

IMG_0268I ended up at Newark airport last month with hours to kill and left over dollars to spend and the only counter with products available was Clinique. I had what felt like all the time in the world to peruse the messy stand and make my choices and I still came away with pretty beige products, didn’t I? But given that it was going to be my first real feel for the brand I wanted to choose colours I might actually wear on the regular. I knew I wanted a Lip Pop because they’d got some very positive press and maybe a Cheek Pop because they looked cute and the brow pencil jumped out at me when I recalled Laura saying she really liked it some time ago.

The brow pencil ended up being the star of the show, very similar to the MAC one I love (this is Soft Brown, I wear Fling in MAC) in texture and application and a great colour for my current hair colour. The blush (Melon Pop) is nice, very sheer with a little sheen to it, easy to wear and a pretty coral shade for spring. The Lip Pop (Sweet Pop) was unfortunately the dud.. the colour is very close to my natural lip colour but the texture is too thin. It clings to every area of dryness and doesn’t last 5 minutes, I don’t know if that’s indicitive of the entire line but if it is I’m not getting the hype AT ALL! I’d buy another Cheek Pop, the sheeny finish gives a glow without emphasising pores and there are so many colours to choose from but looking at the rest of the line right now, nothing else stands out. Do you have any absolutely Holy Grail favourites from Clinique?

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Smokeless Home Fragrance


After some candle mishaps last year I decided to do away with lighting them altogether when we redecorated our living room but for an addict like me it was never going to be that simple. I dabbled with alternative home fragrances but nothing has quite filled that void.. enter Scenterpiece. I bought an electric warmer pretty early on to use with wax tarts/oils and that was okay but I like to switch up my scents regularly and although you can do it it’s not as easy with a wax burner as it is with a candle. The new Yankee Scenterpiece has solved that issue by creating self contained wax tarts that you can pop in and out of the warmer as you wish.. genius!


Unfortunately I’ve struggled to find a good variety of these melt pots compared to candles.. but I have a solution for that too! I managed to pry the wax from one of my not so favourite pots and replaced it with chunks from one of my absolute favourite candles (Waikiki Melon) and it works in exactly the same way. I’m wondering whether some entrepreneurial eBay company out there has already started selling empty pots but if not.. someone needs to do that, stat! Even those of you still burning away would benefit from being able to use the very dregs of your favourite candles as wax tarts and storing them in their own pop in/pop out pot would be ideal!


So far I’m loving the Scenterpiece, I’ve just ordered one for my Mum along with an array of new scents so I’m interested to hear what she thinks about it but I am totally convereted! If you’re trying to break yourself of your candle habit (my reasons were mostly soot on the walls related) this still gives you that same hit of fragrance and is just as easy to swap out.. it’s really just the glow I miss now. Perhaps I’ll buy some fairy lights..

Available online here

PR Sample

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