Honey, Honey

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IMG_1285First thing’s first.. quick straw poll. At first glance who thought Abba, who thought The Archies? I was going with ‘how he thrills me’ so if you were the former.. you win! Anyway.. I’ve been looking through my collection lately and picking out some old forgotten favourites (in fact there may be a follow up post on more of these) and this jumped out at me. I haven’t worn it in over a year but I loved it so much once upon a time. I occasionally wish I had a modest makeup bag of absolute favourites that I’d never forget but I get so bored so easily the fresh and new keeps me interested. Since digging it out I have worn this near constantly, it’s just such an easy lip colour that wears away to a subtle, natural stain and isn’t at all drying. I can totally see why it was a favourite so long ago. IMG_1273Originally minty in scent these balm stains ‘turn’ quickly so it’s hard to say whether this is past its best or not (I should probably replace it) but it still does the job. For those of you who prefer a low maintenance work look this is the optimum lip product to feel  ‘put together’ when you get there but not so polished that 1. you feel like you LOOK too try hard (it would just look so out of place with my otherwise casual style to be perfectly made up for work) or 2. you need to check and reapply every half an hour to be sure it hasn’t smudged/faded. Just perfect and I’m so glad I rediscovered it!



Clinique #BBB Beauty Box II

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IMG_1380Just a quick one to make you aware of the newest Latest in Beauty collab with Jane from British Beauty Blogger. They always sell super fast so if you’re interested don’t delay!  Jane’s curated collections are always excellent so let’s take a look at what she picked this time..

1 x Clinique – Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Jumbo Jet 1xfull size
1 x Clinique – Sweet Pots™ Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in Red Velvet 1xfull size
1 x Clinique – Superprimer Universal Face Primer 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips 1x30ml
1 x Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap Mild 1x30ml
1 x Clinique – Clinique For Men Face Scrub 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Aromatics in White or Black 1x4ml
1 x Clinique – £10 Gift Voucher 1xper box

IMG_1384The two full size products alone exceed the price of the box – Chubby Lash is £17.50, Sweet Pot is £15 – so it’s great value but on the whole it gives a lovely feel for the brands and its best sellers for anyone trying Clinique for the first time. I was up early to film an unboxing/reveal for those of you who like to see what you’re buying so if you’re into more of the visual you can watch that below..


PR Sample

Unicorns Are Real!

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IMG_1352If you’re in to frosts/metallics you will love the new Unicorns Are Real palette from Makeup Revolution! A good mix of shimmering pastel shades, bold colours and smoky neutrals. I feel like the first 4 shades could even work as a cheekbone highlight! The peachy shade 3, gorgeous toasted brown shade 10 and khaki shade 11 are my favourites (and I realise maybe the least ‘exciting’ colour-wise) however the bright blue is something I might wear as a liner in the summer.IMG_1357[CLICK TO ENLARGE]

The formula is creamy and blendable – everything you’d expect from a brand so loved for their eyeshadows – and at £4 this palette is a bargain for anyone looking to experiment with colour! – Available online here.

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