Lip Butters: Neutrals

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This was a bit of a mixed bag but I figured they all fell in to the neutral category and so it was written. One of my all time favourites resides in this group and really I don’t massively dislike … Continued

Lake Side

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*What I’m Wearing* Top – Gap, Jeans – H&M, Cardigan – Primark (this season), Shoes – Converse, Bag – Cambridge Satchel 14in Oxblood, Lipstick – Accessorize Infatuation (discontinued *sad face*), Nails – Essie Penny Talk Miss BB

Lip Butters: The Candies

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I dubbed these the Candies because they’re not as uber bright as the Lollipops of the range but they’re now subtle and lets face it.. they’re candy coloured! Like a bowl of skittles or something, very happy lipsticks that to … Continued

MAC See Me, Hear Me

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I can’t lie.. this post is so overdue because I could bring myself to actually use this product. It’s just. so. beautiful. Even now I use it with the lightest hand and the softest brush which likely explains the non … Continued

Lip Butters: The Pastels

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Continuing with the Lip Butter seried today we’re looking at the pastels.. the ones I rarely (if ever) reach for and you’re about to see why. The are very pale and all kind of much of a muchness. There are … Continued

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