OPI – Wing It


This is one of my most neglected polishes, in fact most of my OPI’s are in truth. The main reason for that is either the formula or the colour was disappointing but this isn’t at all. It’s an unusual finish in that it’s almost jelly-like on the nails and you can make out the layers of glitter suspended in the translucent pink polish. I really like it and was wondering why I didn’t wear it more often.. until I came to take it off. It’s a beautiful shade and I will wear it again but boy oh boy the minimal glitter pay off does not justify the time it takes to remove. Don’t you hate those sneaky polishes that look like they’ll be a breeze and then end up worse than the chunky glitter you really wanted to wear but couldn’t be bothered to take off *sigh*. That’s always my issue with nail polish I think.. I love to paint my nails and I’m always searching for something new and interesting but new and interesting usually comes at the cost of 20 minutes scrubbing at my nails when I want to repaint. I always tell myself ‘stick to the opaques’.. I never listen!

Miss BB

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  1. This is beautiful! I always secretly hope all my glitter polishes chip really badly so I don’t have to spend ages taking them off, haha. Although I wouldn’t expect a colour like this to have that problem, so it is a bit disappointing. xo

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