*Face Mask Friday* – Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud


Apologies, I promised another FMF mini series and just didn’t deliver but rest assured you are in for at least 3 weeks of skin treats so make sure to check back every Friday if you’re in to that kind of thing! This week me have another Montagne Jeunesse mask. I completely love this brand both for affordability and availability.. anyone can try one and there’s such a variety that there really is something for everyone. As I’ve said before the amount of product you get it fantastic for a sachet, there’s easily enough for two applications but I’m wearing the whole lot in the photo below. The Blemish Mud is clay based and does harden given time (obviously the thinner the application the quicker it dries) which I like and there was no dripping so no worries if your wearing it around the house before bath time. Unfortunately having left it on for more than an hour I didn’t really see much in the way of results after removing it. I had a few stubborn blemishes which seemed unchanged by the treatment and generally there seemed to be no difference in my skin whatsoever. Not an impressive one but hey for £1 a time i will keep working my way through the range until I find my perfect match! Next week I will be trialling the thermal mask which I’m fairly certain I’ve tried before but I’ve never reviewed it for you guys so tune in then to see my thoughts!

Is it just me that’s always a bit disappointed that the colour of the MJ masks never matches that on the packet? I’m buying in to a certain asthetic here and it just never delivers.. have you ever found a full on movie-esque green face mask?

Montagne Jeuness masks are available from all major supermarkets, Boots & Superdrug

Miss BB

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    1. I LOVE that lush facemask! But I couldn’t see it last time I went in the store so I thought maybe they stopped doing it. Online shopping here I come!

  1. I try these now and then and you’re right the colours are never the shade that’s on the packet. My fav ones are the peel off ones. Reminds of when i was at school and used to paint the back of my hand with glue hehe. x

  2. I found it worked really well to make my skin glowy but I didn’t notice any difference on the blemish side of things. Someone did comment saying my skin looked like a doll’s though… Which i think is a good thing?

    Can’t beat a bit of MJ to at least make you FEEL pampered! x

    1. I did but I like to switch it up lol.. I guess I’d get more from a tube though cause they give way too much in a sachet for my face lol

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