Dear Diary 16/01

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Look what I did tonight! I made a notice board!! It’s not perfect but it will do the job and for a first attempt I’m pretty pleased. I will be posting a DIY very soon! I actually vlogged a little today (see the end of this post) and it was freakin freezing! You can see the frosty cobwebs, its looked so spooky! Yesterday we were dead set on Manchester for our anniversary, you may have read. Well.. today Virgin launched their train seat sale and I couldn’t resist.. with less than 2 week to go 2 returns cost only £40 so I had to book it.. now we just have to decide on a hotel, any suggestions? Out budget is a bout £100 give or take, We’re thinking of booking one of those ‘secret’ hotels where you get massive discounts for booking sight unseen.. that’s one way to get a nicer room for a budget price but I’ll let you know when we’re settled on one. Now I’ve booked the train it’s definitely London.. how excited am I about Westfield? VERY! I’m not sure where we’ll go to eat.. I guess it depends on where we stay but again any suggestions of where to eat that’s nice but not crazy expensive would be much appreciated.

Miss BB

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  1. If you’re going to london I would say go to “Bob Bob Ricard” it’s an amazing restaurant and great interior can be expensive depending on what you get, but they have a special lunch time menu which is a good deal.. worth checking out their website.. went their for my mums birthday and was amazing

  2. Very cute and chic!

  3. if you book early on in london you can get some amazing meals in really cool hotels. No matter where you are you will be able to find somewhere cool/affordable to eat.

  4. It’s a good notice/memory board. I thought you’d keep it white since your worsktation is all white, but I like the contrast the black gives.
    I have that NYC birchbox card still too!

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