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4 years on youtube

4 Years Of Blogging / My Holy Grail Products

First things first – I would be on my death bed right now if I didn’t have children – I’m hot, cold and ache EVERYWHERE but the kids will not allow lie ins on a bank holiday so 7.30 in the garden it was. I just snatched a moment to say hi from my computer [...]
18 April, 2014 13

NYC Photo Diary – Day 5

Above is a snapshot of our last day in the city, there are so many things we decided not to do because it was so cold we knew we’d just be miserable. Last time we were there it was the same time of year but we were not as central so we had no choice [...]
25 February, 2014 6

GRWM – Birthday Edition

Flashback post today from earlier this month when my hair was still a regular colour and I went out for my birthday with Emma – link – and Laura – link – and our respective partners. Hilarity ensued. But really though, this was my hurried makeup job before rushing off to collect Emma and her [...]
22 February, 2014 2

NYC Photo Diary – Day 4

Day 4 was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to amp it up a little, breakfast at the 30 Rock, Lunch at The Plaza and cocktails with dinner. I even found somewhere that sold individual cakes that yes were still way too big but affordable enough that I could justify one for just the two [...]
22 February, 2014 6

Leather vs Classic Uggs

 After Christmas there were some MEGA bargains to be had in the sales (as I’m positive you all took advantage of) but these boots were by far the best deal I snagged. I had wanted a new pair of Uggs for our trip to New York but had been putting it off because they’re just [...]
16 February, 2014 4

Current Go To Makeup – Winter Glow

Being a beauty blogger I switch up my makeup a lot but occasionally I’ll find a routine I really like and it sticks for a little while. Recently I’ve been all about dewy/glowy looking skin (which is so unlike me as my skin is naturally pretty oily) and the discovery of the Sleek Face Form [...]
20 January, 2014 18

My First Birchbox

At the end of last year I decided to give Glossybox another go but I wasn’t impressed so after Christmas I cancelled my subscription. I asked you which of the current service available you’d recommend/most like me to review and Birchbox was the out and out winner.. so I signed up. I was particularly interested [...]
7 January, 2014 10
Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.58.53

December Beauty Favourites

It’s that time again! Today I’ll be running down my current product loves, I know many bloggers shun December favourites in favour of an annual favourites video but I will be doing both.. what I loved this month isn’t necessarily what I’ve loved all year so my 2013 monster video will be up on Friday. [...]
29 December, 2013 9

12 Vloggers Of Christmas

I still can’t believe it all came together in time for Christmas but here is the video I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you all! Big thanks to everyone who got involved, go and check their links below! Emma [...]
25 December, 2013 1

Modern Updo #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

This is the seventh and final in my Umberto Giannini series and you may be breathing a sign of relief.. sick of my hair tutorials? Well just imagine how sick of them my HAIR is!? I’ll be deep conditioning for a week trying to recover from all the backcombing! That aside this look involved backcombing [...]
23 December, 2013 4

Golden Eyes / Christmas Makeup Look

Today I thought I’d share another Christmassy makeup look, it’s glittery, golden and festive.. it’s mostly High end makeup. This year I decided that I was going to stop neglecting my more expensive items and make a space online where I could talk about them, this video went up on my new channel dedicated to [...]
22 December, 2013 4

The Casual Bunch #7DaysWith7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

We’re almost at the end of the series guys.. crazy since when I signed on to do these posts I was thinking the end was so far away cause it was just before Christmas but low and behold the time is here. Can you believe it’s only 4 more sleeps? Anyway.. on to the matter [...]
21 December, 2013 1

Rockabilly Glam #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

This was another of my preferred styles and yet I’d have never thought to try it. Lots of volume up top but minimal product, no backcombing and a few curls in the lower layer. Much quicker to do than you might think. I sprayed some Backcomb In A Bottle at my roots, worked it in [...]
17 December, 2013 9

Runway Ready #7Days7Ways With @umbertogiannini

 Now I have to say this isn’t my favourite look of the bunch.. I don’t think it suits me all that well and I wont be recreating it anytime soon but it’s fun to experiment and try new things.. sometimes you love them, sometimes not so much. What I did take away from this look [...]
15 December, 2013 3
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 15.39.34

Bleach London Home Hair Colours

 Before my recent brighter ombre I dabbled with these temporary dyes from Bleach London. I did a first impressions video but i wanted to follow up with my thoughts after the colours have washed away and let you know whether I would use them again. Given that my hair wasn’t super light I wasn’t expecting [...]
11 December, 2013 15

Christmas From Starbucks / VIDEO

When I suggested to my friend that we tasted all of the new Christmas drinks from Starbucks she was on board.. until I told her we were doing it all at once lol. I thought it would make a good video and I think it did.. we tested them all and although I didn’t LOVE [...]
6 December, 2013 5