Hairspiration 2.0

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So back in January I had what can only be described as a life changing hair appointment at Russell Eaton Salon in Leeds. Many will scoff and I am joking to a POINT but if you’ve ever been at that ‘omg my hair is falling out in clumps’ stage you will totally understand the power you hair can have on your self esteem. I have always experimented with mine and so when it all goes wrong I can never feel too bad about it because I know the risks and ultimately hair grows. It’s not the end of the world.. it just feels like it. I have had Great Lengths Keratin Bonded extensions in my hair for 4 months now and if money were no object I would have them for the rest of my life, they are ridiculously low maintenance and ideal for someone like me who craves change constantly.. and instantly. Unfortunately I have to be realistic and I can’t justify the outlay all the time so with tomorrow’s appointment in mind I have been scouring in the internet for hairspiration once they’re removed and my real hair needs a good cut.

Given that bleach was the bad guy that ruined my hair in the first place and I can see healthy growth at my roots for the first time in YEARS I want to try and stay closer to my natural mousey brown colour. The problem is that short and mousey often spells BLAH so darker tones may be on the cards to keep it more interesting. I love Olivia Wilde’s super dark roots with softer sections but since the salon can’t fit me in for a colour tomorrow I may resort to a semi permanent all over colour while I wait for that appointment.. hoping to pick up something super temporary, any suggestions welcome

I have no idea what I’ll be left with when the extensions come out so I have some styles in mind depending on what we have to work with. The longer the better preferably but job one is something low maintenance that blends the shorter broken sections. We shall see but in the meantime I thought I’d share my inspiration(s)

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Clinique #BBB Beauty Box II


Just a quick one to make you aware of the newest Latest in Beauty collab with Jane from British Beauty Blogger. They always sell super fast so if you’re interested don’t delay!  Jane’s curated collections are always excellent so let’s take a look at what she picked this time..

1 x Clinique – Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Jumbo Jet 1xfull size
1 x Clinique – Sweet Pots™ Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in Red Velvet 1xfull size
1 x Clinique – Superprimer Universal Face Primer 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips 1x30ml
1 x Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap Mild 1x30ml
1 x Clinique – Clinique For Men Face Scrub 1x15ml
1 x Clinique – Aromatics in White or Black 1x4ml
1 x Clinique – £10 Gift Voucher 1xper box

IMG_1384The two full size products alone exceed the price of the box – Chubby Lash is £17.50, Sweet Pot is £15 – so it’s great value but on the whole it gives a lovely feel for the brands and its best sellers for anyone trying Clinique for the first time. I was up early to film an unboxing/reveal for those of you who like to see what you’re buying so if you’re into more of the visual you can watch that below..


PR Sample

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Custom Colour, Nailed?


This is something that appeals to both the child AND the adult in me! Mix your own nail polish, they said. Yes please! I said. As soon as this arrived I tore in to it and filmed a first impressions/play around style video cause I couldn’t wait to have a go but once the excitement settled.. was it really all that exciting?


For £25 you get 5 base colours and 2 empty polish bottles. Something is off with these measurements because each base colour bottle is bigger than the empties provided so unless you plan to purchase more empties there’s a huge amount of waste here. You also get a pipette per base colour which you CAN use to mix the colours but I found that free pouring was MUCH quicker and not as messy as you might imagine. Once I poured the mixing was tricky, no amount of shaking it up (T Swift style) REALLY mixed the colours together and even now, days later they don’t seem to have settled entirely. They work but they’re not GREAT. Another issue is the consistency, compared to the ready made polishes available from Palette London the ones I mixed were thick and gloopy and the brushes supplied weren’t as soft either. Not the nicest application ever.


It’s a nice idea in theory and I love the concept of mixing a totally custom shade but what’s stopping you doing that without this kit? It would be cheaper to buy a few of your favourite nail colours and mix them as you saw fit. It would make a cute gift, especially for perhaps my 10 year old daughter but if you’re in to nail polish I think you’ll be disappointed by this set. You can watch my initial excitement, process and first impressions in this video

Available online here

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