Negative Space Nails

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I’m back after a mini blogging break.. I’ve had SO much work to do over the bank holiday that this really took a back seat but NEXT week I’ll be able to share some of what I’ve been doing and … Continued

Lady Mermaid

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Following on from yesterdays post here’s a recent polish purchase I’ve been very much enjoying.. but don’t judge my cuticles by these photos.. they’d had a rough few days of painting a bathroom floor ahead of this paint job! For … Continued

Holy Grail Nails

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So recently I’ve had a lot of questions about my nails, I’m not sure why but I do happen to have discovered two absolute gems that I thought it was about time I shared with you. I’m pretty lucky to … Continued

Blossom Dandy

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You know when we joke about needing 10 nude lipsticks that are all different, this is one of those situations. It’s the new mint blue from Essie which is dangerously close to Mint Candy Apple but just different enough to … Continued

Groundbreaking Nails

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I am totally reusing this title, I know it but I couldn’t resist. I recently spotted some Sally Hansen nail strips in my local discount makeup store for just £1.99 a pack – I found an online alternative for the … Continued

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