Nails By Freedom

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┬áThis isn’t a NOTD per se more a brand overview as I have every single colour from Freedom (I work with them on their YouTube channel) so I’m never going to get around to showing you every colour but I’ve … Continued

Pastel Gradient

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It’s a little fiddly and not something I’ll be doing every day but I’m a little bit obsessed with gradient nails now I know how easy they are!! You can buy sponges specifically made for nail art but any sponge … Continued

Essie Peach Daiquiri

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This was a polish I picked up on holiday back in March and I’ve already worn in to death so it’s about time I post about it. It’s a little more red than I’d usually wear but it still have … Continued

Negative Space Nails

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I’m back after a mini blogging break.. I’ve had SO much work to do over the bank holiday that this really took a back seat but NEXT week I’ll be able to share some of what I’ve been doing and … Continued

Lady Mermaid

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Following on from yesterdays post here’s a recent polish purchase I’ve been very much enjoying.. but don’t judge my cuticles by these photos.. they’d had a rough few days of painting a bathroom floor ahead of this paint job! For … Continued

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