Christmas Coupling

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  It may not look super festive but trust me.. it’s got ‘it’. Unlike red it goes with everything, unlike a full on glitter it’s not a TOTAL nightmare to remove and although it’s got that sparkle factor it’s fairly … Continued

Dancing & Prancing

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I didn’t think these pictures were up to much so had decided not to post them but they were haunting me on my desktop (where I keep blog photos – fun fact) and the polish is just too pretty not … Continued

Avon Radiant Rose Stardust

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I am not the biggest fan of textured nails but the new stardust glitters from Avon give the BEST sparkle. Pretty much Christmas in a bottle, no? Because they’re textured (think OPI Liquid Sand) they dry quickly so application time … Continued

Chillin’ With My Snow-mies

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Say what you will about China Glaze (although I’m not sure what you would say to the negative) but they have the BEST names, especially at Christmas! This is not something I’d normally have picked up because I knew from … Continued

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