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china glaze neon and on

So I posted last week (actually longer, I’ve really lost my blogging drive lately) about some easy nail art and promised to share a slightly more adventurous style I’d tried, and here it is! I’m on the look out for proper nail tape right now to try some more stuff like this so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! This was my first attempt and I used washi tape to section the colour which wasn’t brilliant when I came to take it off and VERY fiddly to apply in the first place.. I feel like there HAS to be an easier way!

Easy Nail Art Negative Space Pink PurpleI used Revlon Charming as my base, I chose this not because of the colour but because I’ve recently discovered that this formula (these original bottles, not the newer Colorstay ones) combined with my Seche Vite top coat give me the absolute longest lasting mani, if you’re sick of repainting your nails constantly I’d highly recommend you give them a try. I have a few colours and all of the creams perform equally well.. the glitter finishes not so much. I then used the washi to create a V on each nail (nothing fancy and fiddly enough for me not to want to do it again any time soon) and used China Glaze Neon & On for a bright contrast. China Glaze have some of the nicest nail colours but the formula is really not my favourite, I use them because I love them but only if I’m prepared to redo them after a couple of days. The really long winded part of this process is drying time, because I was using tape over the top of the base colour I wanted to be 100% sure it was dry and ditto for the China Glaze before I removed the tape. I didn’t get a perfect finish or lines but with a little practice (and hopefully better tools) I’m hoping this will get easier cause I love the impact. Something a little different and if you do experience chipping you can always touch up the tips without ruining the pattern!

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Half n Half


IMG_7224This is one of my favourite nail ‘tricks’. It both enable me to not have to choose only one colour but it also looks way more swish and polished (pardon the pun) than it really is. I always get compliments no matter the colour combo but over Christmas this one was certainly a hit. I love the colours together anyway but they are particularly festive, aren’t they?

IMG_6879People have always assumed it’s more complicated than it is but I literally paint my nails in halves. It’s never as neat as it would be if I used tape etc but ugh! who has time? > spoiler, I actually did recently and have a slightly more adventurous mani to share with you soon. This chipped pretty quickly actually and the formula’s didn’t make the extra painting time worth it since it didn’t last long but it was pretty while it did and both were 2 coat opaque so that’s a plus. Worn alone on my skintone Orly Rage doesn’t really do anything for me, very blah so I feel like it needs a contrast like this but Zoya Marnie is a beautiful colour. A deep muted burgundy that is perfect for winter but neutral enough to wear year round if you’re in darker nails. I’m a pastel/bright girl at heart but I like to vamp it up from time to time and this is one of my favourites.

Miss BB

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Twelve Days Of Nails


IMG_6703Not strictly an advent calendar but come on.. it has the doors and everything! This 12 Days of Nails variety set from Avon is a super cute gift but could definitely be used as an advent for yourself too.. and you know you’re getting a full sized polis behind every door. I think painting your nails every other day is doable AND 3 of them are actually top coats so TECHNICALLY you have 9 colours and 3 opportunities to experiment! I’ve swatched every colour below and the top coat effect polishes over the black for the best possible contrast..

Avon 12 Days Nail KitI’ve spoken about Avon nail colours at length before, only positively, however these are a bit of a mixed bag. There are some real stand outs I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend (Envy being at the top of that list) and some (Cosmic Blue, I’m looking at you) very sheer formula’s that still work but need a couple of extra coats. Overall it’s an excellent set, the RRP is £55 but if you spend more than £10 online you can get it for £18 which is an absolute bargain whether it’s a gift or not, that’s £1.50 per polish!!

For reference here are the shades in swatch order – Left (top-bottom) – Magic Effects Matte Top Coat / Gel Finish in Sterling / Gel Finish in Envy / Magic Effects in Shatter / Middle – (top-bottom) – Nailwear Pro+ in Cosmic Blue / Nailwear Pro+ in Coral Reef / Magic Effects in Fringe / Gel Finish in Roses Are Red / Right (top-bottom) – Gel Finish in Limoncello / Nailwear Pro+ in Licorice / Gel Finish in Dazzle Pink / Gel Finish in Purpleicious

Buy the Nail Selection box online here

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