July Favourites

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I don’t often post my monthly favourites here on my blog and I don’t know why. This time I decided to make an exception as it was more of a summer favourites than specific to July and for those of … Continued

THE Sofa & The Side Tables

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Okay so I know I’m on a no-buy but surely a sofa is a basic human essential? we NEED something to sit on while we blog/watch trash tv.. RIGHT?? All this avoiding buying stuff for ME has sent me into … Continued

Sweet Thank Yous

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Any of you out there who have struggled with end of year Teacher gifts can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to Cadbury’s most recent offering. I for one do not want to force ANOTHER ‘Greatest Teacher’ teddy on them, … Continued

Yes, It’s THAT Good!

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I’ve had this candle since January and I’ve been rationing it. It’s not super easy to get in the UK and in hindsight I wish I’d stocked up on more while we were in New York but alas.. 7 candles … Continued

Superdrugs 50th Birthday Experience

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Last week myself and Caz from BNTBlogger were lucky enough to be invited down to London to the second celebration of Superdugs 50th birthday. I was very uncool photographing every minor celebrity I saw from whatever angle I could but … Continued

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