Mr.Kate / The Book


This was a gift from Emma for my birthday (or maybe a late Christmas present? I forget) back in January. She knew I loved Mr. Kate and we had talked about the book briefly when it was released but it was a total surprise. One of those things I’d probably have never got round to buying for myself.. and they’re the best gifts, aren’t they? I initially thought it would be full of DIY’s that I would browse and read at random so it sat on my shelf for a few of months while my inner crafter lay dormant. One sunny day (it was sunny once in England) I was sitting in the garden and decided to pick it up.. it was not what I expected.


There are crafts, of course, DIY style and home bits that are often beyond me but inspire me to try them but the real content is autobiographical. Kate writes about her childhood, her short lived acting career and her relationship with shocking candour, I was already a fan but only a few chapters in I was in love. YouTubers are often put on a pedestal of perfection and she just refuses to sit up there. The ethos of Mr Kate is fun and creativity, anyone can try anything without fear of judgement.. because WHY NOT? Kate has made YouTube her career but also has a successful jewellery/accessories business and a team of people working with her on all manner of new projects at any one time. It would be easy to see her as a spoiled rich kid but you just don’t get that vibe, she’s funny, honest and incredibly humble.

Stories about sleeping with Tiger Woods and befriending a hooker only make her more endearing. She’s not here to impress you she just wants to share her stories, make you laugh and inspire you. She does that for me and I’d highly recommend you check out her book!


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Making Time For Time Off


Since my youngest started nursery in September I’ve had a couple of hours a day to work in peace but no more ‘me’ time than I ever did, so when Crocs challenged me to take a day off to myself and write about it here I honestly didn’t know where I would find that day. When you work for yourself there are no true days off, even on holiday you’re catching up on emails when you have a spare moment so to take any real time away from that feels foreign. I’ve been r eading (let’s be honest, listening to is more accurate) a few ‘self help’ books recently and one that has stuck with me is The Miracle Morning, it pushes the idea that we all need to take time for our own personal development but nobody ever feels that they have time. It suggests that waking up an hour earlier than you usually would gives you bonus time to use as you need to but also that following certain steps each morning will help you become more productive and successful.

IMG_1550Now I am NOT a morning person but I decided to give this a go this week and it has seriously been working for me. I’ll write more about it in a few weeks if I’m still keeping it up but waking up earlier has really helped me manage my workload and one afternoon when I dropped Milo off at school I decided to take my book to the lake and have my ‘day off’. I could easily go days without leaving the house if left entirely to my own devices but getting outside and forcing myself to take some time away from my computer was so refreshing I’ve been stopping by for 20 minutes after school every afternoon since. I mean, you never know how long the nice weather will last in England, do you?

IMG_1534Crocs are encouraging YOU all to capture YOUR days off and enter in to their contest to win 1 of 5 £30 Crocs vouchers and £70 cash! There are also FIFTY £30 voucher prizes for runners up to be chosen at random via the hashtag #MomsDayOffContest – There are tons of styles of Crocs now and the ones I’m wearing – online here – are SUPER comfy (as flip flops go) – check out the selection, I think you’ll be shocked to see everything from loafers to WELLIES! Not just the original shoe you may associate with the brand!

IMG_1539As I said I will cover The Miracle Morning in more detail in a later post but for those of you who feel you don’t have time for yourself.. you can MAKE time.. we all have the same amount of hours in our day as Beyonce after all 😉


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Get Away For Less

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I was out with my friend, Stacie and our kids last week during the first day of the Easter holidays and we were both already thinking ahead to the Summer. When the kids are occupied and happy it’s great but nothing’s worse than a bored child at home with ‘nothing to do’ and 6 weeks off can be daunting for parents. Either you’re off with them and they’re driving you nuts or you’re working and the childcare is costing you an arm and a leg. Trips during the school holidays seem to cost more every year and schools have even started fining those who take them in term time. If you’re looking to save cash on a family break it can feel impossible.

Every year The Sun runs their £15 holiday deal which I always hear about but have never got around to using. Stacie was telling me she’s used it a lot and would recommend the scheme but that it pays to collect and book as early as possible. Looking a little further in to it it seems to be insanely popular and I can see why. there are threads in forums dedicated to getting the best deals first and sharing experiences about the various parks available to book.

There are 270 parks across the UK and Europe costing from £15 in the Summer months and only £9.50 in April/May. There are add ons depending on where you stay and the level of luxury you require but the base price is ridiculously affordable and aside from the paper itself the coupons cost nothing to collect. You need 8 unique codes (found on the coupons) to get online and book your break and given the amount of information that is already out there you can arm yourself with a fair bit of research ahead of collecting your final paper.

I will be collecting this year to see what’s on offer as I quite fancy taking the kids away on my own for a few nights but don’t want to spend a fortune on a supplementary holiday. The first coupon with be in Saturday’s (2nd) paper and the campaign end on the 8th.


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