5 Things To Watch On Netflix

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If you watch me on YouTube you will know I’m a HUGE advocate of Netflix. I joined around 3 years ago and am nearing the stage where I could very almost do without a regular TV package.. and save myself … Continued

Going Postal

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This morning I’m looking ahead a little to that oh so romantic holiday that’s approaching. I know it’s not for everyone but I love valentines, you don’t have to do anything fancy but a token gesture never goes a miss. … Continued

No Buy-Athalon

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January is a time most of us have to tighten our purse strings. After an extravagant December of gift giving and food shopping it seems like a long stretch til payday, doesn’t it? My only resolution this year is to … Continued

2014 In Review

posted in: LIFE | 22

As I approach my 5 year blogging anniversary I have to say I am truly proud of what I have achieved and if I’m totally honest that’s mainly thanks to the last part of 2014. Previously I was happy enough … Continued

Free Blogger Ads

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Since I will likely be talking a lot about blog resolutions and fresh starts over the next few weeks I thought I’d do another ‘blogger series’ where I will answer questions about schedules, hosting, photography.. all that stuff that bloggers … Continued

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