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LIVE Chat @ 5pm

I’ve never done this before but at 5pm I will be doing a live chat via the Google Hangout system on my YouTube channel – hopefully this will be the link but keep an eye on my twitter just in case if you want to get involved!! In the meantime if you have any questions [...]
5 April, 2014 6

The Non-Social Media

From the outside blogging might look like that most social hobby (and by extension job for some) but in reality the act of blogging is a solitary one. You sit home photographing, testing, writing.. rarely with company, it’s really only the parties and events that add that element and if you don’t participate then it [...]
12 March, 2014 9
spring wish list

Spring Watch

It’s wishlist time again, I failed the no buy February miserably but I did pretty well to avoid the shops. Unfortunately online shopping is too much of a temptation.. here’s what’s tempting me for the coming month. Since I saw the tshirt version of this sweatshirt on galmeetsglam I wanted it so when I saw [...]
27 February, 2014 14

Sponsorship Q&A

I sat down to respond to the huge amount of comments generates from yesterdays post and decided a follow up may be better. Here were the recurring topics I found, if you have any further Q’s leave another comment and I’ll try and get back to you individually 1. Lots of bloggers are posting about [...]
26 February, 2014 21

NYC Photo Diary – Day 5

Above is a snapshot of our last day in the city, there are so many things we decided not to do because it was so cold we knew we’d just be miserable. Last time we were there it was the same time of year but we were not as central so we had no choice [...]
25 February, 2014 6

How Being In A Relationship Can SAVE You Money

We all know how much a relationship can COST you.. in the beginning there may be elaborate dates, hotel rooms and gifts but once the dust has settled did you know that being 1 of 2 can actually SAVE you money? I’m sure my husband would disagree but the below shows that discounts you could [...]
24 February, 2014 5

NYC Photo Diary – Day 4

Day 4 was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to amp it up a little, breakfast at the 30 Rock, Lunch at The Plaza and cocktails with dinner. I even found somewhere that sold individual cakes that yes were still way too big but affordable enough that I could justify one for just the two [...]
22 February, 2014 6

NYC Photo Diary – Day 3

The 3rd Day was the most comfortable walking around weather so of course we did the most walking around. We found Carries stoop (finally, after 3 visits), I had a shopping appointment at Bauble Bar (which I’ll talk about in another post) and we went to Serendipity to sample their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s [...]
18 February, 2014 6

NYC Photo Diary – Day 2

Can you believe this was our 3rd trip to New York and the 1st time we braved the subway? If I took only one thing away from this visit that I would pass along to someone else it would be to make use of this very inexpensive transport system. It’s nowhere near as complicated as [...]
11 February, 2014 9
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.53.53

No Buy February

Okay so technically I have already been shopping this month but it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday, so that can’t count, right? After our serious spree in New York last week I felt like a little spending break might be necessary but given the jubilations I didn’t want to start from the 1st of the month [...]
5 February, 2014 27

New York, New York!

┬áIf this post goes up as scheduled (and the flight does too) I will be up in the air on my way to New York City as you read this.. and did I mention I couldn’t be more excited? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve not been able to think/talk about much else [...]
25 January, 2014 10

Return Of The Filofax

You heard me.. Filofax! I don’t know how I’ve survived so long without one! In my late teens/early twenties I had a knock off version that never left my side, I kept my whole life in that thing and somewhere in my house it’s hiding with my National Insurance card safely tucked in it’s inside [...]
24 January, 2014 22
Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 09.01.56

Monday, Monday #3 (On A Tuesday #1)

I have a feeling that this wont be my only Monday, Monday on a Tuesday but in fairness I had major internet difficulties yesterday (as in I didn’t have any) so it wasn’t that I forgot much as I was so frustrated that I had no choice but to play Sims during Milo’s nap time [...]
21 January, 2014 9