The Advent Candle-ndar

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Earlier in the season i had several requests to post about the various beauty advent calenders that launched this year and I was going to, I swear.. but then I didn’t. I looked over everything I could find and my … Continued

Skipping Halloween

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[Photo Credit: Emma Millard, taken my moi, totally candid, I’ve been waiting for a reason to use it] Every year as long as I can recall my parents have had a Halloween party. Way before it was the norm in … Continued

Trim Your Wick!

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Todays product review falls in to the ‘You won’t believe you lived without this thing you never knew you needed’ category. I’ve heard of people using ‘wick trimmers’ before and I think I’d even seen one or two but I … Continued

Accidental Hiatus

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So.. it’s been a while. I think this has actually been the longest I’ve gone without posting SOMETHING here and it wasn’t even an intentional break.. it just kind of happened. It’s been so long that even typing this feels … Continued

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