Not Going To Uni?

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I’ll be 29 in a few short months and yet I still receive emails about University alternatives I must have signed up to more than 10 years ago. I thought I would share my non-university experience for those who are … Continued

Back To School Resolutions

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned before my intense love for the month of September.. what’s that? Oh I have? What? I talk about it all the time? Well I’m sure you’re happy to hear it again. I am a huge … Continued

Closet Room Ideas

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Some may call it a walk in wardrobe but in my case it’s the smallest bedroom in my house, not big enough for a proper bed. It’s where I used to store my makeup and film my videos and it’s … Continued

Scents Of Summer

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I am a huge sucker for candles but I rarely find a summer scent I really enjoy. There are an abundance of beautifully sweet and musky Winter fragrances but the Summer selections are usually too sickly for my tastes.. this … Continued


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If you follow my vlogs/instagram you will likely be aware that last weekend I attended the Kia Ready To Roll event at the Westfield London. The event is on until Sunday and there are a whole host of prizes to … Continued

July Favourites

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I don’t often post my monthly favourites here on my blog and I don’t know why. This time I decided to make an exception as it was more of a summer favourites than specific to July and for those of … Continued

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