Trim Your Wick!

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Todays product review falls in to the ‘You won’t believe you lived without this thing you never knew you needed’ category. I’ve heard of people using ‘wick trimmers’ before and I think I’d even seen one or two but I … Continued

Accidental Hiatus

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So.. it’s been a while. I think this has actually been the longest I’ve gone without posting SOMETHING here and it wasn’t even an intentional break.. it just kind of happened. It’s been so long that even typing this feels … Continued

The Dilemma & The Chair

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My new chair finally arrived and I love it but it’s brought a whole host of new problems along with it. For one it’s HUGE! It kind of dwarfs the room and having lived without it for the first few … Continued

Weekend Update

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I’m having the mother of a time with the internet and blogging at the moment. I recently ungraded to a new macbook air 11inch which has been fantastic in all ways but for the fact it’s missing an SD slot.  … Continued

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