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What’s In My Gym Bag

Sports Bra – Adidas / Running ‘Tights’ – Nike / Tshirt – Nike / Trainers – Adidas / Water Bottle – Nothing Special / Earphones – Apple / Foundation Stick – Maybelline Fit Me / Cream Blush – Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – discontinued? / Body Spray – Impulse Be Surprised I have never been [...]
10 April, 2014 5

200cal Flapjacks

I made these flapjacks months ago and they went down a storm with my Mum (who recently lost 2 stone as is very health conscious right now) – hopefully you will enjoy them too and if you have any variations or other low cal recipes of your own to share leave us a comment and [...]
8 February, 2014 5

My Purple Toothbrush

 An electric toothbrush is one of those not so exciting beauty gadgets that totally changes your hygiene routine. It’s not something you’d usually be telling all your friends about but it’s an instant WOW and really other than whitening dental products don’t get enough blog press, do they? If I find a toothpaste I’m particularly [...]
26 January, 2014 6

What Are You Giving Up?

 How many of you were back to work today? Not just me then. Kinda sucks but hey, at least it’s almost the weekend. Earlier in the week I spoke about my resolutions, what I intend to change in this new year but I know it’s also a time when many of us attempt to give [...]
2 January, 2014 13
30ds before

Body Confidence

This is not your regular Monday night post but today I wanted to talk about body confidence. I would guess that most women out there are not 100% happy with their bodies.. it’s human nature and there’s nothing wrong with little niggles here and there but many of us allow those niggles to take over [...]
11 November, 2013 18

Maxitone Definity

Over the past couple of months I’ve really upped my exercise.. If you follow my vlogs and second “life” blog you will know this and that I’ve been trialling this Maxitone protein shake. First of all I’m not a milkshake fan so what was I thinking? I’ve always wanted to try a protein supplement to [...]
29 April, 2013 5

21/03 – 30 Day Shred (Day 1)

You may remember my first attempt at this last year, well I’m taking another stab at it and this time I have an accomplice. Danielle (my work friend) has resolved to do the daily workout with me, we go to the gym (fairly) regularly as it is so the plan is to replace the treadmill [...]
21 March, 2013 2

20/02 – Gym Bunnies

Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym after more than a month and it wasn’t that bad. We’ve decided to focus more on strength than cardio this time around with a side of eating better. Tomorrow I thought I might keep a food diary and show you what that looks like to me [...]
21 February, 2013 4

It’s Almost That Time..

It’s still technically winter here in the UK but the promise of Spring is in the air and with that comes the first wave of bikini body panic. If you have a summer holiday booked you will no doubt have already been eyeing up the beachwear emerging in high street stores and (if you’re like [...]
12 February, 2013 4

My Name’s Khila & I’m Addicted To Cheese

Cheese has always been my foodie vice, not chocolate or sweets but cheese. It’s the one thing I find difficult to cut back on when I’m trying to eat better but the one thing that I believe makes the most difference. On any given day I have some digestion complaint and after years of wondering [...]
19 January, 2013 7

Sensodyne Pronamel – Gentle Whitening

My teeth have always been sensitive but lately even a salad straight out of the fridge is painful to eat, don’t even talk to me about ice cream. I’m not sure what causes it but after years of my Mum telling me I should try Sensodyne I finally bit the bullet, I say bit the [...]
16 January, 2013 6

Healthy Eating For Lazy Girls

As promised here is my healthy yet convenient meal for those of you lazy girls out there trying to eat better or drop a few lb’s. This requires absolutely no prep but feels so deliciously fresh and FYI.. filling! The main components here are these Birds Eye Field Fresh ‘single steamers’ and Rice Infusions. The [...]
11 January, 2013 9

What’s In Your Fridge?

The first challenge that Weight Watcher’s set their ‘ambassadors’ was to clear out there fridge. After all if you switch out everything ‘bad’ for something ‘good’ there’s no temptation, right? That’s actually not generally an issue for me, I’m not a compulsive snacker and can leave sweets and crisps in the cupboard for months, my [...]
8 January, 2013 5
Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 14.44.48

The Diet Starts Tomorrow

Edit: I usually have my scales set to lbs rather than stones,  worked out my weight from that but when I changed the settings to stones I suddenly weighed more so I’ve since reset and this is my new goal.. If you followed my Christmas Countdown vlogs you will know that I was approached by [...]
6 January, 2013 11

Dear Diary 02/01

Here I am again (as promised) with Dear Diary Day 2. Today will be food focused as I had my first healthy eating attempt of the year with tuna and Mexican beans for “breakfast”, chicken, ham and cheese salad (is that weird?) for lunch and yoghurt and granola for my post gym snack (along with [...]
2 January, 2013 6

An Important Message

In stark contrast to my usually posts today I am opening up the floor to a twitter friend of mine that would very much like to educate us all so before we get caught up in the holiday season let’s take a moment to learn something important. Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes that [...]
27 November, 2012 0