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Current Hair Crush

I’m at a cross roads with my hair right now, the top and bottom are still totally different colours and I’m fairly certain that the only way to fix that will be a dark colour all over and I HATE the flat look a block colour gives. My main issue is that the ends are [...]
12 April, 2014 7
kim raver hair

Hair Crush – Kim Raver *sp

Did anyone else watch Lipstick Jungle? My friend Caz and I LOVED it but it was one of the many shows I enjoyed that fell foul of the writers strike a few years ago. They cut a lot of stuff before it finished so there was no real ending.. Cashmere Mafia was another. Both were [...]
11 March, 2014 3

Fix Me!

I haven’t visited a hairdresser since I last made steps to go blonde from very dark brown back in March 2012.. madness! I had a hairdressing a contact, friend of a friend type who used to come over and do my highlights for me for a while but it was the same every time and [...]
6 March, 2014 11

I Have Purple Hair!

I’ve posted a lot on instagram and twitter in the past week about my new hair colour so I thought I’d give it a little outing on my blog. It was a totally spur of the moment decision, Milo was actually napping for the first time in forever and I wasn’t in the mood to [...]
17 February, 2014 30

LUSH Hair Doctor

 This is the most unusual hair mask I’ve ever tried. I’ve used deep conditioners, rich creamy formulas, pre-shampoo treats, melting balms.. this is nothing like any of those. It’s drier, more like clay.. more like a face mask really. I concentrate it on my roots and then work a little through the rest of my [...]
12 February, 2014 6

The Body Shop – Shimmer Cubes, Hair Chalks & Smurf Baby

 I have to say, of all the brands I thought would jump in the hair chalk band wagon in 2014 The Body Shop wasn’t one of them. I know they like to keep it fresh but I still considered them to be a little traditional.. lets say classic rather than modern and I just didn’t [...]
5 February, 2014 9
Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.58.53

December Beauty Favourites

It’s that time again! Today I’ll be running down my current product loves, I know many bloggers shun December favourites in favour of an annual favourites video but I will be doing both.. what I loved this month isn’t necessarily what I’ve loved all year so my 2013 monster video will be up on Friday. [...]
29 December, 2013 9

Modern Updo #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

This is the seventh and final in my Umberto Giannini series and you may be breathing a sign of relief.. sick of my hair tutorials? Well just imagine how sick of them my HAIR is!? I’ll be deep conditioning for a week trying to recover from all the backcombing! That aside this look involved backcombing [...]
23 December, 2013 4

The Casual Bunch #7DaysWith7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

We’re almost at the end of the series guys.. crazy since when I signed on to do these posts I was thinking the end was so far away cause it was just before Christmas but low and behold the time is here. Can you believe it’s only 4 more sleeps? Anyway.. on to the matter [...]
21 December, 2013 1

Fudge Hair Chalks

You know I like to experiment with my hair and I do love a funky colour from time to time but I have been put off by recent dalliances as they’ve taken a little longer to fade than I’d like. Enter hair chalks. I’d heard of them of course and considered buying regular chalks as [...]
19 December, 2013 10

Rockabilly Glam #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini

This was another of my preferred styles and yet I’d have never thought to try it. Lots of volume up top but minimal product, no backcombing and a few curls in the lower layer. Much quicker to do than you might think. I sprayed some Backcomb In A Bottle at my roots, worked it in [...]
17 December, 2013 9

Runway Ready #7Days7Ways With @umbertogiannini

 Now I have to say this isn’t my favourite look of the bunch.. I don’t think it suits me all that well and I wont be recreating it anytime soon but it’s fun to experiment and try new things.. sometimes you love them, sometimes not so much. What I did take away from this look [...]
15 December, 2013 3
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 15.39.34

Bleach London Home Hair Colours

 Before my recent brighter ombre I dabbled with these temporary dyes from Bleach London. I did a first impressions video but i wanted to follow up with my thoughts after the colours have washed away and let you know whether I would use them again. Given that my hair wasn’t super light I wasn’t expecting [...]
11 December, 2013 15

CW Salon At Home Moisture Seal

Heyy!! I feel like it’s been forever since I reviewed a shampoo & conditioner on my blog and yet I use new ones all the time, what’s that all about? I tend to work them in to videos yet never give them a slot here, today however I have 2 rather swanky bottles of stuff [...]
8 December, 2013 6

HK Hair From Dirty Looks

 Please excuse my FACE, haha, in these photos, I’m still recovering from what I consider to have been a life threatening cold but my husband would no doubt describe as a bit of a cough. I received these extensions last week and only today have I actually done my hair to a degree where I [...]
27 November, 2013 9

Bathtime Treats

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite bathtime treats when the nights get darker and it’s colder outside. I always feel more like pampering myself at this time of year and these products really do the trick without breaking the bank – except that cheeky one on the end which is crazy expensive [...]
13 November, 2013 7