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200cal Flapjacks

I made these flapjacks months ago and they went down a storm with my Mum (who recently lost 2 stone as is very health conscious right now) – hopefully you will enjoy them too and if you have any variations or other low cal recipes of your own to share leave us a comment and [...]
8 February, 2014 5

Giant Peanut Butter Cups

This is a recipe I’ve adapted from a Nigella Lawson cookbook. That called for butter and soft brown sugar, I substituted that with Nutella. Now I myself don’t like peanut butter but I am told (by EVRYONE who has tried them) that these are very yummy indeed and since they need no cooking they are [...]
28 October, 2013 5
IMG_9182 copy

Ghost Cupcakes

I was looking online a few weeks ago for Halloween sweet treat ideas and as soon as I saw these I knew I had to try them. There were other versions made with a pile of piped icing which I thought looked too difficult (but I may have to try at some point) so I [...]
27 October, 2013 9

Starbucks Refreshers.. At Home?

Those of you who follow my vlogs will be aware of my lime refresher obsession and that I recently placed an international ebay order to procure myself a packet of the “self brew” variety. I’ve only tried that one flavour so I can’t speak for the Hibiscus, orange or strawberry but the lime is AMAZING [...]
5 September, 2013 7

Mozzarella In Carrozza

Another Nigella recipe, I tried this years ago and it just didn’t turn out right but with a couple of tweaks this time it turned out really well but it’s pretty filling so just a warning, don’t go overboard – I made about 8 for two us, that was too many. The best thing about [...]
17 August, 2013 11
Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 13.15.21

July Favourites & A Little Look Around My House

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo & Intensive Conditioner – from £2.69 (and currently half price) I try a lot of hair products but I like to have an old reliable set in stock just in case, that used to be Aussie Miracle Moist but these lovelies from Dove have replaced them. Not only do they [...]
31 July, 2013 8

26/03 – 3 Day Week!

Most of you will be excited about Easter as it promises two short working weeks and an uber long weekend but Bank Holidays aren’t anything special for my since I don’t work Mondays anyway. This week of course we have the anomaly that is Good Friday so I too benefit from the extra day and [...]
26 March, 2013 3

Alpro #DeskFest – 3 Healthy Breakfasts

When Alpro asked me if I’d like to join their #DeskFest challenge it seemed like a no brainer. For a while now I’ve suspected that I may be intolerant to dairy products and the chance to try some alternatives was definitely something I was interested in. Unfortunately I do not have a tremendous amount of [...]
26 March, 2013 2

Cake Pops

 Would you believe I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts since September? I can tell you why, because I made this cake for my Dads birthday and about 3 days later I went back to work *sigh* so i went from having all the time in the world to none and this kind of [...]
20 February, 2013 9

16/02 – Easy Cheesy Scones

This is actually a repost from my cooking blog. I made these this afternoon for Lee who is feeling under the weather so I thought I would share the recipe as it is easy peasy (cheesy) and requires ingredients you will likely have lying around anyway. I was actually inspired by the blog I posted [...]
16 February, 2013 4
Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 20.53.32

15/02 – Glutton For Gluten

Today’s diary entry will be short and sweet because I have spent far too much time in front of the computer already this evening and had promised myself (as always) an early night. My vlog will have to wait til tomorrow too I’m afraid so those of you waiting up.. sorry.. I can barely keep [...]
15 February, 2013 3

My Name’s Khila & I’m Addicted To Cheese

Cheese has always been my foodie vice, not chocolate or sweets but cheese. It’s the one thing I find difficult to cut back on when I’m trying to eat better but the one thing that I believe makes the most difference. On any given day I have some digestion complaint and after years of wondering [...]
19 January, 2013 7

Healthy Eating For Lazy Girls

As promised here is my healthy yet convenient meal for those of you lazy girls out there trying to eat better or drop a few lb’s. This requires absolutely no prep but feels so deliciously fresh and FYI.. filling! The main components here are these Birds Eye Field Fresh ‘single steamers’ and Rice Infusions. The [...]
11 January, 2013 9

What’s In Your Fridge?

The first challenge that Weight Watcher’s set their ‘ambassadors’ was to clear out there fridge. After all if you switch out everything ‘bad’ for something ‘good’ there’s no temptation, right? That’s actually not generally an issue for me, I’m not a compulsive snacker and can leave sweets and crisps in the cupboard for months, my [...]
8 January, 2013 5

Dear Diary 02/01

Here I am again (as promised) with Dear Diary Day 2. Today will be food focused as I had my first healthy eating attempt of the year with tuna and Mexican beans for “breakfast”, chicken, ham and cheese salad (is that weird?) for lunch and yoghurt and granola for my post gym snack (along with [...]
2 January, 2013 6

Candy Cane Cupcakes

 Since we’re in the last week before Christmas I decided to take in some goodies to work and what better than homemade cupcakes? I’m no master baker *giggles* but these are fool proof, I have them down to an artform now and can throw a few dozen together, iced and all in about an hour. [...]
19 December, 2012 0