Fat Free Brownies!

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Okay now when I say ‘no fat’ I really mean no fat was used in the recipe, ie: not butter but don’t quote me on their being not fat once they’re cooked and digested.. I mean sugar converts to fat, … Continued

KFC – Slimming World Style

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I I realise that some of you will have zero interest in ‘diet’ posts let alone slimming world and I will try to limit them but I assure you ANYONE of you will enjoy this! My entire family eats it, … Continued

What I Ate Week #1

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With just over 6 weeks til our holiday I have returned to Slimming World (in spirit, I don’t actually go to groups) and attempted to up my fitness in a bid to be ‘bikini ready’. I thought that since my … Continued

Cheats Chicken Noodle Soup

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I’ve been making this for a few weeks now and having shown it in vlogs and had a few requests for the recipe.. here we are! It’s delicious and super filling plus it feels homemade without any of the annoying … Continued

‘Christmas’ Cookies

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For those of you whom Christmas cannot possibly start until December.. I’m here to tell you it already did, you’d better catch up! Today I have a cooking video to share which is basically a festive twist on a cookie … Continued

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