The Little Jacket That Could


I had intended to do several ‘outfit’ posts from my recent trip to New York but it was so unexpectedly mild I ended up in variations of the same thing every day. I took 3 coats with me, HALF OF MY CASE WAS COATS!! This leather jacket was a total last minute addition for ‘just in case’ and I was so glad of it, I’d have been so uncomfortable in anything heavier during the day.



An impulse sales purchase from Whistles on Boxing Day, I wasn’t sure whether a coloured leather jacket would end up an unworn regret hanging in the wardrobe but having it with me for a week showed me how wearable the colour really is. I mean it doesn’t exactly GO with my bold coral jumper but it’s not an awful clash either.. it’s oxblood but deep enough to work as a neutral and a nice alternative to standard black.


I’m not sure I’d pay the whopping £350 RRP but I BELIEVE I picked it up for around £200 less than that which once you get your hands on it and feel how buttery soft it is I think is a total bargain! The rest of my daily ‘uniform’ was jeans (H&M ripped high waist/Topshop Jamie’s) and an array of fine knit jumpers. My River Island flat, suede boots were the only shoes I took with me (although I came home with a couple of extra pairs) and they were remarkably comfortable for all the walking we did. We did have ONE dressed up evening out which I managed to get a couple of blurry outfit shots from but I will share those (along with possibly some crisper do-over pictures) in another post. I should have known better than to pack so much, every time I visit the city I end up in one comfortable outfit throughout the trip.. suitcase space is best reserved for ‘souvenirs’


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Luxury Lust List

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Every year I put together a wishlist of both attainable and entirely unattainable items I’m currently lusting after. Because the beginning of the year kicks off with out Anniversary, my Birthday and Valentines Day these also serve as kind of ‘gift ideas’ post too but THIS YEAR we’re also just about to go on HOLIDAY!! We will (weather permitting) be jetting off to New York at the end of January and I have a list as long my arm for that too! What can I say? I’m a shopaholic and I’m not sorry.

1. I’m starting with a big one (no online link to this I’m afraid) one I’ve wanted for a really long time but never really thought could be mine until very recently. Of course I’ve always had my eye on larger versions but this Mini Square is a bite size piece of Chanel that would take a huge chunk out of that 30th birthday bucket list. I’m told there’s a duty free store in our terminal which sells them for the lowest price ANYWHERE but it’s still a huge splurge so that’s currently on the maybe list!

2. Second item, a Chanel Card Case is not far removed but basically my back up purchase in case I chicken out of the first one.. or of course it’s out of stock which would be just my luck. If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else to something seriously luxe this is pretty much the creme de la creme of small leather goods, isn’t it

3. The Carrie shoes have been on my list for more than a year and since they’re only available Stateside right now (and I think in Dubai) they may have to be my New York purchase. I picked them up in Vegas and am kicking myself for not buying them but I just wasn’t sure.. since then I’ve almost bought various seasonal options in the Nordstrom sale but really wanted to try them on as I hear sizing is variable in the SJP line and the only other style I have is very different so hard to guess.

4. Moving away from accessories for a moment I’ve still never tried any Anastasia Beverly Hills products yet and top of my list is the illuminator. I’ve seen this so much lately on instagram and since strobing (highlighting) is 100x easier than contouring I intend to embrace it this year and try out as many glow getting products as possible!

5. Honestly I can’t believe I haven’t tried these yet but the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are the most exciting thing the brand has released in forever!! I am a huge matte lip cream fan and I’ve heard really good things about these I’m just struggling to narrow down the colour choices.. any suggestions?

6. One of my favourite Christmas gifts this year was a scent taster set from Jo Malone and as a result I have totally fallen in love with Pomegranate Noir. I had tested it for months (if not years) every time I walked past a counter but was unsure whether I’d like it once I got home having bought a JM fragrance once before and never wearing it but oh em gee.. I love it so much I will be buying the full sized bottle this year for sure! It’s only January and I’m already a quarter way through the mini!

7. Now this is something that’s been on my mind for a while.. I love my Olympus PEN but the video quality isn’t the greatest in low light and even my own house DURING THE DAY can be a test. For someone who uses it for video a lot that’s a problem. I don’t have a specific replacement in mind but I know I want to do something about my vlog camera this year. I think if I can’t get to grips with the settings during our New York trip an alternative will be on the cards shortly after.

8. My car has been driving me nuts recently with various issues and general lack of mod cons so I’d REALLY like to upgrade it this year. This is very much a maybe because I don’t really NEED my car, everything is walking distance for work and school and I’m happy on public transport for the rest so I’m torn at the moment between buying something nicer and running what I have (Volkswagen Fox, if you’re wondering) in to the ground as I hate to spend money on something that (for me) isn’t super exciting BUT if I could hold out long enough and save for an Up that would be a welcome replacement.. my current car takes 20 minutes+ to warm up/defrost when I leave work on a Friday night *sob*

9. Adidas Superstars are probably the most hemmed and hawed about ‘want’ I’ve had for a while. In theory they’re a sensible purchase, warmer than my Converse but just as versatile and possible even comfier, I just don’t know if they’re absolutely huge by comparison. I feel like they’d look like I was wearing novelty slippers out in the world. I love the look of them on other people and never see them styled and think they look mad but on me? I just don’t know. It’s probably something I’ll wait so long to buy that it wont be cool anymore but that’s pretty much me all over.

10. An instant camera has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now, possibly because it’s one of the most frivolous and impractical purchases and so I have never been able to justify buying one but the want is still there. The camera’s are expensive, the film is expensive, they’re large, cumbersome and of course they’re INSTANT so if the picture isn’t great you’re stuck with it.. but isn’t that the whole point? I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one for our trip as I’d love to chronicle the holiday in real time candid snaps as well as the thousands of instagram pictures but I think I will hold out and see if I find a deal while we’re over there. I’ve already ordered a mini photo printer for scrapbooking but I still love the nostalgia of the instant picture!

I like to look back on these posts at the end of the year and see what items I purchased and whether I still really want the others.. some wishlists are very of the moment and influenced by trends and others stick with you.. pretty deep for an entirely superficial shopping post but you know what I mean, it’s also interesting to see what of the things you DID buy you’re still totally in to.. I know there are things I’ve been desperate for in the past that have proved to be disappointing.. I’m pretty sure if I buy number 1 though that will be my year MADE (and my bank account BROKE!)

Miss BB

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In The Shade

Milo is so outfit concious for a little boy that I could really share hit outifts daily, I know not everyone’s in to that but I had to share this one. He tends to either pick things out for himself or ‘edit’ (ie: refuse to wear) what we choose for him but whatever it is it almost always is topped off with a hat of some kind. The blazer he’s wearing I bought him last summer from Next after he asked to try it on and then refused to take it off.. I literally had to put him on the counter to scan it and he wore it out of the shop. I will keep that jacket forever to remember that day.. that and his hat collection. I’m already looking forward to seeing that little collection grow in size on his wall as he grows up. Ella’s only just getting in to clothes and having more of an opinion about what she wears at 10!

*What He’s Wearing*

Blazer – Next / Shirt – Tu @ Sainsbury’s / Jeans – George @ Asda / Shoes – George @ Asda / Hat – Primark

Of course nobody cares what I’m wearing, I’m very much in his shade here but for giggles..

Jumper – H&M / Jeans – Topshop / Trainers – Converse / Bag – Alexander Wang Rockie

Miss BB

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