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#StyleAtAnySize – Pastel Leather Jacket

This week was one I was really looking forward to, I love this pink biker jacket! As you know I’ve been looking for a faux leather pastel coloured one for a while so this was perfect but something about the cut of this just isn’t quite right on me. In the video I said I [...]
23 April, 2014 4

Feeling Blue? How About A Giveaway?

In these photos I was feeling the opposite of blue.. (red?)  I was the picture of health and current me hates past me a little right now for that. You know (because I wont stop complaining about it) that I’ve been under the weather, well today I found out it’s Tonsillitis.. great! I have medication [...]
22 April, 2014 11

Shirt? Check!

 I wear this outfit ALL THE TIME, I can’t believe it’s never made it to my blog! The shirt it long so I can wear it with leggings and avoid the obscene oversharing situation and BONUS.. it doesn’t need ironing. With a pair of ankle boots I’d wear this for work (it’s a casual office) [...]
19 April, 2014 12

#StyleAtAnySize – Brights

I really wasn’t sure about this one – I feel like I say that every week – but when I looked back at the pictures I’m actually loving it. The colour is so not me and I NEVER wear bold prints like this but Emma and I agreed when we kicked off this series that [...]
16 April, 2014 11
yellow coat h&m

The Yellow Coat

Coat – H&M / Jumper – M&S / Joni Jeans – Topshop / Bag – Zara Mini Shopper / Slipper Shoes – New Look Last night I was on twitter and came across a picture of this yellow coat from H&M.. it reminded me immediately of this picture of the beautiful Olivia Palermo I’d seen [...]
16 April, 2014 8

Like Dominoes

Another outfit from our trip, this was one of the warmer spots in the park. It was pretty grey an miserable while we were there but it brightened up for a minute so we took some pictures.. I spent half of the holiday chasing Milo around to get a good one of him with his [...]
12 April, 2014 6
style and any size 2

#StyleAtAnySize – Floral

I loved this weeks outfit and in truth when it arrived I wasn’t sure that I would. I’ve never worn a shift dress before and it was somehow snug yet still shapeless on me but a belt fixed that minor issue and I can now see myself wearing it a lot. The material has a [...]
9 April, 2014 10

N.E.R.D *sp

A conversation with a friend at the weekend led to the subject of lying at our eye tests as kids because we each desperately wanted glasses. I confess that even as an adult I’ve been willing the optician to find more then a 00000.1 wrong with my eyes to that I could wear a pair [...]
8 April, 2014 9
Leather Jackets

OBSESSED: Leather Jackets

Grey 2nd Day Godiva Leather Biker Jacket / Wrangler Brown Leather Jacket / ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail / Mango Quilt Detail Leather Jacket / Mango Leather Biker Jacket / Selected Buff Leather Biker Jacket in Grey I am completely obsessed with leather jackets at the moment, I think it started with the [...]
7 April, 2014 14
style at any size

#StyleAtAnySize – Boyfriend Blazer

 For the first in this mini series we wanted to keep it simple and have just one item each that we would style in our own ways. Would you believe that Emma and I did not consult each other prior to taking our photos? We usually have totally different styles and we’re expecting to see [...]
2 April, 2014 16

Mixed Metals

When I took off my jewellery last night and put it on my bedside table it struck me that I’ve been wearing the same pieces daily for a while now and it may be interesting to show you what I wear. I’m not someone who changes my jewellery often, like my handbag I tend to [...]
24 March, 2014 14

Low Heels In London

 If you watch my vlogs you will already know what I was doing in London however if you do not then watch this space, I will be posting about that very special event on Thursday! Anyway, on to the outfit. It may look familiar, I wore something similar in a recent outfit post but forgive [...]
23 March, 2014 9
style at any size

New Series #StyleAtAnySize

This has been in the works for a little while now but this week everything came together for Emma and I to finally get our little series started so I thought it was about time I told you all about it. Given that we are 2 very different shapes and sizes we thought it would [...]
21 March, 2014 7

Hearts & Heels

*What I’m Wearing* Dress – In Love With Fashion* / Watch – Michael Kors Lexington / Bracelet – Baublebar / Shoes – Next – similar This is another dress that makes me glad I work in a fairly relaxes work place. I wore this the other day with a cardigan, tights and boots and it [...]
18 March, 2014 10
1 dress 2 ways tkmaxx

One Dress / Two Ways

You may have noticed my blog has seen more style posts lately. At the start of the year I looked at my vast collection of makeup and then at my wardrobe and realised there was a balanced that needed to be redressed. Being a beauty blogger I run out and buy a lot of cosmetics [...]
16 March, 2014 12

‘Suit’ Up!

Earlier this week we went to look at some cars, as you know I’d been contemplating getting a little runaround for me in addition to our ‘family’ car which Lee takes to work every day. During the winter it can be a pretty painful walk to work and I don’t even consider leaving the house [...]
8 March, 2014 9