28/03 – Fluffy Face Time

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My parents new puppy arrived today and isn’t he the cutest thing you ever did see? My brother face timed his first little patter around the living room and we’re all very excited to meet little Buddy tomorrow! In other … Continued

27/03 – Birthday Girl!

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No it’s not me, my friend Danielle celebrated her 20th birthday today and just the thought makes me feel about 105! Her Easter-esque cupcakes went down well, as did her rather bizarre mix of gifts but I was sure to … Continued

26/03 – 3 Day Week!

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Most of you will be excited about Easter as it promises two short working weeks and an uber long weekend but Bank Holidays aren’t anything special for my since I don’t work Mondays anyway. This week of course we have … Continued

23/03 – Out Sick

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I haven’t felt quite right all day today. You know that feeling you have just before you’re up all night with food poisoning it some such ailment? I feel as though I will be struck down with something horrendous any … Continued

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