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28/03 – Fluffy Face Time

My parents new puppy arrived today and isn’t he the cutest thing you ever did see? My brother face timed his first little patter around the living room and we’re all very excited to meet little Buddy tomorrow! In other news I have decided to migrate these diary posts over to a second blog, I [...]
28 March, 2013 0

27/03 – Birthday Girl!

No it’s not me, my friend Danielle celebrated her 20th birthday today and just the thought makes me feel about 105! Her Easter-esque cupcakes went down well, as did her rather bizarre mix of gifts but I was sure to include a Wonderbra, what with it being national cleavage day and all. In other news [...]
27 March, 2013 0

26/03 – 3 Day Week!

Most of you will be excited about Easter as it promises two short working weeks and an uber long weekend but Bank Holidays aren’t anything special for my since I don’t work Mondays anyway. This week of course we have the anomaly that is Good Friday so I too benefit from the extra day and [...]
26 March, 2013 3

23/03 – Out Sick

I haven’t felt quite right all day today. You know that feeling you have just before you’re up all night with food poisoning it some such ailment? I feel as though I will be struck down with something horrendous any moment now but.. Not yet. Needless to say I have not yet completed day 3 [...]
23 March, 2013 17

22/03 – Achey Breaky

To say I am feeling the effects of “the shred” today would be an understatement. The legs you see above can barely move without me yelping but after a long soak in the tub their pain is eased slightly. Aches aside we powered through today and as much as it hurt it actually got better [...]
22 March, 2013 4

21/03 – 30 Day Shred (Day 1)

You may remember my first attempt at this last year, well I’m taking another stab at it and this time I have an accomplice. Danielle (my work friend) has resolved to do the daily workout with me, we go to the gym (fairly) regularly as it is so the plan is to replace the treadmill [...]
21 March, 2013 2

20/03 – First Of Spring

Did I tell you yesterday about my horrendous back ache? I’m sure I didn’t. After carrying a sleepy Milo around on Monday I was crippled with pain yesterday and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my miracle cure. Deep Heat is nothing new but seriously I am healed overnight, amazing stuff! I woke [...]
20 March, 2013 0

19/03 – Puppy

I don’t tend to talk too much about the family outside my home here on my blog but you may have seen brief mention in the past of our dogs, Spike & Remy. We’d had them since I was a child and over the last 6 months we lost them both, Remy just days ago. [...]
20 March, 2013 3

18/03 – Wedding Dresses

Today was a bit special as I went to see my best friends wedding dress. She’s getting married in October and she went try it on as she hasn’t seen it since she chose it last may. Wedding dress shops are so exciting but the staff make or break the experience (as with all retail) [...]
18 March, 2013 4

17/03 – Sunday Servers

As some of you may know my site has been up and down this week (annoying) so this post is a few hours late but I’ve been assured that I’ve been moved to a different server now and normal service should resume within 24hrs. The problem was (apparently) an external hack attacking my server and [...]
18 March, 2013 4

16/03 – Date Night

We don’t often get a child free night to spend on our own, the kids usually go to Grandmas when we have plans but this week we decided to make plans with each other. We went for dinner at Chiquitos (love!) and then to the cinema to see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (pretty good) and [...]
16 March, 2013 1

15/03 – Red Nose Day

So what did you all do for RND? I must admit, I’m not one to join in this this kind of thing, I avoid sponsored activities, don’t buy raffle tickets and rarely watch the show itself. Tonight, however, I donated for the first time. A nominal sum but as I was browsing the online shops [...]
15 March, 2013 1

14/03 – The End of Google Reader?

I’m still hearing conflicting information regarding the removal of this much used google function but to be on the safe side I thought I’d use today’s diary post to remind you that you can follow my blog in a variety of different ways! Since jumping from blogger to WordPress I read all of my favourites [...]
14 March, 2013 13

13/03 – Train Delays

I am currently sitting at the bar in Manchester train station with Laura because our train has been cancelled *sob*. We went to the Benefit event at the Lowry and I wasn’t sure what to expect but we had so much fun. The food was amazing, the entertainment was.. Amazing. I can’t wait to get [...]
13 March, 2013 0

12/03 – A Peek Inside My Beauty Closet

Don’t you love reorganising? I do, and when my site was down and I had some time on my hands I decided to totally revamp by closet. I am lucky enough to have two shoe closets and I am now using one for my “everyday” makeup and my hair and body supplies. Some of you [...]
12 March, 2013 4