Spring Clean Your Brushes


 It’s that time of year when I go cleaning crazy (my husband would point out it’s the ONLY time of year) and so pulling out my brushes for a deep clean as well seemed appropriate. I had two solid brush cleansers I hadn’t opened so I thought I’d review those for you as well as showing you the brushes I love and use the most.. you may be surprised at how few I really feel are essentials.

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath – £7

This I’ve used before but I had a new one all nice and clean for pictures, you’re welcome! I initally thought it would be my favourite of the two because 1. I knew I liked it and 2. the soap fills the entire tub, making it easier to swirl your brush around. This is still true but there was a secret added benefit to the Lottie cleanser that had the potential to win me over. This I find particularly useful for larger makeup brushes as they don’t tend to have particularly stubborn makeup to remove from them but they need a larger surface area. It makes quick work of cleansing brushes that you’re using more regularly which will potentially encourage you to do it more often.. maybe.

Lottie London Soap Star Brush Cleanser – £6.99

This is just perfect for for eye brushes because although I first thought it was just a clansing bar in a tub (rathern that a filled tub like the Freedom cleanser) and would be a bit awkward to use it turned out that underneath the soap was a kind of brillo pad (for use of no other comparison) which you could use to scrub those brushes caked with brow pomade and gel liner against and get them cleaner than you may otherwise have been able to. Kind of genius if it was intentional but I suspect it’s not actually designed to be used that way as I can find no mention of it anywhere as a feature of the product. Chances are it’s there to ensure the soap doesn’t stick to the bottom of the plastic pot!

IMG_1485IMG_1487IMG_1486Both cleansers did the same job for me, my brushes came out just as soft with each and neither left a discernible scent that pushed my preference one way or the other.  For your money you get considerably more from Freedom for a penny extra so was I to repurchase I’d go for that one as it’s easy to use with brushes of all shapes and sizes without me having to get my hands soapy. The Lottie London cleanser would be better for travel but I’m not so obsessive that I wash my brushes on the go. The ‘brillo pad’ lining could be replicated with a towel/flannel but since I don’t really think it’s there for any other reason than to hold the soap I’m not sure I can give it points for ingenuity.

Lastly I’ll leave you with my 4 current favourite brushes. If I had to narrow it down I’d pick just the RT Powder Brush (£10.99) and the RT Blush Brush (£9.99) but I’ve been loving the Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush (£1.99) for blending out cream eyeshadows and the RT Setting Brush (£7.99) for setting my under-eye concealer with powder.

Only one question remains.. how often do you wash YOUR favourite brushes?

*spoiler alert* I bet it’s more often that I do..

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RMK Irresistable Glow


This right here is my introduction to RMK, I’ve heard a little about the brand in the past but not much and I’ve never seen a counter to swatch anything. When these arrived I initially thought I’d love the lipstick, such a ‘me’ colour but the blush would be WAY off. I tend to err on the side of heavy handed and Babushka is not a trend this season. Turns out both products are much more sheer than they look and absolutely perfect for Spring! I swatched the blush heavily and even then it’s not over the top but applied with a brush it gives a very pretty glow.. and it should because according to the website spiel it’s designed to do just that. ‘The RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks delivers high-pigmented, vibrant colour to give your complexion a healthy glow’ As blushes go I found this to be super long lasting and a dream to blend, not at all what I expected from the highly pigmented pink in the pan.

IMG_1453IMG_1452IMG_1450The lipstick has totally made me rethink using the glossier formula’s I have in my collection because I’ve really been enjoying this one. Perhaps Summer ’16 will finally break me of my matte lip obsession. The colour is hard to determine as there’s little English on the tube other than the number 2545 which I can’t correspond to anything online however there’s a new shade on the RMW site called EX-09 which seems similar so that would be my guess as this was sent to me quite recently. I think the blush may be EX-12.

Shop RMK Online Here

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Revolution ULTRA Strobe Balm


Today’s background is brought to you by Lego I’ve had for 20 years.. My office is half office, half toy room, half conservatory (I might not be great at maths) so when photographing products the colourful half of the room is often in the background accidentally.. today I thought I’d make it intentional. I mean, it’s a beach! That’s pretty appropriate, right?

IMG_1466These are the new Strobe Balms from Makeup Revolution. They’re effectively cream highlighters which historically aren’t my favourite way to strobe as I never feel like I can blend cream cheek products out without affecting my base but I thought I would swatch/test them for those of you who are cream inclined. The 2 colours available are Euphoric (the warm/yellow) and Hypnotic (the cool/pink) I definitely lean towards the golden glow of Euphoric (worn in the photo below) but Hyptnotic reminds me SO much of an old Urban Decay highlight I had called Moonshine.. I can’t find a post about it but I wore it to death and it had that same iridescent pink/blue sheen to it. Beautiful!

IMG_1468IMG_1471The texture is such that you can pat it on to the areas you want to highlight rather than risk smearing your foundation and it applies nicely but it doesn’t last.. I would potentially set it with a powder highlight for longevity but alone for me this would be the perfect poolside glow..


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