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This has been a hot topic for me recently, between conversations with friends and more questions than normal about how to gain confidence via YouTube it seems to be a never ending cycle. We’re never 100% confident ourselves and always … Continued

Black Friday at Look Fantastic

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There will be several discount posts today, I’m sure your feed will be totally bombarded from every angle but I got a sneak peek at the offers from Look Fantastic so this post could go up super early! I’m an … Continued

House Of GlamDolls Palettes

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Another late one today but I really wanted to post this before bed. Freedom launched their new palettes yesterday (a day early – I wasn’t prepared) so there’s been some buzz and I wanted to get up my review/swatches asap. … Continued


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I’ve had this post waiting in the wings for absolutely ages because I just wasn’t sure how I felt about this product and honestly even now I don’t think I am but it’s about time I wrote it up. If … Continued

They’re Real Lash PRIMER

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It’s a late one today but it brings us back to my new ‘blog when I want to blog’ attitude and right now I wanted to talk about MASCARA! Well kind of, it’s a lash primer which historically has been … Continued

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