Let’s Talk – Hair Removal

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So the last time I mentioned this hair removal tool I was warding you all off giving it a go having experienced unspeakable pain the first time I’m tried it.. BUT.. I gave it a second chance and I’m converted. … Continued

George Matte Lipsticks

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Unlike the last George (Asda) lip products that I reviewed my thoughts on these are on the whole more positive. More consistent shade to shade, better packaging.. all round decent products.. my only qualm would be the price. £4.00 isn’t … Continued

The New Bathtime

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I get a lot of products sent to me for review but its always more exciting when they’re somehow personalised and bizarre as it may sound these bath salts are no exception. It’s an experience, it really is and if … Continued

Volume Million So Couture

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I just can’t make my mind up about this mascara. I love everything from the Volume Million range but this is a little too close to a mascara I’m REALLY not a fan of for my liking, Maybelline Rocket – … Continued

Benefit Majorette

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Not that any of you will have noticed but there was just the ONE post yesterday.. I was doing so well keeping up with 2 per day (a little challenge for myself to celebrate my favourite month and back to … Continued

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