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A Beautiful Thing

 I LOVE highlight products, they’re by far the most beautiful that I own and this is no exception. In the pan it’s beautifully reflective and impossible to capture on film. I haven’t tried much from Illamasqua but their Gleams always appealed, cream highlights I’ve tried in the past have tended to be a little more [...]
14 April, 2014 10

Sleek Brow Stylist

 I have sung the praises of the Smashbox Browtech To Go for almost a year now and in that time I’ve received A LOT of recommendations for cheaper alternatives but none so many as this guy. Unlike some others (which I’ll be honest, I assume I wont like regardless of some of you insisting otherwise) [...]
14 April, 2014 11

Ready For Summer?

So… after my gym bag post the other day I was looking for fitness videos online and much as I’d like to switch it up.. I’m going back the shred. I know it works, it’s hard in my knees but i can do it and it’s short. If you don’t know what I’m talking about [...]
13 April, 2014 9
Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 20.02.21

Makeup Revolution – The New MUA?

I’ve been seeing tweets and instagrams flash up all week about this brand and I DID take a look at their site and almost place an order but when I saw yesterday that Superdrug had launched the brand online I caved. The lipsticks start from just £1 and the palettes (which are dead ringers for [...]
13 April, 2014 25

Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner

This is one of the only products I’ve tried from Organic Surge that don’t like. There are plenty that I’d happily use but wouldn’t buy again, a few I absolutely love but no others that I can think of that I really didn’t get along with.. but I just couldn’t make this work for me. [...]
11 April, 2014 6

Sleek Blush – Suede

 I could have reviewed this months ago but I know some people are picky over swatching vs ‘on face’ shots (why does everything I say sound like an innuendo?) so I put it off until I had one. I’m so excited for light mornings cause it means I can photograph makeup as I wear it [...]
10 April, 2014 22

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

 I’ve had the concealer for a few months now, usually something cosmetic I feel I can review straight away as I’m not waiting for a promised result, it should just do what it does instantly.. with this it was a little tougher. I initially used it in a Get Ready With Me video and remarked [...]
7 April, 2014 6

Happy Days

I am still recovering from our Disney trip last week but I took some outfit pictures while I was there and thought it was about time I posted them, this was my favourite of the bunch for sure. I bought the skirt from Primark just before I went and knew I wanted to do something [...]
5 April, 2014 10


Well wouldn’t you just know it.. another lip balm – they’re my weakness because I actually NEED them and when I don’t have one with me I can absolutely justify buying a new one. Luckily this was nothing to justify at all as it came in my Boots Advent Calender last Christmas and it was [...]
4 April, 2014 13
kate spade wishlist

New From Kate Spade

I spoke a lot about this brand before my trip to New York in January  and honestly I was hoping that the UK website that I’d been told was on it’s was would be here by now. Alas I have to browse the US store for now and save my pennies for my next trip [...]
4 April, 2014 7

Imperial Leather Foamburst *sp

For todays post I enlisted some ‘guest hands’ – have you any idea how difficult this would have been with just one pair? My camera is HEAVY, man! Anyway.. the owner of said guest hands (my daughter) said this stuff smells absolutely delicious so for those cynical ones among you who don’t trust me to [...]
3 April, 2014 6
beauty sales

Big Beauty Sales

There are SO many sales on right now, my debit card has taken a serious hammering.. and then I discovered the BEAUTY sales!! I don’y shop at The Body Shop often but this time they drew me in, I picked up the Honey Bronzer people are always raving about and a few other lotions and [...]
2 April, 2014 7
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.30.36

eBay Collections

You may have seen similar posts from other bloggers in recent weeks, eBay brought a huge number of people in for this it would seem and I love the variety of collections that have been published because of that. I created 12 themed collections which in essence are items grouped together in similar categories for [...]
31 March, 2014 2

RayBan 62mm

Yes, another pair! I’m borderline obsessed with Ray Bans at this point but these extra large frames had been haunting my retail dreams ever since Laura from Buy Now Blog Later posted about them. When I first tried them on I though they were way too big, it’s definitely an adjustment as I originally thought [...]
31 March, 2014 5