31/01 – Simpsons Tapped Out



This is the best game ever. I could just end it there but I won’t. It’s. it unlike the farming/cooking/building games you may have been addicted to in the past but they use the characters and snippets of storyline to keep you on the hook. Another great feature is every time thing seem to be getting a little dull they update the game and give you a who,e new seasonal expansion.. And did I mention its all free?? There is an in game currency you can spend real money on but unlike some free games you can play indefinitely without feeling the pressure to buy this and no gameplay is lost by just playing with the basic freebies. That being said I’m a sucker and have indeed spent my hard earned cash of virtual donuts but hey.. I’d have happily paid for this game so I felt justified. I use the donuts to speed up gameplay for the most part but like I said, you really don’t need them. Since the Valentines update launched today I have been checking back for little additions and waiting for my “neighbours” to update their games so I can do my social gameplay stuff so I thought I’d let those of you that don’t have this that you need it and that you can add me uf you like 😉

My origin name is mekj1986

Miss BB

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  1. I got my iPhone in January, and first app i got was Tapped out. I am now addicted and my friends believe I have finally lost it. Ah well :) I added you, I am louise833 xox

  2. Thank you for posting this. I downloaded this last night afte reading here and I am addicted!
    I added you! Thanks for accepting!
    If anyone else was interested please feel free to add me too : cmac123267


  3. Haha i love this game too! I don’t know if any of my friends play it and I’ve been so annoyed that i cant get the social gameplay achievement! I think your blog is amazing 😀 I’ll add you if its OK! :)

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this game I’m addicted now! Only problem is none of my friends play it! I’m harrietrosie13 if you don’t have too many friends already! x

  5. Of all the great beauty related advice I’ve taken from your blog and videos over the last few months this is takes the cake! I am UTTERLY addicted! Thank-you. Sorry for spray painting your building – I didn’t know what that little can meant the first time I saw it (so of course I clicked on it!).

    Goodbye productivity. I’m sure I’ll see you soon!

    I guess while I’m actually leaving a comment I should take the opportunity to say thanks for such a great blog and youtube videos! I know it must be a lot of work to update so regularly and consistently, but the quality is always so high and your topics are interesting.. :-)

  6. Just managed to get this on my kindle, I’m Arrianrhod27 if anyone wants to add me :)

    Love what you do + always appreciate the time + effort you put in. xx

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