Weekend Update

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I’m having the mother of a time with the internet and blogging at the moment. I recently ungraded to a new macbook air 11inch which has been fantastic in all ways but for the fact it’s missing an SD slot.  … Continued

#30in30 Primark Pink Fizz

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I’m pretty sure I’ve bought this lipstick twice now but hey ho, it’s a nice colour and the first time there was no name so it’s tough to recall which you have/haven’t bought  in a sea of picked over lipsticks … Continued

#30in30 New Look Deep Pink

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Okay, lighting is all important here! In real life the lipstick appears much more pink, maybe not as pink as in the top photo but definitely not as orangey as the lip swatch. I’d say the final pic is closest … Continued

#30in30 MAC All Fired Up

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This was a total impulse purchase at the end of last month when I’d decided to do this series and didn’t quite have 30 new lip products to put together for it. I already had my eye on a couple … Continued

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