Feeling Retro

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While rummaging through my ‘secondary wardrobe’ the other day – where all of the clothes I’m not super excited about/out of season live – I rediscovered this dress. I bought it back in February and loved it but the sleeves … Continued

The 99p Palette

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I know Revolution palettes are cheap so the last one I reviewed – see here – could almost be forgiven for its’ misses but this mini palette really puts that one to shame at just 99p! The pans are smaller … Continued

Soap & Glory Glow All Out

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I feel like it’s been a while since we talked about makeup, no? It’s been all nails and outfits lately.. well this was one worth waiting for, trust me! I’ve been using it for months and can’t believe I haven’t … Continued

Those Leopard Shoes

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I really wasn’t sure whether I’d like these when they arrived from cloggs.co.uk but y’know.. I really do! I instagrammed a picture which is always fun when you have something a little unusual and the comments were hilariously divided. Nobody … Continued

How Do They Do It?

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So I said I was going to shoot more of my outfits and this is what I managed after work on Friday.. I honestly do not know how fashion bloggers do it. How do they know how to stand and … Continued

Essie Fashion Playground

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I LOVE this colour, it’s like a hybrid between Mint Candy Apple and Absolutely Shore – some of my absolute favourites – but it has an added glitter running through it to give it that extra something. Unfortunately as with … Continued

The Hottest Day

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Yesterday was supposedly the hottest day of the year. I was in the office most of the day but managed to snap these pics with Lee after work and it was seriously sunny.  I’m fairly certain is was also the … Continued

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