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4 Years Of Blogging / My Holy Grail Products

First things first – I would be on my death bed right now if I didn’t have children – I’m hot, cold and ache EVERYWHERE but the kids will not allow lie ins on a bank holiday so 7.30 in the garden it was. I just snatched a moment to say hi from my computer [...]
18 April, 2014 9

#StyleAtAnySize – Brights

I really wasn’t sure about this one – I feel like I say that every week – but when I looked back at the pictures I’m actually loving it. The colour is so not me and I NEVER wear bold prints like this but Emma and I agreed when we kicked off this series that [...]
16 April, 2014 11
yellow coat h&m

The Yellow Coat

Coat – H&M / Jumper – M&S / Joni Jeans – Topshop / Bag – Zara Mini Shopper / Slipper Shoes – New Look Last night I was on twitter and came across a picture of this yellow coat from H&M.. it reminded me immediately of this picture of the beautiful Olivia Palermo I’d seen [...]
16 April, 2014 8

A Beautiful Thing

 I LOVE highlight products, they’re by far the most beautiful that I own and this is no exception. In the pan it’s beautifully reflective and impossible to capture on film. I haven’t tried much from Illamasqua but their Gleams always appealed, cream highlights I’ve tried in the past have tended to be a little more [...]
14 April, 2014 10

Sleek Brow Stylist

 I have sung the praises of the Smashbox Browtech To Go for almost a year now and in that time I’ve received A LOT of recommendations for cheaper alternatives but none so many as this guy. Unlike some others (which I’ll be honest, I assume I wont like regardless of some of you insisting otherwise) [...]
14 April, 2014 11

Ready For Summer?

So… after my gym bag post the other day I was looking for fitness videos online and much as I’d like to switch it up.. I’m going back the shred. I know it works, it’s hard in my knees but i can do it and it’s short. If you don’t know what I’m talking about [...]
13 April, 2014 9
Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 20.02.21

Makeup Revolution – The New MUA?

I’ve been seeing tweets and instagrams flash up all week about this brand and I DID take a look at their site and almost place an order but when I saw yesterday that Superdrug had launched the brand online I caved. The lipsticks start from just £1 and the palettes (which are dead ringers for [...]
13 April, 2014 25
olivia wilde ombre hair crush 2014

Current Hair Crush

I’m at a cross roads with my hair right now, the top and bottom are still totally different colours and I’m fairly certain that the only way to fix that will be a dark colour all over and I HATE the flat look a block colour gives. My main issue is that the ends are [...]
12 April, 2014 7

Like Dominoes

Another outfit from our trip, this was one of the warmer spots in the park. It was pretty grey an miserable while we were there but it brightened up for a minute so we took some pictures.. I spent half of the holiday chasing Milo around to get a good one of him with his [...]
12 April, 2014 6

Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner

This is one of the only products I’ve tried from Organic Surge that don’t like. There are plenty that I’d happily use but wouldn’t buy again, a few I absolutely love but no others that I can think of that I really didn’t get along with.. but I just couldn’t make this work for me. [...]
11 April, 2014 6

What’s In My Gym Bag

Sports Bra – Adidas / Running ‘Tights’ – Nike / Tshirt – Nike / Trainers – Adidas / Water Bottle – Nothing Special / Earphones – Apple / Foundation Stick – Maybelline Fit Me / Cream Blush – Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – discontinued? / Body Spray – Impulse Be Surprised I have never been [...]
10 April, 2014 5

Sleek Blush – Suede

 I could have reviewed this months ago but I know some people are picky over swatching vs ‘on face’ shots (why does everything I say sound like an innuendo?) so I put it off until I had one. I’m so excited for light mornings cause it means I can photograph makeup as I wear it [...]
10 April, 2014 22
style and any size 2

#StyleAtAnySize – Floral

I loved this weeks outfit and in truth when it arrived I wasn’t sure that I would. I’ve never worn a shift dress before and it was somehow snug yet still shapeless on me but a belt fixed that minor issue and I can now see myself wearing it a lot. The material has a [...]
9 April, 2014 10

N.E.R.D *sp

A conversation with a friend at the weekend led to the subject of lying at our eye tests as kids because we each desperately wanted glasses. I confess that even as an adult I’ve been willing the optician to find more then a 00000.1 wrong with my eyes to that I could wear a pair [...]
8 April, 2014 9
Leather Jackets

OBSESSED: Leather Jackets

Grey 2nd Day Godiva Leather Biker Jacket / Wrangler Brown Leather Jacket / ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail / Mango Quilt Detail Leather Jacket / Mango Leather Biker Jacket / Selected Buff Leather Biker Jacket in Grey I am completely obsessed with leather jackets at the moment, I think it started with the [...]
7 April, 2014 14

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

 I’ve had the concealer for a few months now, usually something cosmetic I feel I can review straight away as I’m not waiting for a promised result, it should just do what it does instantly.. with this it was a little tougher. I initially used it in a Get Ready With Me video and remarked [...]
7 April, 2014 6
live on youtube

LIVE Chat @ 5pm

I’ve never done this before but at 5pm I will be doing a live chat via the Google Hangout system on my YouTube channel – hopefully this will be the link but keep an eye on my twitter just in case if you want to get involved!! In the meantime if you have any questions [...]
5 April, 2014 6