My Strange Addiction


So recently I’ve become rather taken with cleaning/organising YouTubers. I watch them (listen, really) while I clean my house, I suppose you could call it my guilty pleasure. It’s not THAT mad when you consider that LOTS of people watch other people do their makeup on YouTube while they do their own.. it just seems crazy (to my husband) to watch other people clean their houses.. but I love it! One thing I kept hearing from the DIY types (and I suppose from most who wanted to offer more original tips than ‘get out the bleach’) was to use essential oils in your own cleaners. I haven’t quite got to adding anything else to the mix yet but I finally ordered some oils last week and I have been OBSESSED with using them in every way possible since.

I can’t believe I’d never thought of it before but all of your favourite scents (I’m thinking candles here) have one or 2 notes in them that are really appealing to you and you can pick them out and use them EVERYWHERE in your home. Something I find really tough to get my hands on are mint fragrances, I had one at Christmas one year and loved it but never found anything else that really hit the spot. When I was ordering my oils I chose peppermint on a whim for a fresh scent in the kitchen.. it’s maybe the best purchase I’ve ever made. It smells exactly like pink rock from the seaside and I’ve been adding it to hot soapy water when I clean down my counters, to my dryer sheets so my clothes will smell of it and even in my BATH! I plan to experiment with lotions and shampoos this week so I’ll keep you posted but I’m a total convert!

I also picked up Bergamot (super energising), Sandalwood (lovely and warm for the living room) and Tea Tree (which I thought I liked more than I do) but you can get so many more, they weren’t expensive from Amazon and came well wrapped. I’ll be buying more for sure.. even if it’s just 4 more bottles of the Peppermint.

Do you use essential oils? I’ll be honest, I used to chalk them up to hippy nonsense and aromatherapy but there are a million ways you can use them other than in massage and oil burners.. I’m just late to the beautiful smelling party on this one!

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Mr.Kate / The Book


This was a gift from Emma for my birthday (or maybe a late Christmas present? I forget) back in January. She knew I loved Mr. Kate and we had talked about the book briefly when it was released but it was a total surprise. One of those things I’d probably have never got round to buying for myself.. and they’re the best gifts, aren’t they? I initially thought it would be full of DIY’s that I would browse and read at random so it sat on my shelf for a few of months while my inner crafter lay dormant. One sunny day (it was sunny once in England) I was sitting in the garden and decided to pick it up.. it was not what I expected.


There are crafts, of course, DIY style and home bits that are often beyond me but inspire me to try them but the real content is autobiographical. Kate writes about her childhood, her short lived acting career and her relationship with shocking candour, I was already a fan but only a few chapters in I was in love. YouTubers are often put on a pedestal of perfection and she just refuses to sit up there. The ethos of Mr Kate is fun and creativity, anyone can try anything without fear of judgement.. because WHY NOT? Kate has made YouTube her career but also has a successful jewellery/accessories business and a team of people working with her on all manner of new projects at any one time. It would be easy to see her as a spoiled rich kid but you just don’t get that vibe, she’s funny, honest and incredibly humble.

Stories about sleeping with Tiger Woods and befriending a hooker only make her more endearing. She’s not here to impress you she just wants to share her stories, make you laugh and inspire you. She does that for me and I’d highly recommend you check out her book!


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Bourjois Souffle De Velvet


Since I am already a big fan of the original Roueg Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks from Bourjois I was intrigued to see the new Souffle version. I couldn’t imagine a sheer version of a matte lip, it seemed totally mad and truth be told I wasn’t totally in to the idea but I had to pick one up to review. The texture of the product is much the same as the original, very smooth and siliconey however if you can imagine a clear version then this is somewhere between that and original. Translucent and not entirely even, like a stain but more comfortable, it doesn’t wear away as nicely as it’s sibling but I can see a place for it.

IMG_1510IMG_1512I’m not sure I’d run out and buy another but it’s an interesting take on the current liquid lipstick trend. I like the frosted packaging and the general concept but everything I love about a liquid lipstick is diluted when you take out the bold pigmented finish so I think it’s a miss for me. If you’re in to liquid lipsticks I just posted a Wear + Compare with 5 low cost options, showing you they last throughout the day and ending with a comparison of all 5, check it out!


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