The Balm Nude’Tude

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I’m currently writing this on a train which is quite a novelty for me.. when I travel to London I rarely take my macbook as it’s SO heavy but I’m going to be to and from just one location today … Continued

Bumble & Bumble Surf

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I’ve always wanted to try this range, I love the other Bumble & Bumble products I’ve tried but these always looked so fresh and beachy. When they arrived last week I couldn’t wash my hair fast enough but even as … Continued

More Bling For Your Buck

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You will never believe how much this ring cost? When it arrived I couldn’t try it on fast enough, so beautiful and a SERIOUS bargain for only £23!! I’m wearing it here alongside my wedding band (which incidentally is also … Continued

Myleene Klass Beauty

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I wonder if non-beauty bloggers care as much as I do about finger prints on lipstick tubes.. probably not. Unfortnately they were unavoidable but looking at this photo it’s ALL I CAN SEE.. I think I may be over-obsessing. Anyway… … Continued

Softer Skin From Superdrug

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Since my skin is oily and rarely dry I’ve never thought much about moisture masks. I had a great one from La Roche-Posay – post on that here -  that took me forever to finish as I only needed it … Continued

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